Angel Sessions

Work with the wisdom of your team of Angels to make potent changes in your life.
Make significant shifts by harnessing the power of your divine support team.
Allow the deep love and guidance of your Angels to help you through a difficult situation.
Find strength, peace, and a deep sense of connection by developing a relationship with your intuition and your Angels.

Angel Sessions

Shunanda offers 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions, and you can choose from either an Angel Reading, or Lightworker Mentoring for the format of your session (both sessions are Angel guided).

All sessions are conducted live via Zoom and are recorded. Shunanda works with clients all around the world, and you can select a time that works for your time zone in the booking system. All session recordings are emailed within 48 hours.

Angel Readings:

Divine guidance to support you through a significant life challenge, or transition.

Shunanda will connect with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels, and cover all of your questions in your Angel Reading, bringing you specific, loving, and accurate guidance to help you navigate your current life situation. Each session is divinely channelled through Shunanda to be fully aligned with your best possible outcome, and highest soul path. Your Angels always know exactly what messages you need to hear; and they will deliver these messages in a non-judgemental, highly joyful and uplifting way. Each session will leave you feeling deeply connected and loved. You will never receive negative or fearful messages from the Angels. Your reading will always be validating and comforting.

Angel Mentoring for Lightworkers:

Sacred 1:1 mentoring for those on the path of service to Light.

Shunanda supports Light Workers all around the world with 1:1 mentoring sessions. Some know their mission, others are still on the path of discovery. Angel mentoring sessions for Light Workers on the path of mission discovery are sacred. They are a soul contract between Shunanda and the client. A sacred activation with key messages that are both comforting, and validating. These activations are both powerful and transformative.

During your mentoring session we will cover:

  • Your soul blueprint, soul origin, and archetypes.
  • Your mission themes, and areas that you need to have soul expression in.
  • The Archangels working with you.
  • Some personal themes that will be connected to your mission.

As well as incredible loving guidance from your Guardian Angels specific to your current journey.

Lightworker Mentoring is available for anyone who wishes to have regular support as they remember, and step into their mission.

Mentoring is conducted on a casual basis fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly as you feel guided.


30 Minute Session: $119

60 Minute Session: $199

90 Minute Session: $279

“Shunanda’s house blessings are poignant and heartfelt. I’ve enlisted her support twice now when moving into a new home, and her insights have been invaluable to me; they’ve altered the way I relate to my space, how I treat it, and how I honour it. The spaces we inhabit are sacred; they’re the meeting place between us and the rest of the world, and her intuitive abilities have guided me on powerful ways to anchor into, protect and nurture this very dear slice of the world I call ‘home.’”
Tara Bliss - Writer & doTERRA Leader

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