Thank you Shunanda for an amazing reading! It was exactly what I needed to hear and I couldn’t be more grateful. Everything you picked up on was accurate. And the guidance you had for me from my Angels and guides was very reassuring. I found myself listening to my reading many times over as it was so comforting. This was the best reading I have ever had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your beautiful gift! Perosh - California USA

I have known Shunanda for 15 years, and have watched the development of her amazing gift and talents. I find her spiritual counselling invaluable; delivered in a grounded and always loving light-hearted manner. Shunanda has a deep understanding of the healing qualities of the essential oils and uses this knowledge generously in her healings. She is an energetic healer and uses her open heart to help others. As a professional in the healing realm myself, I would not hesitate to refer clients to Shunanda for her myriad of Skills. Louise Gillam, Physiotherapist, Sydney

I met Shunanda through my husband and have had the pleasure of knowing her for many years. It wasn’t until recently that we have required her spiritual services. Our son who was about to turn three had been telling us he had ‘friends’ in his room and went into the specifics of what he was seeing. At first we were sceptical as most kids have a great imagination, after seeing the the way he was acting in his room and the continued discussion of telling us that these ‘friends’ were still there we decided to contact Shunanda for some guidance. When we contacted her we never told her the specifics of what our son had told us just that he was seeing ‘friends’, she had organised to come around and check it out. Not knowing what to expect from Shunanda and unsure if anything actually existed we were absolutely blown away that she had told us the exact same thing that our son was seeing, it was mind blowing to say the least. Shunanda had spent the time clearing his room and teaching us how we could assist our son for any future encounters. In the coming days and weeks, we used the oils and techniques that Shunanda had showed us as well as the continued support from her we finally had a boy who was happy to be in his room and no longer seeing his ‘friends’. Over the past few months he has mentioned that he has seen some more ‘friends’ although we have been able to manage this through the support of Shunanda. By no means has this been an easy time for us, as there is nothing in any parenting books about supporting your child through something you are unable to see or feel but we are so lucky to have had Shunanda help us through this time. Shunanda was so warm, comforting and kind and being a Mum herself she was able to fully understand the feelings we felt and really assured us that everything would be fine. No question was too small, she was always there to help and guide us, we would have been absolutely lost if we hadn’t had Shunanda’s help. sonal each time. She is warm and caring in her delivery of information making it a truly positive experience which I can highly recommend.

H & L, parents of E, Sydney.

Shunanda was so warm and comfortable to be present with for my reading. I felt relaxed and unhurried. She allowed me to provide whatever information or questions I wanted. My reading brought me a real sense of peace, guidance and hope as well as tears of contentment at hearing something that Shunanda knew nothing about but which meant so much to me personally. I also valued the insights Shunanda gave me into the Archangels and angels which I have been implementing in my daily life. Thank you Shunanda! T.W- Sydney

After a severe traumatic experience I had a reading with Shunanda. She was able to help me find some inner peace, and teach me how to ask the Angels for help and support. I often read back over that conversation and it helps to remind me of the place I was and where I am now. I would recommend Shunanda to anyone looking for a reading. N.D -Sydney

My reading with Shunanda was truly a gift. She connected with and validated my passions, and provided me with a reading that combined detailed sensory imagery, emotion, and helpful guidance. Shunanda’s reading left me feeling hopeful, excited, and prepared to take the next step on my path. M.M- Massachusetts

My introduction into the spiritual world through Shunanda has been amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a couple of email readings and these have highlighted the areas in my life I need to channel my energy and focus on. They have also given me guidance on how to do this through the Archangels. The things that have come up during these readings have been incredible; things only I know and concerns I’ve never spoken of. At the conclusion of each reading I’ve been left more energized and self-focused ready to face my challenges and be proud of achievements. Shunanda has been professional yet personal each time. She is warm and caring in her delivery of information making it a truly positive experience which I can highly recommend. Sarah -WA

My first ever reading was with Shunanda and I can honestly say it’s changed my outlook and my understanding of things. She has helped me connect with a part of myself I wasn’t even aware existed and I’m very grateful. Making these connections and understanding why things happen makes life a lot simpler and a lot easier to understand. R. -Sydney

My reading with Shunanda was a really positive experience. The guidance she gave me came from a place of deep understanding, and allowed me to consider things from different perspectives. She was warm and welcoming, and took time to clarify anything I was unsure of. I highly recommend Shunanda to anyone looking for a reading. C.S. Sydney


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