On the morning of August 22nd 2017, not long after the solar eclipse, I am guided to report on the energy of the world.

Nothing that was, will ever be.

Within us, and around us.

The old world has died. The old me has died.

Everything that we experience within, we also experience without.

If we deny our own shadow, we deny the shadow of the world.

What does this all mean? The vibration of the earth (and each individual) has been rapidly raising (ascending). We are all linked. As each individual begins to heal, and open their heart to love, so the earth’s vibration raises more, and it begins to heal.

However. In order for us to heal as individuals, we need to heal our individual shadows. And for the earth to heal, we will need to heal the collective shadow. This process has reached a tipping point, and there is no return to “the good old days”. We are creating a world that only exists in our dreams, and manifesting it into reality at lightening speed.

All around us, people are experiencing rapid growth & rapid change. Who were you 3 months ago? Who were you 6 months ago? Who were you 12 months ago? Most of us will feel as if they have shed a skin, and been reborn, over and over again. And the same process is occurring globally.

We are experiencing a collective healing. My guides call it a process of PURIFICATION. In order to heal myself, I will need to shed every layer of experience, energy, belief systems, emotional baggage, and physical weight that does not align with the light and serve my highest aspect of mys SELF. And so will the earth.

This purification process will dig up my shadow. It will show me every aspect of myself that has hidden darkness, stored pain, and old, outdated beliefs. And so will we experience the same purification of shadow as a collective, as we see every aspect of our collective darkness become exposed to the light for purification.

As an individual, I heal my shadow with acceptance, compassion & love. I meditate, I release, and ground. I spend time in nature, I journal, I allow myself to feel my emotions, and I let go of judgement and shame. And then I move forward with inspiration to bring new energy and new action to my life. And so, we will experience the same process externally & globally, and this may feel even more painful, as we are confronted with our collective darkness, and offer it up to the light to be burnt away.

It will feel like a burning process. It will feel as if we are burning away all the dead growth to allow for the new to grow. It will feel like a bushfire sweeps through our world (internally & externally), and it may even feel like a death (for truly it is).

Nothing is as it was. And yet, nothing is as it will be. Our world (inner and outer) is changing SO rapidly, that we can barely keep up with the rate of energetic expansion. We experience such rapid and incredible change so quickly, that we barely have time to adjust to our new world before it is whipped out from under out feet and we are asked to shed another layer. Has your life felt like this? It certainly has for me.

We have reached the tipping point. There is no going back. There is only expansion, healing, and love, and we are all asked to open ourselves to the idea that we cannot yet fully conceive of the brilliance of the world that is birthing right now. We are seeing everything through the filter of our collective pain, grief, outrage and despair.

But, within this, there is a light of hope. The new world is coming. The light is burning away the darkness, and love is rising. LOVE IS RISING.

When you face the shadow within yourself, open yourself to love. When you face the shadow in the world, open yourself to love. Allow the light of love to open your heart and your energy, allow the light of love to burn away the shadow and embrace you in the hope of what will birth within you, around you, and around us. For we are one. And it has never felt more important or more urgent that we recognise our one-ness than now.

to be continued…..

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