Hello, I’m Shunanda. I’m an Energy Intuitive.

I specialise in supporting people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening; people who are developing their intuitive gifts, and mentoring lightworkers. It’s my passion and purpose to help you connect with your incredible team of divine Angels so your life can shift in profound ways.

I live by the beach in Sydney with my three gorgeous kids and our rescue cat Winnie. I feel connected to the power of the ocean and I walk on the sand as often as I can. The ocean heals me, lifts me, clears me, and cleanses me.

I’m wholly down to earth and my life is an ordinary one: mortgage, marriage, motherhood, and all that entails. I just happen to be able to channel messages from Angels and loved ones in spirit.

When I experienced my spiritual awakening, I set about learning as much as I could from the best in the field. I trained in Angel Card readings with Doreen Virtue, and in Mediumship, Advanced Angel Certification, and Angelic Life Coaching with Charles Virtue. In 2014 I travelled to New York to train with Charles in person to gain my Spiritual Teacher certification.

I am a clairvoyant, psychic, and medium. I can speak with people who have crossed over to the light and I can see and speak with Angels. I can feel the energy in any space and the emotions of people in that space – in fact, this is my strongest ability. It’s called clairsentience and is often referred to as being an “empath”.

This can be intense, but it comes with some pretty awesome positives. When I connect with the spirit of someone who has crossed over, I can feel all of their emotions – joy, pride, delight, and the intense love they have for the person I am reading for. The level of happiness and love is so intense that it can bring me to tears. You can only imagine how much love I feel when I connect to an Archangel! It’s just incredible.

Heaven is real. It’s not quite what many people are taught in religious upbringings, it’s definitely not a place of judgement. The love and energy that comes from heaven and “God” is so strong, it’s almost impossible to put into words. I have experienced the love of God/Source, The Creator, but my experience is very different from the usual religious experience. To me, God is a word that tries to capture a very BIG idea: it is pure love, non-denominational, non-judgemental, male and female, and the essence of the miracle of creation.

I love doing what I do. I feel honoured and blessed and eternally grateful to be able to pass on messages of support from people’s guardian Angels, loved ones in spirit, and from the Archangels. I can’t wait to connect with you and share more, so that you can learn to invite this into your own life.

Because we all have this within us, we’ve just forgotten how to connect.
I can help show you how to find the doorway to deep inner peace.
Sessions with me are always positive, loving, helpful and empowering. They are extremely valuable as you navigate life’s hurdles, search for inner peace and happiness, and get curious about your life purpose.

A session can cover any area you need advice on. Common topics include: life purpose, direction, relationships, fertility, pregnancy and gender prediction, career, finances, health, spiritual coaching and protection.

When I work with clients long term, my goal is to get you to a point that you no longer need to see me, or someone like me! My goal is to empower you to have a relationship with your OWN intuition, so that you can follow your own guidance!

You can read more about my personal story over on this blog post, and you can tune into a podcast interview with myself and the lovely Naomi Daveson here on iTunes.


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