The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.
Welcome Lightleaders!

Over nine spacious months, I invite you to participate in a sacred soul activation, awakening to the radiant light of your Angelic mission blueprint as a Certified Level 3 Angel Messenger!

Starting July 6 2023, we will journey together in communion with the Angels for 19 live teaching lessons, as you commit to the experience of activating, receiving and embodying your full Angelic mission blueprint.

What is a Lightleader?

A Lightleader lives and breathes a self-activated high level Light Practice, fluidly shifting and pivoting in alignment with their only one true north: their highest timeline.

A Lightleader lives and breathes a self-activated high level Angel Practice, calmly and confidently responding to a combination of Angelic guidance and higher self wisdom for confirmation of next steps in alignment with their highest timeline.

A Lightleader has a sovereign, strong and radiant energy field, diligently committed to observing clear energetic, conscious and physical boundaries.

A Lightleader practices embodiment of the Angelic Light Code, observing, scanning, and assessing their thoughts, actions and creations to align with the highest possible expression of light/love available in any given moment.

A Lightleader understands that their sole mission and purpose is to be an activator. A beacon of light, embodying the core 5D principles of forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, unconditional love and unity consciousness.

A Lightleader respects the free will and sacred ascension journey of all beings and embodies this principle daily in all relationships.

A Lightleader is committed to their highest timeline, engaging in a conscious and self governed process of soul activation, expansion and integration.

A Lightleader is engaged and sovereign in their healing journey, using their Light practice and Angel Practice to determine next steps for strengthening the container of their BEing, one day at a time, one step at a time.

A Lightleader has felt the urgent Angelic activation to prepare now in mind, body and spirit for the next stage of the collective awakening, and feels a deep inner confirmation that they hold an important role in dismantling the agenda through frequency and example.

A Lightleader practices faith: they are curious, detached, and open to the path of miraculous transformation and change for both themselves and all beings.

A Lightleader is committed to the path of mastery of the human experience, patiently working through their shadows and expanding their light, dedicated to the path of embodiment of their highest timeline.

A Lightleader fully trusts the Angelic pathway, sharing messages from the Angels with clarity, bravery, authenticity and integrity.

A Lightleader understands that their path and mission is unique and vulnerably expresses their inspired creations authentically with the world.

A Lightleader lives in tune with the frequency of love/light, exploring and expressing: embodiment, authenticity, vulnerability, mastery, commitment, detachment, integrity, self accountability, faith, discernment, creation, example, radiance, abundance, potential, worth, integration, acceptance, healing, honour, & humility.

Are you a Lightleader?

Over nine sacred months we will walk this Angelic activation together as you complete the final stage of the Angel Messenger journey…your initiation into Lightleadership!


Who is this course for?

The Angel Messenger Certification – Level 3 is for all Level 2 Angel Messenger graduates who have completed their Level 2 certification requirements and who feel activated to expand into the next stage of their Angelic Mission Blueprint: Lightleadership.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. To train as a Certified Level 3 Angel Messenger, you need to have completed your Level 2 Angel Messenger Certification requirements.

What is the AMCL3 lesson schedule?
Session 1:
Thurs 6 July 6am AEST
Session 2:
Wed 19 July 9:30am AEST
Act. mth #1
22 July- 22 Aug
Session 3:
Thurs 24 Aug 9:30am AEST
Session 4:
Thurs 7 Sept 9:30am AEST
Session 5: Thurs 21 Sept 6am OR 9:30am AEST (TBC)
Session 6: Thurs 5 Oct 6am AEDT (DS starts 1 Oct)
Session 7:
Thurs 19 Oct 6am AEDT
Session 8: Thurs 2 Nov 6am AEDT
Session 9:
Thurs 16 Nov 6am AEDT
Session 10:
Thurs 30 Nov 6am AEDT
Session 11: Thurs 14 Dec 6am AEDT
Session 12: Thurs 21 Dec 6am AEDT
Act. Mth #2 22 Dec-22 Jan
Session 13 25 Jan 6am AEDT
Session 14 Thurs 8 Feb 6am AEDT
Session 15 Thurs 22 Feb 6am AEDT
Session 16 Thurs 7 March 9:30am AEDT
Session 17 Thurs 14 March 6am AEDT
Session 18 Thurs 21 March 6am AEDT
Session 19 Thurs 28 March 6am AEDT

**Please note that as the Level 3 lesson schedule is planned several months in advance, from time to time slight adjustments may be required, in which case Shunanda will inform all students with ample notice of any changes to times or dates.

What times will the live teaching calls be held?

The Level 3 lessons will be held at 6am or 9:30am (AEST/AEDT) on Thursdays, and run for 2 hours (with the exception of the second lesson on Wed 19 July 9:30am AEST). Please note these times in your calendar, as well as the change to daylight savings time in October. You can check your timezone here.

What happens if I can’t make all the live lessons?
Shunanda recommends you attend as many of the live lessons as possible to receive the full benefit of the Level 3 Lightleader activation. Shunanda understands that this may not be possible in all circumstances, so all lessons will be recorded and replays will be posted in the private AMC Level 3 student group on the day of the lesson.
What is the AMCL3 course content?
The Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification journey will be contained and overseen by the Seraphim.

We will be working with several Archangels over the duration of the 9 month activation, including; Butyalil, Christiel, Faith, Gabriel, Hope, Jophiel, Michael, Nathaniel, Patience, as well as the Record Keeper Angels & the Messenger Angels.

The AMCL3 course content will be split into three blocks, with three content lessons and one integration lesson in each block.

Below is a sample of some of the content we will be exploring during your AMCL3 journey:

Preparation stage:

(Lesson 1 & 2)

Opening circle, Light Practice & Angel Practice:

  • How to muscle test (and when not to)
  • Advanced protection processes
  • Advanced Light Practice processes
  • Advanced Angel practice processes
  • AMCL3 Angelic Light code
  • AMCL3 Practitioner Toolkit
  • Activation Month #1 preparation

Activation Month: 22 July – 22 August 2023

Lesson 3: Integration lesson

Block 1:

(Lessons 4, 5 & 6)

Angelic & 5D business

  • How to anchor your Angelic Mission Blueprint.
  • How to engage in business in alignment with the core 5D principles, embodiment of flow, balance, abundance and faith.
  • How to work with the feminine & masculine energy and respond to external/collective energy.
  • Activating your Angelic channel and working with open channels for multiple projects.
  • Anchoring creative projects in alignment with the Angelic and Lightleader code.
  • How to create books, podcasts, Youtube channels, courses, video content, blogs, social media posts and more.
  • Systems, apps, platforms & technology: what to use, and when.
  • How to create collective channeled content.
  • How to work with fluid & shifting timelines of your own Angelic Mission Blueprint.
  • How to market energetically, with protection practices and in alignment with the highest timeline of you and your clients.
  • How to create and receive pricing for projects and services.
  • When you seem to be growing too slowly.
  • When you seem to be growing too fast.
  • Abundance practices to expand your business.
  • How to work with and include my work within your work.

Lesson 7: Integration lesson

Block 2:

(Lessons 8, 9 & 10)

Advanced Angel Sessions:

  • How to conduct mentoring sessions.
  • How to pivot between your awareness & Angelic channel.
  • How to navigate sessions when you already have knowledge about a client, and how to work with repeat clients.
  • How to stay energetically clear & aligned to maintain energetic integrity and optimum capacity for service.
  • How to do a soul blueprint read (Shunanda’s signature session format)
  • How to deal with the unexpected: late clients, reschedules, cancellations, challenging clients, triggering questions, energetic interference, clients experiencing trauma or emotional triggers.
  • How to adjust to clients at different stages of the journey: how to meet them where they are at.
  • When you are triggered by clients (when you feel unworthy or believe they are more advanced than you).
  • How to extend yourself in sessions when prompted by the Angels.
  • How to work with timelines with repeat clients, and navigate questions when timelines change.
  • How to connect with new Angels during a session.
  • When messages or themes show up repeatedly in sessions.
  • How to anchor and receive content for other projects during live sessions.
  • How to maintain accuracy in sessions without predictions.
  • How to gently steer clients away from attachment to outcome, and delicately deliver messages they may not want to hear.

Lesson 11: Integration

Lesson 12: Activation month #2 prep

Activation Month #2: 22 Dec 2023- 22 Jan 2024

Lesson 13: Integration lesson

Block 3:

(Lessons 14, 15, 16)

Advanced Angelic light code techniques:

**The content for this section cannot be listed publicly for energetic safety and proprietary reasons and will be discussed in further detail in the discovery call on June 23.

Lesson 17: Integration

Lesson 18: Integration

Lesson 19: Closing circle

The exact order of topics for the AMCL3 lessons will be taught in a guided and flowing manner, responding to the progress and highest timeline of students throughout the 9 month container.

There are several integration lessons scheduled throughout the course duration, to ensure content is fully anchored before progressing to the next stage.

When is the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Level 3?

The Angel Messenger Certification Level 3 will only run once each year. The next round is scheduled for July 2024.

What are the requirements to receive the certification? Is this a recognised course?

To receive certification in the Level 3 Angel Messenger course you will be asked to complete the following requirements:

  1. Agree to embody and uphold the Level 3 Angelic Light Code and principles of Lightleadership at all times.
  2. Complete a one hour assessment session with Shunanda. During your assessment session Shunanda will support, extend and guide you through integration of the AMCL3 course content.
  3. Action an autonomous high level Protection Practice, Light Practice & Angel Practice for the duration of the course.
  4. Complete two autonomous activation month processes:
    • Activation month #1: 22 July- 22 Aug 2023
    • Activation month #2: 22 Dec-22 Jan 2024

The Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification is not an accredited or recognised course. You will receive a certificate on completion, and you can advertise yourself as a Certified Level 3 Angel Messenger.

All Lightleaders who graduate the Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification will have the opportunity in the future to work closely with Shunanda in a supervised teaching capacity. Opportunities may include invitations to assist at in person teaching events, co-host or join live online events, and expanded roles within The Angel Aura Co and Angel Immersion community.

How do I know if I'm ready for the Angel Messenger Certification - Level 3? Are there any key indicators?

Below are some indicators that you are ready to enrol in the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 3:

  • You have completed the graduation requirements for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 2 (Prerequisite).
  • You are committed to the path of lightleadership: you already work daily with the Angels on a personal level and are ready to extend your practice to a whole new level of sovereignty, trust and faith, becoming a master example of the Angelic Light Code in the field of Angel work.
  • You know deep down that working with the Angels professionally (now or in the future) as part of your Angelic Mission Blueprint.
  • You wish to extend and master your embodiment of the 5D principles (compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love and unity consciousness) under the guidance and care of the Angels.
  • You are open and ready to stretch yourself through a nine month journey of discovery, curiosity, embodiment, radical change, rebirth, shedding, realignment, awakening and acceleration.
  • You are ready to repeatedly jump timelines and reprogram your consciousness in alignment with love/light, and the core 5D principles.
  • You are prepared to focus on creating a foundation of frequency and consciousness, to build the container of your mind/body/spirit in preparation for the next stage of your Angelic Mission Blueprint.
  • You are feeling called to let go of the need for external validation, approval and reliance on external sources and bravely forge ahead on the path of your own highest timeline.
  • You sense and feel an urgent timeline for your Angelic Mission Blueprint activating now, and feel compelled to respond to this calling.
  • You cannot turn away from this invitation despite fears of unworthiness, unreadiness, or it not making sense in your current trajectory, situation or path.
  • You are detached from outcomes, hold no expectation of what the Level 3 journey will provide, and are open to the miracle of the nine month experience.
How much time do I need to allow for completion of the course? What should I expect during this experience?

The live lessons will run for 2 hours, fortnightly on Thursdays for 19 sessions (9 months total). We will also journey TWO activation months (22 July – 22 August 2023 and 22 Dec – 22 January 2024). Outside of this, you may like to allow for the following:

  • The Level 3 Angel Messenger course is designed to hold you through a powerful nine month activation process and as such will require an extended commitment to your personal Light Practice and Angel Practice. Please allow time in your weekly schedule for your practice.
  • You will be using the Angelic processes you are familiar with from Level 2, with optional extensions to personalise your practice.
  • Some of you will receive Angelic projects to create during the course duration, so please allow time and space for anchoring these channels.

The Angels invite you to let go and open to the magic of your own sacred journey. This is a next level Angelic activation, and what occurs for each student will be in perfect alignment with their individual path, mission, and frequency. The Angels have a plan for you during this experience, and will guide you every step of the way!

I haven’t started seeing clients 1:1 yet, is this course still for me?
Yes. Each Angel Messenger will feel activated to begin working with clients at their own divine time. The Level 3 course will support your own natural process to implement this next step, whether you have already begun working with clients, or plan to do so in the future.
How is the Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification different from the Level 2 course experience?

The Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification is intended to support students through a nine month activation to the path of Lightleadership. This journey is not to be taken lightly. It will require bucket loads of faith, commitment, bravery, and courage. It will be uncomfortable, and stretch you to a level of Angel Practice and BEing that is beyond your comprehension. Detachment is key in the Level 3 journey, and all students are invited to observe and release any attachment to outcomes and limiting beliefs before enrolment.

As the Level 3 journey is a significant personal activation, students will be requested to NOT share specific details about projects anchoring during the course in the student group until after the closing circle.

What is covered in my enrolment fee?

Your $2444 enrolment fee includes:

  • Extensive new advanced Angelic resources
  • Access to 19 x live group zoom teaching sessions with Shunanda
  • Lifetime access to the recordings (available for the duration of Shunanda’s work)
  • Access to a new private Level 3 Angel Messenger student group
  • 1 x one hour mentoring & assessment session with Shunanda.

**Fortnightly payment plan available. All prices are in AUD.

Is there an option for mentoring during the Level 3 Angel Messenger Certification?

Yes. All Level 3 Angel Messenger Students receive 1 x one hour mentoring session with Shunanda to be completed as part of the assessment stage of the course.

For those who wish to engage in regular mentoring throughout the Level 3 course duration, there is a mentoring enrolment option which includes an additional 5 mentoring sessions

**6 sessions total, additional sessions calculated at 20% discount on Shunanda’s standard rate, fortnightly payment plan available, all prices in AUD.

The Mentoring enrolment option is $3444.

All Level 3 Angel Messenger students will continue to receive their exclusive lifetime 10% discount for Shunanda’s one hour session rate for casual mentoring.

What if I have further questions?
Shunanda will be holding a one hour discovery call on Zoom on Friday 23rd June 2023, at 7:00am AEST. The Zoom event for the discovery call will be posted in the Angel Immersion (in the Level 2 student group) when doors open for enrolment.

My intention for you:

During our time together, my intention is to act as a clear conduit for the Angels, to share my personal stories, knowledge and wisdom, to support your highest timeline at all times, and to embody the principles of Lightleadership as you activate the next stage of your sovereign Angelic mission blueprint.


Enrolments for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 3 are now CLOSED.

Doors will reopen for the AMCL3 in July 2024.

For those wanting to enrol in the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Level 1 &/or Angel Messenger Certification Level 2, you can start the pre-requisite Angel Immersion course today by joining the Angel Immersion.

Student Experiences

“In 2022 I did the Angel Messenger Training level 1 and 2. I feel like my whole life has gotten a complete upgrade through it. By spending time in the angel’s presence, my heart opened up for so much love and I learned to see myself through the eyes of the angels. Which has a profound effect on my self worth, old patterns that did not serve me any more just fell away.

For me this was a course in: How to be more human. Learning that I belong here and have a mission. And a: How to trust Divine Timing. This has transformed my life, it changes literally everything.
And to top it off, it has also been incredibly fulfilling to give others the gift of an Angel Message.
I would do it again in a heart beat. If you feel the pull, a call, listen and let the magic happen.”
Lieke - Bergen, Netherlands

The Angel Messenger Level 2 Course is life-changing in every way.  

Thanks to Shunanda’s teachings, and the guidance I received from the Angels, I have a deeper understanding of who I am, and am able to accept myself warts and all, and love myself unconditionally.

I now have an ability to see the path I am following. It’s so cool I can rise above my lifetimes and see it as a beautiful curvy/winding path, it goes back many many lifetimes, but only a short way forward – it’s not dark ahead it just isn’t visible, almost like a mist hiding it from my view.

Alana - Christchurch, New Zealand

“Undertaking the Angel Messenger Certification Courses took me down paths of self-discovery and connection with my angelic team and the angelic realm that were completely unexpected.  I had a deep knowingness that I just had to do this course, even though I didn’t think I would be doing angel readings professionally and now I know why. I needed to go through the process to be able to move on to the next steps on my journey. I needed to do this course to help me embody my own sovereignty, and a deeper sense of trust and faith in my journey. It really felt like boot camp for working through my fears, triggers and shadows that most of which I didn’t fully acknowledge, and coming out the other side, my appreciation and love for all my experiences and for myself has changed, along with my understanding of myself, my body and this human experience. As a result, I have strengthened my relationship with my angelic team, and my ability to connect with angels and bring through messages and guidance. I learnt so much more about my own sovereignty, what my voice and resonance and higher self sounds like. I have developed a greater relationship with my body and a greater sense of self love and compassion than I ever knew existed. I have gained a greater understanding of how to embody detachment and surrender and to stop focusing on the destination, but instead be present in and conscious of the miracles along the journey, which has resulted in a greater peace, reassurance and less worry and attachments about the future.

The Angel Messenger Certification Courses have literally blown my mind and changed my life.”

Kerri- Melbourne, Australia

The container of the Level 1 Angel Messenger Certification gave me the mentorship, guidance, confidence and support to experience that I truly CAN connect to the Angels and bring through Angel Messages. 

The journey of the Level 2 Angel Messenger certification was an incredible pathway to  sovereignty and deepened my relationship with the Angels. I learned to trust MY path, to trust MY light, MY authenticity, MY heart wisdom, that I no longer to need to look outside of myself, the answers are within. This journey has cracked my heart wide open to the light that is within ME.

Shunanda is an incredible teacher and mentor and provides an incredibly safe and ethical container to go on this journey. Thank you Shunanda for this gift.”

Donna - Victoria, Canada

“I have just finished the Angel messenger Certification: Level 2 course and can truly say this has completely changed my relationship to my guides and especially the Angels. And what’s more: I am at a place where I feel profoundly connected to the divine source. I have never felt so connected in my whole life. I am attracting people and things into my life that are important at a personal and professional level.

The process began at least 4 weeks before the course even started, with the energies circling around me. The 44 days of channelling in the course showed me how connected I am, as I found the channelling easy and discovered that the discipline of an Angelic practise is what is more important for me personally. At the end of the course I even allowed myself to say aloud the words: I am a sacred teacher and guide. Thank you Shunanda and the Angels for securing this sacred container. Thank you Shunanda for your wisdom and love.”
Anne-Marie- Treves, Germany

“I can’t thank Shunanda enough, through the Angel messenger Certification experience, she has helped me to realise my soul purpose! It’s like I always knew that I was going to be an Angel Messenger. And now having completed Shunanda’s Angel Messenger courses, Level 1 and 2 I am shining my light by channelling Angelic messages for others. I am grateful beyond words Shunanda, you are a true Angel, such a divine being of light. “

Justine- Sydney, Australia

“​This journey invites you to become vulnerable with yourself. To search within, to know faith. To listen with the Angels, dear hearts. To speak with the Angels the spots forgotten and found through your stillness. To heal with the Angels. So you may find & know resonance within many hearts. To step in, through and wait on the other side,  outstretched…full in expression, beside the Angels, a Messenger of hope and of love.

DaVi Lotus Decha - California, USA

“​I went in to this experience being very open to receiving and got so much more than I expected. The AMCL2 gifted me so much grace and wisdom. I love that I have learnt so much that I know now resides within me and will be activated when the time is right. I feel so positive and excited about the future and what I get to create from here.

My relationship with my Angels is so integrated now, I am guided even when I don’t realise, and often in my most challenging human moments. There is no force, just grace, detachment and a peace that weaves around my life now that I am incredibly grateful for.”

Sara Shinnick - Canberra, Australia


Enrolments for the Angel Messenger Certification – Level 3 are now CLOSED.

Doors will reopen for the AMCL3 in July 2024.

For those wanting to enrol in the next intake of the Angel Messenger Certification Level 1 &/or Angel Messenger Certification Level 2, you can start the pre-requisite Angel Immersion course today by joining the Angel Immersion.

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