Angel Sessions

"I am so grateful I stumbled on Shunanda's Instagram page last year. Her daily angel messages felt like a bright light in the midst of all of the darkness of 2020. I cannot wait to have her published book in my hands! I booked a Soul Blueprint session with Shunanda and it was absolutely life changing for me. This session started my awakening journey, validated so many things in my life and has given me so much clarity on my spiritual path."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

"Shunanda’s house blessings are poignant and heartfelt. I’ve enlisted her support twice now when moving into a new home, and her insights have been invaluable to me; they’ve altered the way I relate to my space, how I treat it, and how I honour it. The spaces we inhabit are sacred; they’re the meeting place between us and the rest of the world, and her intuitive abilities have guided me on powerful ways to anchor into, protect and nurture this very dear slice of the world I call ‘home.’"

Tara Bliss - Writer & doTERRA Leader

"Through the Angel Immersion Course and in her one on one mentoring Shunanda’s positive energy is contagious and uplifting. Her presence and vulnerability comes through with love and honesty. In my session Shunanda was able to go into great detail regarding my past lives and provided clarity around my purpose. She instantly connected me with my Archangels and Guardian Angels validating the thoughts and feelings I have been experiencing. Shunanda has given me the confidence to continue to dig deeper into the next exciting chapter of my life."

Richard - ACT, Australia

“I met Shunanda through my husband and have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years. It wasn’t until recently that we have required her spiritual services. Our son who was about to turn three had been telling us he had ‘friends’ in his room and went into the specifics of what he was seeing. At first we were sceptical as most kids have a great imagination, after seeing the the way he was acting in his room and the continued discussion of telling us that these ‘friends’ were still there we decided to contact Shunanda for some guidance. When we contacted her we never told her the specifics of what our son had told us just that he was seeing ‘friends’, she had organised to come around and check it out. Not knowing what to expect from Shunanda and unsure if anything actually existed we were absolutely blown away that she had told us the exact same thing that our son was seeing, it was mind blowing to say the least. Shunanda had spent the time clearing his room and teaching us how we could assist our son for any future encounters. In the coming days and weeks, we used the oils and techniques that Shunanda had showed us as well as the continued support from her we finally had a boy who was happy to be in his room and no longer seeing his ‘friends’. Over the past few months he has mentioned that he has seen some more ‘friends’ although we have been able to manage this through the support of Shunanda. By no means has this been an easy time for us, as there is nothing in any parenting books about supporting your child through something you are unable to see or feel but we are so lucky to have had Shunanda help us through this time. Shunanda was so warm, comforting and kind and being a Mum herself she was able to fully understand the feelings we felt and really assured us that everything would be fine. No question was too small, she was always there to help and guide us, we would have been absolutely lost if we hadn’t had Shunanda’s help. sonal each time. She is warm and caring in her delivery of information making it a truly positive experience which I can highly recommend.”

H & L, parents of E - Sydney

“Shunanda was so warm and comfortable to be present with for my reading. I felt relaxed and unhurried. She allowed me to provide whatever information or questions I wanted. My reading brought me a real sense of peace, guidance and hope as well as tears of contentment at hearing something that Shunanda knew nothing about but which meant so much to me personally. I also valued the insights Shunanda gave me into the Archangels and angels which I have been implementing in my daily life. Thank you Shunanda!”

T.W - Sydney

“After a severe traumatic experience I had a reading with Shunanda. She was able to help me find some inner peace, and teach me how to ask the Angels for help and support. I often read back over that conversation and it helps to remind me of the place I was and where I am now. I would recommend Shunanda to anyone looking for a reading.”

N.D - Sydney

“My reading with Shunanda was truly a gift. She connected with and validated my passions, and provided me with a reading that combined detailed sensory imagery, emotion, and helpful guidance. Shunanda’s reading left me feeling hopeful, excited, and prepared to take the next step on my path.”

M.M - Massachusetts

"My sister introduced me to Shunanda a few months ago and I have now experienced 5 different Angel Mentoring sessions. Every session has blown me away on so many levels and I have received incredible guidance and clarity about my soul purpose during this lifetime. Shunanda has an amazing gift to connect with our guardian angels and delivers messages that literally crack my heart wide open. I often have full body goosebumps and activations during our sessions as she delivers the guided messages with such clarity. If you feel you are here for a higher purpose during this lifetime and would like some more guidance and direction I highly recommend booking a call with Shunanda. She really is an amazing gift from God to help us remember our soul purpose and support us to step into our true power and unlimited potential."

Brad Cusworth

"It's hard to put into words what it's like to connect with Shunanda and her beautiful work - but in essence, it feels like opening a direct and luminous line of communication to the heart of the divine. My first mentoring session with her was so expansive - it was packed-to-the-brim with validations from my angels and guides of intuitions and energetic information that I'd been receiving, plus incredibly resonant insights regarding my soul path and mission. Even after just our first session I feel infinitely more empowered and confident in receiving and trusting in my own guidance - and have been noticing my intuitive abilities opening more and more."

Casey - Massachusetts, USA

"My work with Shunanda immediately opened up a whole new channel of insight and growth. I feel like it put me on an accelerated program of self-connection and access to information that is available to me for support and insights. I loved learning about the angels, and have had a lot of experiences of sensing their presence, and receiving their very clear guidance through words and song. The simple integration of ‘daily light practice’ has changed my world and made me much happier. I was feeling during COVID like the universe had deserted me(!), now I know I had just stopped asking and listening. It feels so good to be back ‘in contact”, and supported in this beautiful way. Shunanda is also a total gem. She is a straight shooter, says it as it is, asks the right questions, avoids the fluff and jargon, and has a gorgeous sense of humour and sense of humanity. Love Love Love."

Correne - Melbourne, Australia

"Working 1:1 with Shunanda for the past 3 years has completely uplevelled my spiritual capacity, intuitive abilities and connection to self. It's not like any Medium or Psychic session I have ever done before, her sessions are self empowering and divinely accurate. What I love the most about these sessions is that Shunanda really asks you to go within, she reminds you of your own abilities and supports and guides you the whole way. Her connection with the Angels and ability to read energy is incredible, she has guided me through some huge transitions with amazing support and love. Taking the step to investing into my own spiritual development wasn't an easy decision, but I'm forever grateful I am working with Shunanda in this way. Her mentoring sessions have helped to awaken my purpose and leave me feeling empowered and inspired after every session. Thank you Shunanda for reminding me of what is already within me. Love you."

Cathy - Central Coast, Australia

"As a lifelong clairvoyant and energy worker I'm lucky enough to know many beautifully gifted souls and I can say with all honesty Shunanda is one of the most gifted and loving light workers I have ever known. Her connections to the angels is a brilliant gift for the collective and I knew right away she was the real deal. I also love how down to earth and practical she is, Shunanda innately understands how to navigate her knowledge and guidance to help you get the most out of your session. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a session with this brilliant light! Thank you Shunanda for all you do!"

Ixchelle - Los Angeles, USA

"I truly love the 1 on 1 mentoring sessions with Shunanda. I feel the expansion of my heart and aura each time, the confirmations and information that come through are amazing. The soul's journey can take a bit of navigating, the support is reassuring, loving and guided. The source? Angel Love."

Vicki Ann - Melbourne, Australia

Angel Immersion

"Since discovering Shunanda, her gifts and her amazing Angel Immersion community I have felt both heard and held as I navigate the spiritual parts of myself that continue to come to life in this incredible time for humanity. Her channelled guidance keeps me feeling grounded and on track, trusting in the divine timing and process of life. She delivers potent and accurate messages with a sense of light-heartedness and adventure. I am truly loving spending time with Shunanda and the Angel Immersion community."

Clare - Pottsville, Australia

"The Angel Immersion community is such an amazing, beautiful safe space to be. It is just so full of love and acceptance and definitely no judgement at all. The written Angel transmissions are such a blessing and a huge guide within my own Angel practice. Not only has my Angel practice become so flowing and beautiful but the love and acceptance I have within myself and others more so now is something pretty amazing. I have grown so much within myself and my own Angel practice by being a part of this community, and I'm very thankful and blessed everyday that Shunanda and the Angels have opened up this beautiful space to grow and I've got nothing but full open hearted love."

Casey - Australia

“Thank you Shunanda for putting this course out in the world and making it so simple for us to be able to access guidance from our angels. I am loving all the lessons I have done so far and had an amazing experience when working with Archangel Chamuel. I very distinctly felt his energy and the messages he wanted to communicate to me. There was an immense feeling of peace and love that just took over after. He even helped me find my lost keys!! It was magical. Never could have imagined that I would ever be able to access divine guidance like this. Truly truly grateful."

Sharda - Melbourne, Australia

"The powerful energy felt in Shunanda's monthly live transmissions in the Angel Immersion are nothing like I have ever experienced before. Shunanda delivers these transmissions with authenticity and vulnerability and her radiant energy shines through. And to have the opportunity to connect with a community of other starseeds around the world and in the times we are in is absolutely amazing."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

"I have been part of the Angel Immersion community for almost 2 years, as well as doing the Angel Immersion course and having mentoring with Shunanda. It was a kind of an organic decision that came out of nowhere after Shunanda’s posts on instagram really resonated for me. The whole concept of communicating with angels was COMPLETELY new for me and was a total shift of mentality and energetics in my life. It is not overreacting to say that my life has completely changed as a result of all three components (the angel immersion course and community plus Shunanda’s mentoring)- the way I view my life, the decisions I make, the people I interact with, and how I frame experiences I have. Leaning in and connecting with my angels in the Immersion has been illuminating and has put me on a path of channeling my own guidance. The Angel Immersion feels like such a safe container to share my experiences and thoughts with other like minded people.. and when I need an extra level of support Shunanda’s mentoring via my angels has become a tool in my toolbox to help shift any blockages or difficulties I may having and to help me see that I am always supported and loved. All in all, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and one that has completely shifted the course of my life."

Kathryn - Bangkok, Thailand

I highly and warmly recommend anyone who feels drawn towards working with the Angels to join Shunandas Angel Immersion community. Here you can find a protected and serene place to take up contact with Shunanda and other like souls. Sunanda's monthly live channelings are the highlight for me and although I am on the other side of the world, I wouldn't miss them for anything. And if you have special topics, where you need your very own special answers from the angels, Shunandas mentoring sessions are for you. I use my mentoring sessions with her to ask questions about my private life and my business as a lightworker and blueprint reader. I have never been disappointed and each session with her and the angels has brought me many steps forward.

Anne-Marie - Trier, Germany

"The Angel Immersion community and course, and Shunanda herself have all been such sources of support and comfort for me during this time in the world. Shunanda has the ability to simultaneously be both a grounding force, and a spiritually uplifting force. She is truly a gift, as are her Angel Immersion course and community. I look forward to the monthly live transmissions in that group, and have come to think of them as spiritual guideposts. Thank you Shunanda for all that you do! I’m deeply grateful for you and all you bring to the world!"

Erin - Michigan, USA

"Shunanda’s monthly live calls in the Angel Immersion community are incredibly empowering and insightful. I often find my own experiences are reflected in the messages the Angels bring through during these calls. There is something so powerful about witnessing others through a community like the Angel Immersion and knowing you are never alone in your spiritual and ascension journey."

Sara - Canberra, Australia

"Being part of the Angel Immersion has been an amazing experience. It has helped me deepen my relationship with the Angels and the Divine. I look forward to Shunanda’s monthly live transmissions and feel so grateful and uplifted by the support in this beautiful group."

Kylie - Maroubra, Australia

"Sister Shunanda, you are a beautiful strong conduit, extremely connected, clear and divine. Years of service to humanity is deeply felt. Thank you for creating the Angel Immersion Community. A place where questions are embraced by members and exchanges are heartfelt, uplifting, open and honest. Channeling and guidance both one on one and within the community has always stretched my souls growth and for that I am grateful. Grace, clarity, community, unity, a remembrance of limitless expansion."

DaVi - Long Beach, USA

"The Angel Immersion community is a beautiful, supportive and nurturing space where you can be open about your spirituality and learn with each other about not only Angels, but your ascension or awakening process. Spiritual journeys can be confusing at times, but this space held so beautifully by Shunanda means we can all see each others experiences and learn and support each other. I especially love that it is for everyone of all levels of experience. Thank you Shunanda for creating such an amazing space for Lightworkers!"

Cathy - Central Coast, Australia

"With the Angel Immersion Shunanda has created a beautiful sanctuary for light-filled souls to share her deep knowledge and truth. I love the monthly Angel Transmissions, they are always on point and helpful for navigating the current energies. She also packs the Angel Immersion full of helpful tips and insights. The best part is being able to ask questions of the Angels before each session, just brilliant. It's a beautiful space for those seeking higher connection and community! Highly recommend!"

Ixchelle - Los Angeles, USA

"The Angel Immersion for me is a heart felt energetic space that provides loving and evolutionary guidance from the Angels. Within this space there is truth, love and positivity. The importance of self love and self care shines bright also. I love this space. Thank you Shunanda for your courage, love and commitment to the Angel Immersion."

Vicki Ann - Melbourne, Australia

"There’s something very comforting about knowing you are never alone during difficult times or at moments of transition. The Angel Immersion has given me the knowledge and confidence to know what Archangels to call on for guidance and support. I have to say this is new territory for me and I’ve experienced far more positive changes than I expected. Shunanda brings an energetic enthusiasm to the Angel Immersion course content and she presents both a rich source of knowledge and practical tips for integration into everyday life. When Shunanda shares her passion for working with the Angels you can hear and see her genuine intent to ensure we all have access to their support and love. This is not my first rodeo with online training, but it is one of the best experiences I have had. The Angel Immersion offers not just high quality content but also a community worth being part of. Shunanda's teachings are insightful and her delivery is warm and engaging.I feel like my journey with the Angel Immersion has only just begun and there is much more to learn and yet I also feel as if I have known this all my life and at some stage I just stopped listening. Reestablishing a connection with the Angels feels good. I highly recommend the Angel Immersion experience. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made to support myself and to say ‘yes’ to more love."

Justine - Sydney, Australia

"I enrolled in the Angel Immersion Course and with Shunanda's guidance in the course I have had the most divine connection with my own guardian angels and have begun to work with the Archangels. This course is not religious in any way and for the FIRST time in my life I have felt fully empowered to connect to the Angels and Source/God/Creator in a way I never could have imagined. I find myself going back to the course over and over again as I go through my spiritual journey and awakening."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

"Working with Shunanda, along with the Angel Immersion course and being part of the Angel Immerison space has become a very special part of my life. I always have support and somewhere to turn to when things are challenging and to continue to grow within myself."

Shanna - Adelaide, Australia

"After joining the Angel Immersion, I now feel even more supported on my journey - as between mentoring sessions I can stay connected to the energy of the gorgeous community and Shunanda's transmissions (which each feel like an epic energetic journey in and of themselves). Shunanda has a stunning gift for creating safe space that makes you feel deeply seen, loved, and celebrated - all while holding a clear, joyful channel for divine messages to come through. I couldn't recommend her work more wholeheartedly, it feels like the exact medicine we need as we move through this period of collective transformation."

Casey - Massachusetts, USA

"The Angel Immersion course is like a deep dive into the magical world of Angels and all they have to offer us. I feel the most supported I ever have in my life and my Angel practice has played a big part in that. My relationship with my Angels has been key to helping me build trust with my own intuition and start living my life fully knowing I am exactly where I am meant to be."

Sara - Canberra, Australia

"The Angel Immersion is the course I have been looking for my whole life. Honestly, I've always been into anything and everything esoteric, but what I loved most about the Angel Immersion is the journey it has taken me on. Through the channelled lessons and working directly with the Angels I have had some incredible awakenings within myself. The first meditation I did in the course was mind blowing! I have loved that it is self pace which meant I could spend more time working with one specific Angel before moving onto the next. Learning how to communicate directly with your Angels has to be one the most powerful tools in your own personal development and coming home to yourself."

Cathy - Central Coast, Australia

"The Angel Immersion course is everything you need to truly tap in and personally connect with your team of angels. Her teachings are full of love, bursting with light, but also very approachable. There is nothing that's out of reach, and she carefully talks you through how to effectively reconnect. I feel lucky to have connected with such a powerhouse of love, light, and knowledge. Do yourself a favor, get this course!"

Ixchelle - Los Angeles, USA

"I have been working consciously with the Angels for 4 years now. When I joined the Angel Aura in January 2021 I was prompted by the Angels to dive into the Angel Immersion course, thank you Angels. The course has touched my heart, as a consequence the connection with the Angels has become even stronger and loving, the more love the higher the vibration. The course has also given me the confidence to really trust the information and healing energies that I receive and have no doubt about the energetic and loving presence of the Angels. I am so grateful for the confirmations, connections and knowledge that I have received from this course."

Vicki Ann - Melbourne, Australia

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