“The dismantling of the old 3d reality is well under way. As everything crumbles around us, the Angels are here, bringing messages to support us through unprecedented times of change. The Great Awakening is happening before our eyes. For the Starseeds and Light Workers, this is the time you have been preparing for. All your incarnations were preparing for this time, now. Awaken dear Light Beam! You chose to be here now, and there has never been more urgency to claim your light and remember your mission.”

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"Since discovering Shunanda, her gifts and her amazing Angel Immersion course I have felt both heard and held as I navigate the spiritual parts of myself that continue to come to life in this incredible time for humanity. Her channelled guidance keeps me feeling grounded and on track, trusting in the divine timing and process of life. She delivers potent and accurate messages with a sense of light-heartedness and adventure. I am truly loving spending time with Shunanda and the Angel Immersion community."

Clare - Pottsville, Australia

"I truly love my 1 on 1 Angel sessions with Shunanda. I feel the expansion of my heart and aura each time, the confirmations and information that come through are amazing. The soul's journey can take a bit of navigating, the support is reassuring, loving and guided. The source? Angel Love."

Vicki Ann- Melbourne Australia

"I enrolled in the Angel Immersion Course and with Shunanda's guidance in the course I have had the most divine connection with my own guardian angels and have begun to work with the Archangels. This course is not religious in any way and for the FIRST time in my life I have felt fully empowered to connect to the Angels and Source/God/Creator in a way I never could have imagined. I find myself going back to the course over and over again as I go through my spiritual journey and awakening."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

Top 5 Angel Messages for 2023:

1 – You are free the moment you realise you always were free.
Step outside of the “agenda”, and bring your attention and focus to the infinite realm of possibilities that exist outside of the control matrix. Bring your attention and focus to living in alignment with your own powerful heart guidance, and become the co-creator of the New Earth reality by embodying sovereignty in YOUR world, and living in integrity with the vision of New Earth that only you can see.

2 – You are far more powerful than you can comprehend.
And the Angels mean power as love. Power as an aspect of the creator. Power as a divine spark of consciousness that is your very BEing. Focus your attention in any given moment on embodying compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love in your own heart, in your own reality, and in your own relationships. This is the pathway to mastery of your human experience, and the very thing which “they” seek to control and shut down.

3 – In any given moment, love is the answer, the path, and the solution.
The love you seek externally resides in limitless and infinite proportions in your own heart! You are the source of the love you seek, and the power and magnetism of your own loving heart field literally changes the quantum field, and manifests new experiences of consciousness and reality. Seek to express, feel, and act from a place of love in any given moment, and you will become powerful beyond measure, and begin to discover the infinite potential of your human consciousness!

4 – The key to the collective awakening occurring now is SOVEREIGNTY.
There is no external source of authority. There is no saviour.
You are your teacher, healer, guide, and guru. All the answers you seek are found within, and your intuition, and conscious awareness is far greater than ANY external source. Go within, all that you seek will be found in your own heart, consciousness and BEing. The more you recall and expand into your full conscious power, the more potential you have to serve others.

5. You are not meant to know the answers.
Everything happens in perfect divine timing, in alignment with the highest timeline and chosen karmic lessons of every being incarnate on earth. Let go and become comfortable with the journey and experience you are having right now, for that is the very reason for your existence, and pathway to the very shift that you are seeking. All is as it should be. You have made no mistakes, and you are exactly where you are meant to be.

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