Angel Readings & Mentoring

Work with the wisdom of your Angels to make potent changes in your life.
Make significant shifts by harnessing the powerful guidance of your Angelic support team.
Allow the deep love and guidance of your Angels to help you through a challenging life event or period of expansion.
  Up-level your intuition, accelerate your ascension and deepen your relationship with the Angels.

Angel Readings

Divine Angelic guidance to support you through a significant life event, expansion or transition period.

During your 1 hour Angel Reading Shunanda will connect with your Guardian Angels and the Archangels, channelling powerful and specific messages to support you through your current life experience. Your Angels are eagerly waiting and excited to bring through uplifting, loving, and confirming guidance to help you navigate your current situation. Each Angel Reading is anchored firmly with the intention to respect your free will, bring powerful clarity and answers, and to illuminate the path of expansion into your highest timeline. The Angels know exactly what messages you need to receive; and they will always deliver these messages in a non-judgemental, highly joyful and uplifting way. Each session will leave you feeling deeply understood, validated and loved. You will never receive negative or fearful messages from the Angels. Your reading will always feel deeply confirming and comforting.

All Angel Readings are conducted live via Zoom and are recorded. Shunanda works with clients all around the world, and you can select a time that works for your location from Shunanda’s calendar.


One Hour Angel Reading Session:


Mentoring Sessions

Sacred Angel guided mentoring sessions with Shunanda for those on the path of service to Light.

Shunanda supports Light Workers & Starseeds all around the world with Angel guided Mentoring sessions. Some clients already know their mission, others are still on the miraculous path of discovery. Angel guided Mentoring sessions for all those on the ascension path are a sacred experience of light and energy. They are a soul contract between the Angels and the client. Each session is attuned to supporting your highest timeline, with key Angelic messages that are powerful, confirming, and activating. Clients who work with Shunanda on a regular basis report experiencing rapid shifts, expansion, and growth in all areas of their life.

During your Mentoring session we will cover:

  • Your soul blueprint, Starseed origin, and archetypes for this lifetime.
  • Your mission themes, and focus areas for soul expression & expansion.
  • The Archangels working with you now, with guided messages to assist you.
  • Specific Angel messages from your Guardian Angels related to your mission, ascension, and current life experience.

Mentoring is available for anyone who wishes to have regular support as they remember, awaken and step into their mission of service, or navigate a period of expansion, growth or change.

Casual Mentoring sessions with Shunanda can be booked fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly as you feel guided.

All Mentoring sessions are conducted live via Zoom and are recorded. Shunanda works with clients all around the world, and you can select a time that works for your location from Shunanda’s calendar.


One Hour Mentoring Session:


Ascension Accelerator Mentoring Program

5 Angel guided mentoring sessions with Shunanda for those on an accelerated ascension path.

The ascension accelerator program is for you if:

  • You are moving through a process of accelerated change, growth or transition.
  • You wish to harness the sacred guidance from the Angels to create change, momentum or growth in your life over a short period of time.
  • You are moving through a challenging life situation, and are seeking regular support from the Angels.
  • You sense you are being prepared for the next stage of your mission and purpose, and would like clarity on next steps, highest timeline, and priority actions to implement.
  • You have reached the edge of your comfort zone & soul knowledge, and sense you are now co-creating new timelines.
  • You feel called to work with Shunanda on a regular basis.
5 one hour mentoring sessions with Shunanda:

$1111 or 5 monthly instalments of $222

Suggested booking schedule:
Your Ascension Accelerator mentoring sessions are intended to be scheduled monthly over a 5 month period in order to maximise your experience, however you can book your sessions at the schedule that works best for you.
How to book your sessions:

After you purchase the Ascension Accelerator Mentoring program, you will be sent a confirmation email with a unique code, which can be entered in Shunanda’s booking system each time you book to redeem one of your five included Mentoring sessions. Shunanda is regularly booked out, and recommends booking your Mentoring sessions 2-3 months in advance.

Shunanda’s booking system prioritises Mentoring clients with higher session availability for those engaged in regular Mentoring.

When should I start my Ascension Accelerator Mentoring Program?
The Ascension Accelerator Mentoring Program is a permanent offering, however spaces are limited. Once Shunanda reaches capacity she will temporarily close the doors for registration in the Ascension Accelerator program, and reopen once more spaces become available.
How can I be notified when more spaces become available in the Ascension Accelerator Mentoring program?
Shunanda will send an email to her subscribers to notify them when places become available in the Ascension Accelerator Mentoring Program. You can subscribe to receive emails from Shunanda here.
5 one hour mentoring sessions with Shunanda:

$1111 or 5 monthly instalments of $222

"Through the Angel Immersion Course and in her one on one mentoring Shunanda’s positive energy is contagious and uplifting. Her presence and vulnerability comes through with love and honesty. In my session Shunanda was able to go into great detail regarding my past lives and provided clarity around my purpose. She instantly connected me with my Archangels and Guardian Angels validating the thoughts and feelings I have been experiencing. Shunanda has given me the confidence to continue to dig deeper into the next exciting chapter of my life."

Richard - ACT, Australia

"Working 1:1 with Shunanda for the past 3 years has completely uplevelled my spiritual capacity, intuitive abilities and connection to self. It's not like any Medium or Psychic session I have ever done before, her sessions are self empowering and divinely accurate. What I love the most about these sessions is that Shunanda really asks you to go within, she reminds you of your own abilities and supports and guides you the whole way. Her connection with the Angels and ability to read energy is incredible, she has guided me through some huge transitions with amazing support and love. Taking the step to investing into my own spiritual development wasn't an easy decision, but I'm forever grateful I am working with Shunanda in this way. Her mentoring sessions have helped to awaken my purpose and leave me feeling empowered and inspired after every session. Thank you Shunanda for reminding me of what is already within me. Love you."

Cathy - Central Coast, Australia

"My sister introduced me to Shunanda a few months ago and I have now experienced 5 different Angel Mentoring sessions. Every session has blown me away on so many levels and I have received incredible guidance and clarity about my soul purpose during this lifetime. Shunanda has an amazing gift to connect with our guardian angels and delivers messages that literally crack my heart wide open. I often have full body goosebumps and activations during our sessions as she delivers the guided messages with such clarity. If you feel you are here for a higher purpose during this lifetime and would like some more guidance and direction I highly recommend booking a call with Shunanda. She really is an amazing gift from God to help us remember our soul purpose and support us to step into our true power and unlimited potential."

Brad Cusworth

Cancellations, refund & reschedules:

You can reschedule your appointment up until 72 hours before your session via the link in your confirmation email.

Cancellations can be processed up until 72 hours before your session via the link in your confirmation email. Refunds for cancelled sessions are processed manually and can take 5-10 days to show in your account.

Shunanda is booked out several weeks in advance and has a wait-list for cancellations.

If you miss your session, there is a strict no refunds or reschedule policy. Please make sure you add your appointment to your calendar to avoid disappointment.

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