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Accelerate your ascension with the Angels
Work with the wisdom of your Angelic ascension team to align with your highest potential timeline and full soul expression.
Receive specific and loving messages to assist you open to miraculous shifts, healing and transformation.
Allow the deep love and guidance of the Angels to assist you through a significant life event or expansion period.

Angel Sessions

Accelerate your ascension in a 1:1 Angel Session with Shunanda:

All Angel Sessions are guided by the Record Keeper Angels, the Guardian Angels and the Archangels.

With permission and direction from the Angels, Shunanda will access your Akashic record to channel powerful and specific messages aligned with your highest timeline, your current healing pathway, and the highest potential expansion for your soul available in this moment.

During your first Angel Session, Shunanda will deliver your “Soul Blueprint” read, including:

  • Your Starseed origin and messages on how to activate and express your Starseed gifts.
  • Your personal archetypes, mission themes and active focus areas for full soul expression & expansion in this lifetime.
  • The Archangels working with you now, and their highest priority messages to assist you through your current experience.
  • Specific Angel messages from your Guardian Angels related to your mission, ascension journey, and current life experience.

The Angels are eagerly waiting and excited to bring through uplifting, loving, and confirming guidance to help you navigate your current situation.

Each Angel Session abides at all times by the Angelic Light Code: all messages received will respect your free will, all active Karmic lessons and soul contracts, the laws of divine timing, and the path of expansion into your highest potential ascension timeline.

The Angels know exactly what messages you need to receive; and they will always deliver these messages in a non-judgemental, highly joyful and uplifting way. Each session will leave you feeling deeply understood, validated and loved. You will never receive negative or fearful messages from the Angels. Your Angel Session will always feel deeply confirming and comforting.

All Angel Sessions are one hour in duration, are conducted live via Zoom and are recorded. Shunanda works with clients all around the world, and you can select a time that works for your location from Shunanda’s calendar.

Casual Angel Sessions can be booked at any time, as needed.

Clients who work with Shunanda on a regular basis report experiencing rapid shifts, expansion, and growth in all areas of their life. For follow up and ongoing Angel Sessions, the Angels will always refer back to your Soul Blueprint with the intention of assisting you to align with your highest possible ascension timeline available in any given moment.

For those wishing to connect with a loved one, spirit baby, or pet, Shunanda can also include Angelic Mediumship during your Angel Session.


One Hour Angel Session:


"During the session, I had goosebumps, tears in my eyes, and moments of deep recognition of the truth in what you conveyed to me.
I have shed layers of fear and have stepped into my soul's power in a whole new way. I have stepped into deep trust and faith in myself and in my angel guides. I have started communicating with my angels directly and it is amazing! Thank you and bless you for offering your beautiful gift to me."

AJ- Australia

"As a lifelong clairvoyant and energy worker I'm lucky to know may beautifully gifted souls and can say with all honesty that Shunanda is one of the most gifted and loving light workers I have ever known. Her connection to the Angels is a brilliant gift for the collective and I knew right away she was the real deal. I also love how down to earth and practical she is, Shunanda innately understands how to navigate her knowledge and guidance to help you get the most out of your session. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a session with this brilliant light! Thank you Shunanda for all you do!"

Ixchelle- Los Angeles, USA

"I truly love my 1 on 1 Angel sessions with Shunanda. I feel the expansion of my heart and aura each time, the confirmations and information that come through are amazing. The soul's journey can take a bit of navigating, the support is reassuring, loving and guided. The source? Angel Love."

Vicki Ann- Melbourne Australia

Cancellations, refund & reschedules:

You can reschedule your appointment up until 72 hours before your session via the link in your confirmation email.

Cancellations can be processed up until 72 hours before your session via the link in your confirmation email. Refunds for cancelled sessions are processed manually and can take 5-10 days to show in your account.

Shunanda is booked out several weeks in advance and has a wait-list for cancellations.

If you miss your session, there is a strict no refunds or reschedule policy. Please make sure you add your appointment to your calendar to avoid disappointment.