In 2010, after the birth of my second child, my life fell apart. When my son was three months old, I woke up one day and I couldn’t get out of bed. My body had shut down. I had severe postnatal anxiety, with a list of symptoms as long as your arm. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, and I was having major panic attacks. It was awful.

I sought medical help and took anti-anxiety medication for twelve months. I also explored alternative therapies to help me recover. My chiropractor helped reset my adrenals, which were constantly set in fight-or-flight mode. Kinesiology and homeopathy helped me settle back into healthy sleep and eating patterns, and the medication dulled the anxiety so I could function.

Something else significantly shifted during this period. I remember the night I came home from hospital with my son, waking suddenly during the night. At the time I thought there was someone in my room; I swore I heard someone speak to me. Obviously there was no one there, but it was scary. Then there were subtle changes. I could feel energies in rooms, and could feel other people’s emotions like they were my own. I didn’t understand what was happening, and these strange feelings triggered anxiety and panic attacks.

I would also have dreams, and then a short time later my dreams would come true! This began to happen more and more often. I seemed to have a knack for predicting the gender of unborn babies. My strike rate was too high to be a coincidence. I remember dreaming that the first Royal baby would be a boy, and that they would name him George. I dismissed it as nothing, but shared it with some of my mother’s group friends. I was just as surprised as everyone else when along came Prince George!

What I now understand is that after the birth of my second child, an energetic veil was lifted from me and I experienced what is commonly described as an “awakening”.

My spiritual talents, my connection with the divine had been suddenly and abruptly reconnected, and not understanding what was happening, I went into a fear reaction (which is very common – who wouldn’t be afraid if they started hearing things in the middle of the night?).

Ever since I became conscious of my awakening I have been exploring, learning, and training. I have healed from my experience, and no longer need to take medication, nor do I ever suffer anxiety or panic attacks.

Eventually I came out of the spiritual closet. And it did feel like coming out. But now that I’ve been through the toughest part, I’m deeply honoured to be able to share my talents with other people who need help from their divine team.

My angels have guided me towards not only good health, but also an incredible career, and something that money cant buy- inner peace!

If you need help with your own spiritual awakening, or you have questions about your divine team, please get in touch via my contact page so I can help you through this period with grace and ease.

Shunanda x


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