The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.

What is the Angel Immersion?

Created by Shunanda Scott in 2020, the Angel Immersion is a high frequency online learning portal where you can learn to speak to Angels and master the Angelic ascension pathway.

Your Angel Immersion membership includes:

Unlimited access to the Angel Immersion course:

After years of working with clients in Angel readings, teaching Angel work, and having my own life transformed by the loving guidance of the Angels, I was guided to create a course that would teach everyone how to have their own direct line of communication with the divine.

What is the Angel Immersion Course?

The Angel Immersion course is Shunanda’s foundation Angel training, suitable for beginners to intermediate Angel students.

With 29 online lessons, the Angel Immersion course will teach you the fundamentals of connecting with Angels as well as the core principles of the Angelic ascension pathway.

Each lesson includes both a written and video component (average duration 15-20 minutes each).

The Angel Immersion course is instant access and self paced: you can move through the individual Angel lessons as you feel guided and at your own schedule.

The Angel Immersion course is a pre-requisite for enrolment in Shunanda’s three level advanced Angel training: The Angel Messenger Certification.

My intention for you at the completion of the Angel Immersion course, is that you feel 100% confident speaking with the Angels directly, and feel immense love, gratitude and joy being able to receive their loving guidance on a daily basis in your life.

Angel Immersion course outline:
Section 1: How to Speak with Angels

The first three lessons of your Angel Immersion are the core foundation for developing your own sovereign Angel relationship.

1. Create your Light Practice (1 hour)

2. Create your Angel Practice (45 mins)

3. Meditations & resources

Once you have completed this section, you can then begin exploring section 2 and work with the individual Archangels at your own pace.

Section 2: Angel Immersion

In section 2 you will find 22 individual Angel lessons; every lesson is an invitation to literally immerse yourself in the energy and experience of the Angels. Lesson 1 of the Immersive part of your journey is where you meet your personal Guardian Angels. This section can be completed in any order, and you can revisit these lessons as often as you want.

  1. Guardian Angels
  2. Archangel Raphael
  3. Archangel Michael
  4. Archangel Jophiel
  5. Archangel Azrael
  6. Archangel Gabriel
  7. Archangel Sandalphon
  8. Archangel Chamuel
  9. Archangel Raguel
  10. Archangel Ariel
  11. Archangel Nathaniel
  12. Archangel Metatron
  13. Archangel Jeremiel
  14. Archangel Haniel
  15. Archangel Uriel
  16. Archangel Zadkiel
  17. Archangel Raziel
  18. Archangel Butyalil
  19. Archangel Faith
  20. Archangel Grace
  21. Archangel Gersisa
  22. Archangel Hope
Section 3 : Advanced Angel Immersion

The lessons in this section are intended to be an advanced practice, which you can return to and repeat at any time to extend your confidence, skill, and ability to connect personally with the Angels. Each lesson or Masterclass is intended to complement and extend your Angel Immersion course journey, as well as assisting you with raising your frequency, expanding your consciousness, and accelerating your ascension. Each lesson and Masterclass is timeless. They each contain messages and processes that are always relevant for the current collective experience.

  1. Mission Accelerator Masterclass (2.5 hrs)
  2. Healing with the Angels Masterclass (1.5 hrs)
  3. Manifesting with the Angels Masterclass (1.5 hrs)
  4. 21 day Advanced Angel Immersion Process (1 hr)
Join monthly live Angel Transmission events:

To support your Angel Immersion, Shunanda hosts monthly live channeled Angel Transmission events on Zoom. Each live Angel Transmission is a powerful Angelic frequency experience and a masterclass on the Angelic Ascension pathway.

Unlimited access to an Angelic Ascension library:

For students wishing to accelerate their learning, the Angel Immersion contains 101 channeled PDF files filled with Angelic ascension messages to extend and advance your Angel Practice. Students can also re-visit 100’s of live Angel Transmission recordings to extend and complement their learning. The live Angel Transmission is a timeless masterclass on the Angelic ascension pathway.

EXCLUSIVE access to Shunanda’s protective Metatron’s Cube Meditation.

The Metatron’s Cube Meditation is a powerful high level protection practice for all Starseeds. This meditation was originally channeled live during an Angel Transmission in The Angel Immersion. During this meditation you will be guided by Shunanda to create an energetic Merkaba (the most powerful sacred geometric shape in all creation) as a protection grid around your physical and energy body. You will then experience a guided chakra cleanse, as you welcome a pillar of light into your being to cleanse, balance and open your chakras. This meditation is only available for Angel Immersion members.

Your host and sacred guide in the Angel Immersion is Angel teacher, Shunanda Scott.

Angel teacher, ascension guide and mother of three, Shunanda Scott is passionate about teaching people how to receive the infinitely loving guidance and support of the Angels.
Upon the birth of her second child, Shunanda experienced a spiritual awakening and began learning how to manage her newly discovered intuitive abilities. For years Shunanda trained with mentors, teachers, and the Angels themselves, and now works with starseeds and light workers all over the world from her beach home in Sydney.

The Angel Immersion is guided and held by the Archangels, and all transmissions are in frequency alignment for the highest good of all who receive them.

Join the Angel Immersion:

The Angel Immersion is more than just a course, it is an experience, an awakening, and a light practice for life. Every lesson, masterclass and live transmission in the Angel Immersion is intended to strengthen your sovereign relationship with the Angels. Today, I invite you to join me and hundreds of other lightworkers from all around the world, so that you too can transform your life with the loving and powerful support of the Angels in the Angel Immersion!

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Angel Immersion member experiences:

"Since discovering Shunanda, her gifts and her amazing Angel Immersion course I have felt both heard and held as I navigate the spiritual parts of myself that continue to come to life in this incredible time for humanity. Her channelled guidance keeps me feeling grounded and on track, trusting in the divine timing and process of life. She delivers potent and accurate messages with a sense of light-heartedness and adventure. I am truly loving spending time with Shunanda and the Angel Immersion community."

Clare - Pottsville, Australia

"The Angel Immersion is such an amazing, beautiful safe space to be. It is just so full of love and acceptance and definitely no judgement at all. The written Angel transmissions are such a blessing and a huge guide within my own Angel practice. Not only has my Angel practice become so flowing and beautiful but the love and acceptance I have within myself and others more so now is something pretty amazing. I have grown so much within myself and my own Angel practice by being a part of this community, and I'm very thankful and blessed everyday that Shunanda and the Angels have opened up this beautiful space to grow and I've got nothing but full open hearted love."

Casey - Australia

“Thank you Shunanda for putting this course out in the world and making it so simple for us to be able to access guidance from our angels. I am loving all the lessons I have done so far and had an amazing experience when working with Archangel Chamuel. I very distinctly felt his energy and the messages he wanted to communicate to me. There was an immense feeling of peace and love that just took over after. He even helped me find my lost keys!! It was magical. Never could have imagined that I would ever be able to access divine guidance like this. Truly truly grateful."

Sharda - Melbourne, Australia

"The powerful energy felt in Shunanda's monthly live transmissions in the Angel Immersion are nothing like I have ever experienced before. Shunanda delivers these transmissions with authenticity and vulnerability and her radiant energy shines through. And to have the opportunity to connect with a community of other starseeds around the world and in the times we are in is absolutely amazing."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

"I have been part of the Angel Immersion course for almost 2 years, as well as doing the Angel Messenger Certification and having mentoring with Shunanda. It was a kind of an organic decision that came out of nowhere after Shunanda’s posts on instagram really resonated for me. The whole concept of communicating with angels was COMPLETELY new for me and was a total shift of mentality and energetics in my life. It is not overreacting to say that my life has completely changed as a result of all three components (the angel immersion course and community plus Shunanda’s mentoring)- the way I view my life, the decisions I make, the people I interact with, and how I frame experiences I have. Leaning in and connecting with my angels in the Immersion has been illuminating and has put me on a path of channeling my own guidance. The Angel Immersion feels like such a safe container to share my experiences and thoughts with other like minded people.. and when I need an extra level of support Shunanda’s mentoring via my angels has become a tool in my toolbox to help shift any blockages or difficulties I may having and to help me see that I am always supported and loved. All in all, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and one that has completely shifted the course of my life."

Kathryn - Bangkok, Thailand

"Working with Shunanda, along with the Angel Immersion course and being part of the Angel Immerison space has become a very special part of my life. I always have support and somewhere to turn to when things are challenging and to continue to grow within myself."

Shanna - Adelaide, Australia

"After joining the Angel Immersion, I now feel even more supported on my journey - as between mentoring sessions I can stay connected to the energy of the gorgeous community and Shunanda's transmissions (which each feel like an epic energetic journey in and of themselves). Shunanda has a stunning gift for creating safe space that makes you feel deeply seen, loved, and celebrated - all while holding a clear, joyful channel for divine messages to come through. I couldn't recommend her work more wholeheartedly, it feels like the exact medicine we need as we move through this period of collective transformation."

Casey - Massachusetts, USA

I highly and warmly recommend anyone who feels drawn towards working with the Angels to join Shunandas Angel Immersion course. Here you can find a protected and serene place to take up contact with Shunanda and other like souls. Sunanda's monthly live channelings are the highlight for me and although I am on the other side of the world, I wouldn't miss them for anything. And if you have special topics, where you need your very own special answers from the angels, Shunandas mentoring sessions are for you. I use my mentoring sessions with her to ask questions about my private life and my business as a lightworker and blueprint reader. I have never been disappointed and each session with her and the angels has brought me many steps forward.

Anne-Marie - Trier, Germany

"The Angel Immersion community and course, and Shunanda herself have all been such sources of support and comfort for me during this time in the world. Shunanda has the ability to simultaneously be both a grounding force, and a spiritually uplifting force. She is truly a gift, as are her Angel Immersion course and community. I look forward to the monthly live transmissions in that group, and have come to think of them as spiritual guideposts. Thank you Shunanda for all that you do! I’m deeply grateful for you and all you bring to the world!"

Erin - Michigan, USA

"Shunanda’s monthly live calls in the Angel Immersion are incredibly empowering and insightful. I often find my own experiences are reflected in the messages the Angels bring through during these calls. There is something so powerful about witnessing others through a community like the Angel Immersion and knowing you are never alone in your spiritual and ascension journey."

Sara - Canberra, Australia

"Being part of the Angel Immersion has been an amazing experience. It has helped me deepen my relationship with the Angels and the Divine. I look forward to Shunanda’s monthly live transmissions and feel so grateful and uplifted by the support in this beautiful group."

Kylie - Maroubra, Australia

"Sister Shunanda, you are a beautiful strong conduit, extremely connected, clear and divine. Years of service to humanity is deeply felt. Thank you for creating the Angel Immersion. A place where questions are embraced by members and exchanges are heartfelt, uplifting, open and honest. Channeling and guidance both one on one and within the community has always stretched my souls growth and for that I am grateful. Grace, clarity, community, unity, a remembrance of limitless expansion."

DaVi - Long Beach, USA

"The Angel Immersion community is a beautiful, supportive and nurturing space where you can be open about your spirituality and learn with each other about not only Angels, but your ascension or awakening process. Spiritual journeys can be confusing at times, but this space held so beautifully by Shunanda means we can all see each others experiences and learn and support each other. I especially love that it is for everyone of all levels of experience. Thank you Shunanda for creating such an amazing space for Lightworkers!"

Cathy - Central Coast, Australia

"With the Angel Immersion Shunanda has created a beautiful sanctuary for light-filled souls to share her deep knowledge and truth. I love the monthly Angel Transmissions, they are always on point and helpful for navigating the current energies. She also packs the Angel Immersion course space full of helpful tips and insights. The best part is being able to ask questions of the Angels before each session, just brilliant. It's a beautiful space for those seeking higher connection and community! Highly recommend!"

Ixchelle - Los Angeles, USA

"The Angel Immersion for me is a heart felt energetic space that provides loving and evolutionary guidance from the Angels. Within this space there is truth, love and positivity. The importance of self love and self care shines bright also. I love this space. Thank you Shunanda for your courage, love and commitment to the Angel Immersion."

Vicki Ann - Melbourne, Australia

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