The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
Welcome Angel Messengers

Over the next four months, we will be journeying together as you awaken your sacred calling as a Certified Angel Messenger.

Each fortnight, starting May 7, we will join together in communion with the Angels for one live teaching lesson, as you immerse yourself in the experience of learning to receive and share messages from the Angels.

What is an Angel Messenger?

An Angel Messenger is not a psychic, and does not predict the future.

An Angel Messenger follows the Angelic code of ethics, and only communicates messages that respect the free will, and highest good of the client.

An Angel Messenger is discerning, has a strong code of personal ethics and integrity, and is able to clearly separate themselves from the messages they receive so as to communicate a clear and accurate message.

An Angel messenger has a strong calling to serve humanity through the Great Awakening.

An Angel Messenger practices discernment with sharing collective messages, and is able to understand timelines and probability, and only shares public messages with this in mind.

An Angel Messenger is committed to their own ascension journey, and has a strong autonomous Light Practice and Angel Practice.

An Angel Messenger has a strong relationship with the Angels, and conducts all client sessions with their clear and loving protection and guidance.

An Angel Messenger is dedicated to their own personal development, healing, and expansion of consciousness, and seeks ongoing support from trusted sacred healers and guides.

An Angel Messenger takes personal responsibility for ongoing intuitive development, and engages in regular mentoring.

You already are an Angel Messenger.

Over the next four months, I will show you how.


Q: Who is this course for?

The Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 is for all Angel Immersion students who are ready to explore all facets of working in a practitioner capacity, offering sacred Angel guidance to clients.

Q: Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. To train as a Certified Angel Messenger, you need to have completed a minimum of 50% of the Angel Immersion course by the first lesson on 7 May. If you are not ready, you can enrol in the Angel Immersion course now and wait for the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1.

Q: What is the course lesson schedule?
Lesson Schedule:
Fri 7 May Session 1: Opening Circle
Thurs 20 May Session 2: Practitioner Light Practice
Fri 4 June Session 3: Practitioner Angel Practice
Thurs 17 June Session 4: Angelic Code of Ethics
Fri 2 July Session 5: Angelic Mediumship & Channeling: Part 1
Fri 16 July Session 6: Angelic Mediumship & Channeling: Part 2
Fri 30 July Session 7: Client Sessions : Part 1
Thurs 12 Aug Session 8: Client Sessions: Part 2
Fri 27 Aug Session 9: FAQ, Troubleshooting & Assessments begin
Thurs 9 Sept Session 10: 2nd Week assessments & FAQ
Fri 24 Sept Session 11: Closing Circle
Q: What times will the live teaching calls be held?

Shunanda is located in Sydney, Australia, and all lesson times are at AEST.

Lessons will be held via zoom on Thursday & Fridays for approximately 90 minutes, at times ranging from 7am to 3pm in order to accommodate different time zones. You can check your timezone here.

Q: What happens if I can’t make all the live lessons?
We recommend you attend as many of the live lessons as possible to receive the full benefit of the training, however we understand this may not be possible in all circumstances, so all lessons will be recorded.
Q: Are you running this course again in 2021?
At this stage this course will only run once in 2021. If the timing doesn’t work for you now, we advise you enrol in the Angel Immersion course (prerequisite), so you will be advised of the next intake.
Q: What are the requirements to receive the certification? Is this a recognised course?
To receive the certification , you must complete a small number of practice readings with your fellow students, and attend one 1:1 mentoring & assessment session with Shunanda. This private session is an opportunity for you to discuss your personal experience, journey, and questions with Shunanda. This is not an accredited or recognised course. You will receive a certificate on completion, and you can advertise yourself as a Certified Angel Messenger. You will also have the option to be listed in a practitioner directory on Shunanda’s website (to be launched soon).
Q: How do I know if I'm ready for the Angel Messenger Certification - Level 1? Are there any key indicators?

You are ready to enrol in the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 if two or more of the following applies to you:

  • You have completed 50% of the Angel Immersion Course (PREREQUISITE).
  • You already work with the Angels regularly on a personal level.
  • You are intrigued about learning to channel messages for friends or clients, and perhaps this has already organically begun…you are having dreams, feelings, energetic sensations that you want to learn to decode.
  • Your friends or family are starting to ask you for readings.
  • You already have a consistent Light & Angel Practice and are feeling guided to develop and extend this.
  • You feel called to learn how to receive and communicate Angel Messages for clients.
  • You feel an intuitive pull to train as an Angel Messenger.
  • You just know, deep down, that this course is for you (even if you have doubts about your readiness).
Q: How much time do I need to allow for completion of the course? What should I expect during this experience?

The live lessons will run for 1.5-2 hours, fortnightly for 11 sessions on a Friday. Outside of this, you may like to allow for the following:

  • Some students will like to watch the replays of the lessons to further immerse in the teachings and take more notes.
  • Some students will feel called to go deeper with mentoring with Shunanda. There is one private one hour session included, and for those who desire it, Shunanda offers a 5 session mentoring package.
  • You will naturally feel called to further develop your own Light Practice during this experience, and will feel pulled to spend more time in self care, spiritual practice, and in communication with your Angels.
  • Remember to allow for the magical X-factor. This is a potent energetic spiritual activation. The Angels have a plan for you during this experience, so allow for time to receive their loving guidance, and to fully immerse in this sacred journey. Trust your own intuition on how much actual “time” (remember, time isn’t real) you need to allocate for this part of your journey. THIS is the magical bit. Not what I teach you. It’s the experience you have with the Angels, and with your fellow Angel Messengers during the course, and forever onwards.
Q: I'm not ready to start seeing clients 1:1 yet, is this course still for me?
Yes. This is only the first step in a beautiful journey, that will unfold in divine timing that is perfect for you and your personal situation. You will be ready to start seeing clients after completion of this course, or when you choose
Q: I am an existing practitioner trained in another modality, can I incorporate the Angel Messenger training with my existing work?

Yes of course. The Angel Messenger training will complement your other training.

Q: I have completed training with the Angels from another teacher, or I already work with the Angels, do I still need to do the Angel Immersion course prerequisite?

Yes…Completion of a minimum of 50% of the Angel Immersion is a prerequisite for enrolment in the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1. This could easily be completed over a weekend.

Q: What makes the Angel Messenger Certification different from other Angel practitioner training?

Shunanda is dedicated to your ongoing spiritual development, and the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 provides a framework of learning how to channel Angel Messages which is both safe, and ethical. The Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 follows a strong Angelic code of ethics, and will be the precursor to the more advanced Level 2 training (to be released at a future date). There is no other Angel training that provides such a framework, as well as offering ongoing mentoring and 1:1 support.

Q: What ongoing support and training is available after completion of the Angel Messenger Certification - Level 1?

Shunanda is committed to supporting the ongoing development of her students. All Angel messenger students will receive 10% off Shunanda’s standard one hour session rate, for life. There will be an Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2 released when students are ready to work at a higher level. Each intake will also form strong relationships and bonds, with the fellow students in each round. These are your soul family, and for many of you, this will create lifelong friendships and peer support.

Q: I notice this is a level one course. What will be covered in the level 2 certification, and when will that be available?

The Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification will cover high level channeling, including entity work, spirit removal, enmeshment, high level protection techniques, and training to work fighting and dismantling the dark energies that are currently engaged in a spiritual war with humanity. This course will be created and released at a future date when needed, and guided. The prerequisite will be the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1, plus participating in regular 1:1 mentoring with Shunanda.

Q: Will there be an in person option for this course in the future?
This is certainly possible, however there are no plans for an in person option at this stage.
Q: What is covered in my enrolment fee?
Your $888 enrolment fee includes the course content (11 x live group zoom sessions), lifetime access to the recordings, access to a private, student only membership space, and 1 x one hour mentoring session with Shunanda. There is a payment plan option of 4 x monthly installments of $222. All prices are in AUD.
Q: Is there an option for ongoing mentoring?
Yes. All Angel Messenger Students receive 1 x one hour mentoring session as part of the assessment process, to be completed during the course. You can also pre-purchase a mentoring package, which includes 6 x one hour sessions, for $888 (a savings of 25%). This is available as an upfront purchase or with an instalment plan combining your course enrolment (Total of $1776 with $222 x 8 instalments). All Angel Messenger students will also receive an exclusive lifetime 10% discount for Shunanda’s one hour session rate for ongoing mentoring.
Q: Is ongoing mentoring compulsory?
No. But it’s highly recommended, and somewhat inevitable. As part of your journey with the Angels, you will experience a significant personal upleveling. It is important to acknowledge that you will be developing spiritually, and that this will only continue. You are a powerful Light Leader, and your work in this area is desperately needed now. You will continue to develop, learn and grow. As part of your commitment to the Angelic Code of Ethics, it is recommended that you agree to support your ongoing development and growth with regular mentoring sessions. There is no requirement on frequency, however you might find that you are guided to these on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on both your business and personal spiritual growth.
My intention for you:

During our time together, my intention is to act as a clear conduit for the Angels, to share my own personal stories and wisdom, and to act as your sacred guide as you discover and activate your own sacred mission of service as an Angel Messenger.

My intention for you:

During our time together, my intention is to act as a clear conduit for the Angels, to share my own personal stories and wisdom, and to act as your sacred guide as you discover and activate your own sacred mission of service as an Angel Messenger.


Enrolments for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 are now closed.

For those wanting to enrol in the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1, you can begin your Angel journey with the pre-requisite Angel Immersion course today, where you are guaranteed to be notified first of the next course commencement.

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