“The dismantling of the old 3d reality is well under way. As everything crumbles around us, the Angels are here, bringing messages to support us through unprecedented times of change. The Great Awakening is happening before our eyes. For the Starseeds and Light Workers, this is the time you have been preparing for. All your incarnations were preparing for this time, now. Awaken dear Light Beam! You chose to be here now, and there has never been more urgency to claim your light and remember your mission.”

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"Since discovering Shunanda, her gifts and her amazing Angel Immersion course I have felt both heard and held as I navigate the spiritual parts of myself that continue to come to life in this incredible time for humanity. Her channelled guidance keeps me feeling grounded and on track, trusting in the divine timing and process of life. She delivers potent and accurate messages with a sense of light-heartedness and adventure. I am truly loving spending time with Shunanda and the Angel Immersion community."

Clare - Pottsville, Australia

"I truly love my 1 on 1 Angel sessions with Shunanda. I feel the expansion of my heart and aura each time, the confirmations and information that come through are amazing. The soul's journey can take a bit of navigating, the support is reassuring, loving and guided. The source? Angel Love."

Vicki Ann- Melbourne Australia

"I enrolled in the Angel Immersion Course and with Shunanda's guidance in the course I have had the most divine connection with my own guardian angels and have begun to work with the Archangels. This course is not religious in any way and for the FIRST time in my life I have felt fully empowered to connect to the Angels and Source/God/Creator in a way I never could have imagined. I find myself going back to the course over and over again as I go through my spiritual journey and awakening."

Donna - Victoria, Canada

What are Angels?

1 – Angels don’t predict the future:
Angels don’t give us the message we want to hear…Angels give us the message we NEED to hear. Angels are bound to respect our free will at all times as well as the laws of universal karma. Angel messages require faith and trust; the messages often challenge us to step outside of our comfort zone, our attachment and our beliefs. Remember…Angels can see what we can’t! Angels see potential outcomes and options that are hidden from us due to the veils of our humanity; our ego, our fear, our experience and our beliefs. Angels must respect our highest timeline, our sovereignty and our free will at all times.

2 – Angels are not religious:
Angels have nothing to do with religion. Angels are 9th & 10th dimensional beings of love/light whose sole purpose is to assist humanity through our ascension experience. Angels communicate and emit a frequency of pure unconditional love. They are the highest form of consciousness available to connect with outside of pure God/source consciousness. For this reason, they are an incredible resource to draw upon for guidance and support on our ascension journey. There is nothing unsafe about learning to connect directly with the Angels. Any messaging from mainstream religion or spiritual teaching that says otherwise is a fear based distortion intended as a control mechanism. Why speak with Angels when you can go directly to God? Of course you can go directly to God if you choose, however many find communicating with Angels much easier than communicating directly with God. Pure God/source consciousness so vast and expansive that it takes time, practice and skill to communicate at this level without interference. Angels assist us to reach that level! Many also feel comfort in finding a pathway to ascension that exists outside of the many distortions within mainstream religion.

3 – Everyone can learn to speak with Angels:
We all have the ability to learn/remember how to speak with Angels. It is not a special gift reserved for the select few. Learning to speak with Angels is the same as learning any skill. There are specific techniques and methods which when applied consistently, lead to noticeable results. Learning to speak with Angels is more than just learning to receive and transmit their messages. Learning to speak with Angels is a miraculous journey of healing, awakening, expansion and growth. There is no negative impact from learning to speak with Angels. The more you do it, the easier it gets, and the more your life begins to transform and change in miraculous ways you never imagined possible!

4 – Angels feel like unconditional love:
Angels communicate in a way that feels neutral or loving at all times. You will NEVER receive a message from the Angels that contains fear, judgment, shame, derision, scorn, anger, disappointment or any other negative emotion. The more confident you become with your trust and skill in connecting with the Angels, the more healing you will experience in all areas of your life. The unconditional love of the Angels is unlike anything you will have experienced; it is an intimate, private, and sacred relationship that is available to us all without the need for an intermediary.

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