The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
Welcome Level 2 Angel Messengers!

Over three powerful months, I invite you to journey with me as you extend and up-level your sovereign relationship with the Angels as a Certified Level 2 Angel Messenger.

Starting September 19th 2024, we will join together weekly in communion with the Angels for 12 live teaching lessons, as you immerse yourself in the experience of advancing your Angelic channelling skills & knowledge.

What is a Level 2 Angel messenger?

A Level 2 Angel Messenger has an autonomous, committed and regular personal Light Practice, and understands that their vibration is the key to all the personal and professional shifts they desire.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger has an autonomous, committed and regular personal Angel practice, and understands that this is the foundation to increased competence and confidence in Angelic channeling.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger is deeply anchored into the Angelic Light Code, and is confident in communicating high level messages in their chosen niche area, delivering all Angel messages with integrity, grace and care.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger is anchored in sovereignty; they trust their own inner heart-wisdom, and their personal Angelic connection above all external sources in both personal and professional situations.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger has felt the Angelic activation to step fully into their mission and purpose, and trusts in the divine timing of the presentation of their next steps, in alignment with their highest good, soul lessons and mission.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger responds to the Angelic activation to publicly share channelled Angel messages in their chosen niche area in order to support their clients, and the collective.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger is sovereign and active in their own ascension journey, and understands that their capacity to serve the collective increases in perfect alignment with their own ascension journey.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger is committed and actively engaged in their own personal healing, shadow work and wellness, and engages in regular support from trusted sacred mentors, healers and guides.

A Level 2 Angel Messenger understands that the Angels are now training them, and trusts that their continued development will occur in perfect divine timing, guided by their own Angelic team (in alignment with their highest good, soul lessons, and mission).

A Level 2 Angel Messenger works with teachers, mentors and guides in an independent way that allows for their own sovereignty, power, boundaries and inner wisdom to be respected, expanded and supported.


You already are a Level 2 Angel Messenger.

Over three powerful months we will walk the path of Angelic activation together!


Who is this course for?

The Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2 is for all Level 1 Angel Messenger graduates who have completed their Level 1 certification requirements, and who feel called to expand into the next stage of their personal and professional relationship with the Angels.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. To train as a Certified Level 2 Angel Messenger, you need to have completed your Level 1 Angel Messenger Certification requirements before commencement of the first lesson on 19th September 2024.

What is the course lesson schedule?
Session 1:
Thurs 19 Sep 6am AEST
Opening Circle
Session 2:
Thurs 26 Sept 6am AEST
Advanced Light Practice & Angel Practice
Activation week:
30 Sept- 6 Oct
(no class)
Session 3:
Thurs 10 Oct 6am AEDT
Advanced Readings (1): Advanced Client sessions.
Session 4:
Thurs 17 Oct 6am AEDT
Advanced Readings (2): Akashic
Records, Past life readings, collective messages, & soul blueprint readings.
Session 5:
Thurs 24 Oct 6am AEDT
Advanced Readings (3): Reading Timelines
Session 6:
Thurs 31 Oct 6am AEDT
Advanced Mediumship & Channeling (1): Spirit babies, Ascended Masters, Faeries, Dragons, Higher self & Inner child connections.
Session 7:
Thurs 7 Nov 6am AEDT
Advanced Mediumship & Channeling (2): Dark v light beings; Level 2 extension.
Session 8:
Thurs 14 Nov 6am AEDT
Advanced Angelic & 5D business: Receiving & implementing your personal Angelic mission blueprint.
Session 9:
Thurs 21 Nov 6am AEDT
Q & A & Assessments (1)
Session 10:
Thurs 28 Nov 6am AEDT
Q & A & Assessments (2)
Session 11:
Thurs 5 Dec 6am AEDT
Q & A & Assessments (3)
Session 12:
Thurs 12 Dec 6am AEDT
Closing Circle
What times will the live teaching calls be held?

The Level 2 lessons will be held via zoom at 6am AEST/AEDT on Thursdays and run for 2 hours. You can check your timezone here.

What happens if I can’t make all the live lessons?

Shunanda recommends you attend as many of the live lessons as possible to receive the full benefit of the training. Shunanda understands that this may not be possible in all circumstances, so all lessons will be recorded and replays will posted in the private AMC Level 2 student group on the day of the lesson.

When is the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Level 2?

The Angel Messenger Certification Level 2 will only run once each year. The next round is scheduled for September 2024.

What are the requirements to receive the certification? Is this a recognised course?

To receive the certification, you will be asked to complete the following requirements:

  1. Agree to adhere to the Level 2 Angelic Light Code.
  2. Complete a one hour assessment session with Shunanda. During your assessment session Shunanda will support, extend and guide you through integration of the AMCL2 course content, as well as offering you feedback and tips on how to extend your Angelic channelling skills.
  3. Complete an advanced daily Light Practice & Angel Practice process for the duration of the course, and submit a self assessment check-list after the final lesson.
  4. Complete a 44 channelled written Angel messages process, starting on Sept 30 in the activation week, and finishing on Nov 13th. These channelled written Angel messages can be with any Angel/or collective group of Angels that you feel guided and inspired to connect with. The 44 channelled Angel message process is the single most powerful experience in your AMCL2 course journey, one that you will look back on with reverence, awe and pride for the rest of your life!

The Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification is not an accredited or recognised course. You will receive a certificate on completion, and you can advertise yourself as a Certified Level 2 Angel Messenger. You will also have the option to be listed in a practitioner directory on Shunanda’s website (launching soon by invitation only, and with practitioner listing requirements).

How do I know if I'm ready for the Angel Messenger Certification - Level 2? Are there any key indicators?

Below are some indicators that you are ready to enrol in the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2:

  • You have completed the graduation requirements for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 1 (PREREQUISITE).
  • You are already naturally beginning to expand into one or more of the following areas; Reading timelines, Akashic readings, past life readings, soul blueprint readings, and collective messages.
  • You wish to deepen your knowledge of the different forms of consciousness that can be contacted during client sessions, including; Faeries, dragons, spirit babies, higher self & inner child messages, ascended masters, and dark entities.
  • You have already begun conducting paid client sessions using your Angel Messenger Level 1 skills, OR feel called to implement this in the near future.
  • You already have a consistent Light & Angel Practice and have felt the activation of the next level of your personal practice.
  • You feel an intuitive call to train as a Level 2 Angel Messenger.
  • You just know, deep down, that this course is for you (even if you have doubts about your readiness).
How much time do I need to allow for completion of the course? What should I expect during this experience?

The live lessons will run for 2 hours, weekly on Thursday (Australian time) for 12 sessions, plus one activation week (13 weeks total). Outside of this, you may like to allow for the following:

  • The level two Angel Messenger course is designed to hold you through a powerful personal activation, and as such will require an extended commitment to your personal Light Practice and Angel Practice. Please allow time in your weekly schedule for implementation of your new process.
  • The daily Light Practice and Angel practice check-in exercise will require 15-30 minutes per day. You will also need to allow time to action the guidance that you receive from the Angels during the course. Remember: the Angels will not give you anything that you cannot accomplish, that is not in alignment with your current circumstances, budget, and highest timeline.
  • The 44 channeled messages process will require approximately 30 minutes per day for the duration of the 44 day container starting on the new moon in the activation week (September 25th), and finishing on the full moon (Nov 7th).
  • Shunanda also highly recommends monthly mentoring sessions to support and extend you through this powerful activation process. Sessions can be booked casually with the Angel Messenger lifetime 10% off discount code.
  • The Angels invite you to let go and open to the magic of your own sacred journey. This is a next level Angelic activation, and what occurs for each student will be in perfect alignment with their individual path, mission, and frequency. The Angels have a plan for you during this experience, and will guide you every step of the way!
I haven’t started seeing clients 1:1 yet, is this course still for me?

Yes. Each Angel Messenger will feel activated to begin working with clients at their own divine time. The Level two course will support your own natural process to implement this next step, whether you have already begun working with clients, or plan to do so in the future.

I am an existing practitioner trained in another modality, can I incorporate the Level 2 Angel Messenger training with my existing work?

Yes. In fact, the personal process in the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification will assist you to find clarity on your niche, services and offering, either during or after the course (as guided by your own Angelic team in alignment with your highest timeline, mission, and soul lessons).

How is the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification different from the Level one course?

The Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification is solely focused on your sovereignty. As such, there will be NO practice readings between students in the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification. All of the Level 2 lessons and graduation requirements have been channeled to create a deep extension and powerful activation of your personal Angelic relationship, skills, and knowledge.

What ongoing support and training is available after completion of the Angel Messenger Certification - Level 2?

Shunanda is deeply committed to supporting the ongoing development of all her students. All Angel Messenger students will continue to receive 10% off Shunanda’s standard one hour mentoring rate. With four rounds of AMC Level 1 students eligible to enrol in the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification, you will also continue to receive the soul support and connections with your new and fellow Angel Messenger students.

Will we be conducting practice readings with each other in the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification?

No. There is a strict NO READINGS for other students guideline for the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification. This will create the necessary container for each student to expand into the next level of their own sovereign Angel relationship. For those students who are already conducting paid Angel Readings, these can continue outside of the course space.

What is covered in my enrolment fee?

Your $1111 enrolment fee includes:

  • Extensive new Angelic resources
  • Access to 12 x live group zoom teaching sessions with Shunanda
  • Lifetime access to the recordings (available for the duration of Shunanda’s work)
  • Access to a new private Level 2 Angel Messenger student group
  • 1 x one hour mentoring & assessment session with Shunanda.

Payment plan available: $333 on enrolment, then $111 fortnightly for 7 repayments ($1111 total, charged in AUD).

Is there an option for mentoring during the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification?

Yes. All Angel Messenger Students receive one x 1 hour assessment session with Shunanda, to be completed during the assessment period.

If you wish to engage in monthly mentoring during your AMCL2 journey, you can enrol with the Mentoring Option, which includes 4 additional one hour mentoring sessions with Shunanda (*5 total, additional sessions calculated at a 20% discount rate). The Mentoring enrolment option is available for upfront purchase ($1888) or with a payment plan.

Payment plan option:  $444 on enrolment, $111 per week for 13 payments ($1888 total, charged in AUD).

All Angel Messenger students will also receive an exclusive lifetime 10% discount for Shunanda’s one hour session rate for ongoing mentoring.

Shunanda recommends monthly sessions during the Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification.

Is monthly 1:1 mentoring compulsory?

As part of your commitment to the Angelic Light Code, it is recommended that you support your ongoing development and growth with monthly mentoring sessions with Shunanda, however this is not compulsory. Feedback from students who engage in monthly mentoring indicates that it is a powerful and valuable support to extend the activation process. Remember, you will experience significant personal upleveling and multiple activations during the Level 2 Angel Messenger course duration, and Shunanda is committed to supporting you through this process.

My intention for you:

During our time together, my intention is to act as a clear conduit for the Angels, to share my personal stories, knowledge and wisdom, and to act as the wayshower and sacred guide as you activate the next stage of your sovereign Angelic mission blueprint.


Enrolments for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2 are now CLOSED.

Doors will reopen for the next round of the AMCL2 in August 2024 (and for the AMCL1 in December 2024).

For those wanting to enrol in the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Levels 1 & 2, you can start the pre-requisite Angel Immersion course today in the Angel Immersion Portal.

Student Experiences

In 2022 I did the Angel Messenger Training level 1 and 2. I feel like my whole life has gotten a complete upgrade through it. By spending time in the angel’s presence, my heart opened up for so much love and I learned to see myself through the eyes of the angels. Which has a profound effect on my self worth, old patterns that did not serve me any more just fell away. 
For me this was a course in: How to be more human. Learning that I belong here and have a mission. And a: How to trust Divine Timing. This has transformed my life, it changes literally everything. 
And to top it off, it has also been incredibly fulfilling to give others the gift of an Angel Message. 
I would do it again in a heart beat. If you feel the pull, a call, listen and let the magic happen.”
Lieke, Level 3 Student - Netherlands

The Angel Messenger Level 2 Course is life-changing in every way.  

Thanks to Shunanda’s teachings, and the guidance I received from the Angels, I have a deeper understanding of who I am, and am able to accept myself warts and all, and love myself unconditionally.

I now have an ability to see the path I am following. It’s so cool I can rise above my lifetimes and see it as a beautiful curvy/winding path, it goes back many many lifetimes, but only a short way forward – it’s not dark ahead it just isn’t visible, almost like a mist hiding it from my view.

Alana Level 3 Student - New Zealand

“Undertaking the Angel Messenger Certification Courses took me down paths of self-discovery and connection with my angelic team and the angelic realm that were completely unexpected.  I had a deep knowingness that I just had to do this course, even though I didn’t think I would be doing angel readings professionally and now I know why.

As a result, I have strengthened my relationship with my angelic team, and my ability to connect with angels and bring through messages and guidance. I learnt so much more about my own sovereignty, what my voice and resonance and higher self sounds like. I have developed a greater relationship with my body and a greater sense of self love and compassion than I ever knew existed. I have gained a greater understanding of how to embody detachment and surrender and to stop focusing on the destination, but instead be present in and conscious of the miracles along the journey, which has resulted in a greater peace, reassurance and less worry and attachments about the future.

The Angel Messenger Certification Courses have literally blown my mind and changed my life.”

Kerri, Level 2 Graduate- Australia

The container of the Level 1 Angel Messenger Certification gave me the mentorship, guidance, confidence and support to experience that I truly CAN connect to the Angels and bring through Angel Messages. 

The journey of the Level 2 Angel Messenger certification was an incredible pathway to  sovereignty and deepened my relationship with the Angels. I learned to trust MY path, to trust MY light, MY authenticity, MY heart wisdom, that I no longer to need to look outside of myself, the answers are within. This journey has cracked my heart wide open to the light that is within ME.

Shunanda is an incredible teacher and mentor and provides an incredibly safe and ethical container to go on this journey. Thank you Shunanda for this gift.”

Donna, Level 3 Student - Canada

“I have just finished the Angel messenger Certification: Level 2 course and can truly say this has completely changed my relationship to my guides and especially the Angels. And what’s more: I am at a place where I feel profoundly connected to the divine source. I have never felt so connected in my whole life. I am attracting people and things into my life that are important at a personal and professional level.

The process began at least 4 weeks before the course even started, with the energies circling around me. The 44 days of channelling in the course showed me how connected I am, as I found the channelling easy and discovered that the discipline of an Angelic practise is what is more important for me personally. At the end of the course I even allowed myself to say aloud the words: I am a sacred teacher and guide. Thank you Shunanda and the Angels for securing this sacred container. Thank you Shunanda for your wisdom and love.”
Anne-Marie, Level 2 Graduate - Germany

“I can’t thank Shunanda enough, through the Angel messenger Certification experience, she has helped me to realise my soul purpose! It’s like I always knew that I was going to be an Angel Messenger. And now having completed Shunanda’s Angel Messenger courses, Level 1 and 2 I am shining my light by channelling Angelic messages for others. I am grateful beyond words Shunanda, you are a true Angel, such a divine being of light. “

Justine, Level 2 Graduate- Australia

“​This journey invites you to become vulnerable with yourself. To search within, to know faith. To listen with the Angels, dear hearts. To speak with the Angels the spots forgotten and found through your stillness. To heal with the Angels. So you may find & know resonance within many hearts. To step in, through and wait on the other side,  outstretched…full in expression, beside the Angels, a Messenger of hope and of love.

DaVi, Level 2 Graduate - USA

“​I went in to this experience being very open to receiving and got so much more than I expected. The AMCL2 gifted me so much grace and wisdom. I love that I have learnt so much that I know now resides within me and will be activated when the time is right. I feel so positive and excited about the future and what I get to create from here.

My relationship with my Angels is so integrated now, I am guided even when I don’t realise, and often in my most challenging human moments. There is no force, just grace, detachment and a peace that weaves around my life now that I am incredibly grateful for.”

Sara, Level 3 Student - Australia


Enrolments for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2 are now CLOSED.

Doors will reopen for the next round of the AMCL2 in August 2024 (and for the AMCL1 in January 2024).

For those wanting to enrol in the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Levels 1 & 2, you can start the pre-requisite Angel Immersion course today by joining the Angel Immersion.

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