At some point in history, an outside force interfered with the energy of earth. Some sort of energetic barrier was installed surrounding the earth, which prevented us from anchoring our own energy fully to the earth when we incarnate.

This barrier has meant that those that are awake, open, or connected to their light, have always felt somewhat ungrounded, or disconnected from the earth. They have felt unwelcome, as if they do not fully belong here. Many have had to spend much time and energy “grounding”, in order to feel safe, connected, and supported by the earth.

This energetic barrier has had huge and far reaching implications for humanity.

We are energetically disconnected from the earth. We feel energetically disconnected from each-other as a result. We feel alone, unsupported, and isolated. We spend our whole life feeling as if there is not enough. Our whole economies and political structures have sprung up from this place of disconnection, this place of lack of abundance.

If this barrier was not in place, when we each incarnated, we would anchor to the earth, and we would energetically FEEL the connection not only to the earth, but to each-other. We would be aware of the reality, which is that there is enough, that we are abundantly provided for by the earth, and that we are all connected.

However, this barrier has prevented this from happening for a millennia.

This barrier is starting to weaken. As the earth moves into a new part of the galaxy, where the energy is a higher vibration, the barrier is unable to be sustained. This barrier is very slowly weakening in direct correlation to the rate which the earths vibration is rising, and humanity is collectively awakening.

The next level of this process is for the 144,000 to begin to anchor their own energy cords permanently into the earth.

As the 144,000 begin to realise that they can permanently ground to the earth (to the earths core to be precise), this will create a further disruption and disturbance to the energetic barrier, and it will weaken even further.

As the 144,000 begin to permanently anchor their energy into the earths core, their own lightwork with expand to a level that has not previously been experienced, as they are able to draw permanently on the energy supply from Lady Gaia, as their fuel to continue to do their important lightwork. Many lightworkers will experience rapid expansions in their energetic healing abilities, their clairvoyance, and their inner sight.

These lightworkers will then become literal energetic anchors, to help those around them remember the process of anchoring to Gaia.

Throughout this process, the barrier will be slowly fading. The barrier is currently being worked upon by the elementals, the unicorns, and the dragons, who are burning away any energetic blocks that have been impeding this anchoring process by lightworkers.

Over the next 15 or so years, this barrier will become weaker and weaker. The weaker the barrier becomes, the more we will individually and collectively be able to harness our true birth right of energetic support, and power, gifted to us all when we incarnate, by Lady Gaia.

At some point, the next generation of children will be born with their energy cord directly anchored into the earth. They will be the first generation in a millennia, who will have harnessed this power, since Atlantis.

And so, we will enter a new golden age.

But first, we need to burn away all that is not of love. Hold faith. The changes that we will experience may reveal all our shadows in their ugly glory, but it will also reveal our true light. Our inner flame, our connection to each-other, and to the one love that is our true state of being.



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