On January 11 this year, I posted my 2020 Angel Forecast on my YouTube channel,.

It was one of the most powerful forecasts I have ever received, with themes for 2020 that included: transformation, rebirth, dismantling, death, the illusion and construct breaking, clear vision, and messages about the collective experience that was to begin in 2020, and continue for the next 10-15 years. 

These incredible themes have come through before, I’ve written about them in blog posts the past which you can read here and here.

As is the way with guidance from the Angels, they will give me themes, and general guidance of what is to come, but they are rarely specific about how this will look.

And now, only three months later, it is clear that the dismantling and transformation process has begun. And not in a way ANY of us could have imagined.

Today I have been guided to do an update on the experience of 2020, and offer some further Angel messages.

Key messages for 2020 (which you can find in the forecast on my YouTube, and in the daily messages on my Facebook and Instagram) include:

  • From 2020-2035 there will be a significant collective/global experience, which has been forecast. This experience will be difficult, dark, challenging and necessary. 
  • Whilst this experience on the outside will seem very difficult, there will be miraculous change as well.
  • Truth will be revealed. Veils will thin. Perception, new vision, sudden awareness and clarity will be a constant themes.
  • Outcomes are uncertain. The future has never been more dynamic, changeable and open.
  • We will see huge changes in the next 10-15 years. Not all will be easy or pleasant, however, these changes are necessary.
  • There will be much literal, physical, and spiritual death.
  • Some of this experience will be energetic: the vibration of the earth is changing rapidly. We will be able to see through deceptions, and there will be a mass spiritual awakening. Some of this experience will be physical. Everything will seem to be changing rapidly, in ways we never imagined possible.


  • There will be huge rebirth, birth, miracles, and creativity birthed from this experience.
  • There is more light flooding earth than ever before.
  • Our intuition, our divine connection to source, our ability to speak with Angels, with faeries, with ancestors, with animals, has NEVER been easier. The veils have thinned to a point where the unimaginable is now possible. Telepathy, instant manifesting, seeing apparitions, magic, instant healing, speaking with all living beings both known and unknown, ALL IS POSSIBLE NOW. What you thought was a faerie tale, what you thought was magic, what you thought was a myth, all is being questioned, and revealed.
  • We are not alone. There are living beings with us. Some are loving. Some are not. Do not fear, we are safe, and there is more divine loving guidance available to us now than ever before.

How do we navigate this experience? What guidance do the Angels have for us during these unprecedented times?

I have been doing lots of readings, and there have been some key messages that have been coming through over and over again. I will share the most important messages that the Angels want us to know below:

  • It has never been more important to have a Light Practice, and bring love, and light into your energy field at an intense level.
  • The most powerful way to bring light into your being now, is in nature, Spend time outdoors, with your body on the earth, or in the ocean, as often as you can, for as long as you can. Go outside in nature. For several hours a day if you can.
  • Please be discerning and detached from the collective experience, as there is intentional misdirection and manipulation now.
  • Please be mindful of the collective fear consciousness. If you find yourself in this energy, go to nature to clear yourself, and realign with the divine.
  • The Angels and Archangels are closer than ever before, and are helping many Light Workers, Light Leaders, and Light Healers anchor the light in intense levels, in order to balance the collective darkness that is being revealed and exposed now. Please work with them, you do not need to do this intense work alone, and they can support you in ways that you cannot imagine.
  • If you are feeling called to action now, you are not alone. There is a collective theme of soul purpose being activated now.
  • You chose to incarnate now. You ARE here for a reason. Your purpose and participation in this collective experience is important.
  • You ARE a Light Worker/ Light Leader/ Light Healer. You may have been focusing on your shadow healing up until now. You may not know what your purpose is, but you are important, and needed, and its time to begin your Light Work.
  • You do not need to understand your path now, you just need to trust and follow the guidance of your Angels.
  • You are safe. You will be divinely supported through this.

How I can support you now:

  • I am still doing readings, via zoom or pre-recorded audio session, which you can book here.
  • I am providing FREE daily messages from the Angels every single day for the whole of 2020, on my facebook and Instagram.
  • I have launched The Angel Immersion, where you can learn how to speak with your Angels, and receive their guidance, support and love yourself. This course will be transformational for anyone who needs extra support right now, regardless of what level you are at. I have students who have been working with Angels for years who are doing the Angels Immersion in order to reconnect and deep dive with their Angels, as well as brand new beginners who have never worked with Angels before.

There is one final message I will leave with you today from the Angels.

Everything is breaking. You will be ok.

I love you,



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