Welcome, I’m Shunanda. I’m an Angel Medium.

It’s my personal belief that we can all learn to speak with Angels, and now more than ever, we are ready to experience their loving guidance and support. It is my purpose and passion to teach you how to connect with the Angels, and feel empowered to use your own intuition to receive their loving messages.

I’m a mum of three amazing kids, and live by the beach in Sydney. I feel deeply connected to the power of the ocean and I love to swim in my local ocean pool. I rise before the sun each day, and revel in the sacred darkness before the dawn.

I’m light-hearted, playful, and wholly down to earth. My life was an ordinary one: marriage, mortgage and motherhood. Since my awakening in 2010 my whole life has transformed, as I’ve accepted and stepped into my purpose as an Angel Medium. I now live a connected life, curiously exploring, creating, teaching, and loving my time with my three sensitive, and spirited children.

My spiritual awakening coincided with the birth of my second child, and it was so sudden that I had no choice but to begin learning how to manage my newly awakened gift. I spent years of extensive training with mentors, teachers, and most of all with the Angels themselves before beginning my client work, and now have loving and loyal clients all over the world. We do not need to be on the same room for a reading. Most of my sessions are done via video link on ‘Zoom’.

I am an Angel Medium, and energy intuitive. All of my sessions are guided by your Guardian Angels and the Archangels. As well as my many 1:1 clients, I also work with property developers, real estate agents and home owners locally and globally conducting land healings, ghost clearings and home blessings.

This work has an intensity that is awe inspiring for me, even many years later. When I connect with the Angels at the beginning of a reading,  I can feel all of their emotions – joy, pride, delight, and the intense love they have for the person I am reading for. The level of happiness and love is so intense that it can bring me to tears. My client sessions are the highlight of my day, and I am deeply blessed and honoured to do this work.

You do not need to be religious to work with Angels. You will never see me quote from the bible (I’ve never read it), use religious images of Angels, or suggest that you need an intermediary to connect with the divine. EVERYONE has the ability to work with Angels. Everyone has Guardian Angels. Everyone can learn to understand and hear Angels messages.

I love doing what I do. I feel honoured and blessed and eternally grateful to be able to pass on messages of support from the Angels and loved ones in spirit. I can’t wait to connect with you and share more, and to support you to develop your own Angel relationship.

Angel language is something we all intuitively speak. We all have this within us, we’ve just forgotten how to connect.

Connecting with your angels regularly will bring an explosion of joy and love in all areas of your life!

Angel readings are always positive, loving, helpful and empowering. They are extremely valuable as you navigate life’s hurdles, search for inner peace and happiness, and get curious about your life purpose. My own angels bring humour, music and light into every session, so they are often also fun experiences.

Readings are always focused on your highest good and best interest. Sessions are an organic & guided combination of Angel Mediumship, Angelic Light Healing, Angelic Coaching and Angel Guidance in one session as you need.

When I work with mentoring clients long term either in 1:1 sessions or in a group coaching environment, my clients experience rapid expansion of their intuition, and soaring confidence in their own spiritual practice and Angel relationship.

You can read more about my personal story over on my blog, or you can tune into a podcast interview with myself and the lovely Claire Obeid here , and watch me speak at the Soulpreneurs conference here.

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