“The dismantling of the old 3d reality is well under way. As everything crumbles around us, the Angels are here, bringing their messages of loving guidance to support us through unprecedented times. The mass awakening is happening before our eyes. For the Light Workers and Light Leaders, this is the work we have been preparing for. Remember you are here to serve now. This is when you chose to incarnate, and there has never been more urgency.”

Everyone can speak with Angels. Everyone has Angels.

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Read all about other people’s experiences working with me on my Testimonials page, and if you’re still curious, I’ve answered the questions I get asked the most over on my Frequently Asked Questions page.

"Thank you Shunanda for an amazing reading! It was exactly what I needed to hear and I couldn’t be more grateful. Everything you picked up on was accurate. And the guidance you had for me from my Angels and guides was very reassuring. I found myself listening to my reading many times over as it was so comforting. This was the best reading I have ever had and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and your beautiful gift!"

Perosh - California USA

“My introduction into the spiritual world through Shunanda has been amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a couple of readings and these have highlighted the areas in my life I need to channel my energy and focus on. They have also given me guidance on how to do this through the Archangels. The things that have come up during these readings have been incredible; things only I know and concerns I’ve never spoken of. At the conclusion of each reading I’ve been left more energized and self-focused ready to face my challenges and be proud of achievements. Shunanda has been professional yet personal each time. She is warm and caring in her delivery of information making it a truly positive experience which I can highly recommend.”

Sarah - WA

Top 5 Angel Messages for 2021:

1. Go to nature. Your body harmonises with the frequency of the heartbeat of Gaia when you bring your body in contact with the earth. Being in nature is the most powerful way you can shift your frequency and raise your vibration. Moving your body accelerates this (such as a hike, swim or walk).

2. Switch off the TV, and be mindful of what you expose yourself to when it comes to digital “programming”. Your consciousness will expand exponentially when you remove external messages that are fear based and hypnotic.

3. Remove toxic chemicals and products from your food, water, and home. These calcify your pineal gland, poison your body, and lower your frequency. Plus, you’ll feel amazing with high vibrational foods in your system.

4. Humanity is experiencing a sovereign heart awakening now. This is just the beginning of the Great Awakening. Your intuition is powerful, and no other knows your truth. Trust the visions and feelings you are receiving now.

5. New Earth is birthing now, through you. The shift of consciousness you are experiencing now is evolutionary, and will result in the birth of a brand new world. Embody New Earth as you see it, and feel it. You are New Earth.

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