Accelerate your ascension with Archangel Metatron

The Metatron’s Cube Meditation is a powerful high level protection technique for all Starseeds. This meditation was originally channelled live during an Angel Transmission in Shunanda’s sacred light community, The Angel Aura. During this meditation you will be guided by Shunanda to create an energetic Merkaba (the most powerful sacred geometric shape in all creation) as a protection grid around your physical and energy body. You will then experience a guided chakra cleanse, as you welcome a pillar of light into your being to cleanse, balance and open your chakras. The Metatron’s Cube meditation used as part of your daily light practice will assist you to activate your crystalline DNA structure and amplify your light body and auric field. This meditation is an EXCLUSIVE welcome gift for all Angel Aura members.


Daily Energy Clearing Meditation

Feel complete divine protection and release negative energy within and around you with this essential daily meditation. Archangel Michael is a skillful and loving ally, ready to clear away your fears, remove low vibrational cords, repair your aura, heal and protect your energy field, and balance your chakras. Making space for this 20 minute meditation every day will shift and clear your energy, bringing a fresh strength and courage to your daily life.




Activate Your Lightworker Power

Immerse yourself in the deeply loving energy of Lady Gaia as she reconnects you with your unique path and purpose. As a lightworker, you have already committed to a calling that your soul is yearning to follow. Lady Gaia is ready to ignite the fire within, show you your worthiness, open your inner knowing to your path, and support you every step of the way. In this empowering 20 minute meditation you will also be united with your own team of guardian angels, who are a vital source of inspiration and love to you at this time.



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