My dear Light Beams, Light Workers, Light Healers and Light Leaders,

Today’s blog post on April 20th, 2020, came to me in a dream last night.

My Angels asked me to share more about what is happening now, from my own perspective.

For years (like many other Light Leaders) I have been receiving guidance and forewarning of the Great Awakening that would begin in 2020 and continue for the next 10-15 years.

In June 2019, the Angels asked me to begin my own preparation for 2020.

Without specifically explaining what would come, I was guided to make significant changes in my life in order to make space for the work they wanted me to do in 2020:

  • I was guided to end a significant relationship.
  • I was guided to up my Light Practice significantly, so that my vibration could handle the vast amounts of energy that would flow through me as the Angels began channelling their new messages.
  • I was guided to change my work focus to prepare for a new direction that would consume my time and energy. I stopped everything. This required HUGE faith.
  • I was told what I needed to do. I was asked to share the new Angel messages EVERY day on my social media (this was a very big commitment, what could they possibly want to say EVERY DAY for a whole year???? Now I understand why this was needed).
  • I was told to create a course that would support people to develop their own relationship with the Angels. The Angel Immersion launched on 4/4/2020 after months of work (it still blows me away that this course was launched exactly when we needed it most).

My journey:

I experienced my own awakening in July 2010 (I wonder what will happen in July 2020?). Over the last ten years I have received vast amounts of guidance about The great Awakening. I will now share some of that with you. Some of these messages are from memory. Some are from my own Angel Journal (which I teach you how to create in the Angel Immersion).

The Key Angel Messages about 2020 & The Great Awakening:

  • The old world is dying. Love is rising.
  • At some point in history, an outside force interfered with the energy of earth. Some sort of energetic barrier was installed surrounding the Earth, which prevented us from anchoring our own energy fully to the earth when we incarnate.
  • We have been interfered with, manipulated, and controlled by dark forces for their own agenda. These forces are not of Earth. They are not human, but they feed of humanity.
  • There is a darkness so vast, that understanding it or accepting it will be a deeply painful experience for most humans.
  • The old world is beginning to crumble, the darkness is being exposed.
  • Many Light Workers have been preparing for this day for many years, and are assisting the process (this is a part of my own purpose).
  • There is vast support from the Angelic realms and from other sources of light, we are not alone, and more light is flooding Earth now than ever before.
  • The veils are thinning. The matrix is crumbling. We are now able to “see” clearly. This is a deeply painful experience.
  • There will be great destruction. For great change to occur, there must be death, and this may present as physical or spiritual death.
  • Everything you know to be true is a lie. Question everything. There is vast light based support through this awakening.
  • 2020 will unveil truths that will be deeply painful, and difficult to comprehend.
  • Those who you have trusted are not to be trusted.
  • This process is necessary.
  • Even though this process is deeply dark, it is ALSO deeply light. Throughout the collective journey of the Great Awakening, you will also experience hope, love, light, miracles, compassion, creativity, genius, and the wonderful and incredible aspects that make humanity so amazing.
  • Please remember that for the most part, the darkness that is rising is not human (and the humans that have succumbed to the dark have been manipulated or controlled- this is not to excuse their actions, some of which will be deeply painful for you to comprehend).
  • Humanity is so deeply loving in its core, that there is vast light and love activating now as the Great Awakening occurs.
  • The Angels can support you now.

Let me explain a few key points about Angel work, and their role in supporting humanity, and how they can support you now:

  • Angels are non-denominational beings of love and light.
  • Angels are not religious, and they are insistent now about making this point clear now,
  • Angels are not human, they are of God (as you know and understand God- God as they explain “it” to me is a vast, genderless consciousness of love, nothing like what I understand from some religious teaching).
  • Angels must abide by our free will, and the spiritual laws. As such, when working with them, you will not receive psychic messages. You will not receive detailed predictions about future events. You will receive guidance that does not violate your free will, and that supports your own soul contracts being completed for your highest good.
  • Angels are compassionate, forgiving and accepting. Always. One of the key ways that you can begin to differentiate your Angel messages from ego or other sources, is by learning the difference in tone in their messages. Angels never feel anger towards you. They never say you have made a mistake. They are never ashamed of your actions. They never laugh at you (although they often have a wonderful sense of humour).
  • Angels have your best interest at heart always.
  • We all have Angels. We have “Guardian Angels” or guides, who are with us from before we incarnate, for our whole Earthly journey, and after we cross back to the light.
  • Everyone can learn (or remember) how to speak with Angels, and they want nothing more than to support you now.

How do you navigate this experience? How can the Angels support you? How can I support you?

  • You chose to incarnate now. You are here for a reason, and you will be ok.
  • You have vast support from the Angelic realms now.
  • You have Guardian Angels with you every moment. You can learn to receive their loving guidance.
  • The Angels are giving us new messages, EVERY day in 2020 specifically to support us through this tremendous collective experience. You can read these FREE on my Instagram and Facebook.
  • You can learn how to speak with the Angels and receive their loving guidance directly. You don’t need me. The Angel Immersion was created to empower you to develop your own sacred Angel relationship.
  • There is much light flooding Earth now, to balance out the darkness.
  • There are literally hundreds of thousands of Light Workers like myself who are working to support humanity through the Great Awakening. Ask your Angels for support and you will be guided to the mentor you need. I will support you if/when you need it.
  • If you are a Light Worker experiencing an activation to purpose now, you can book a 1:1 session with me (just request a zoom session in your booking and add your request for mentoring in the booking notes).

And remember:

“Everything is breaking now. You will be ok.”

I love you,






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