The Angel Immersion is a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with Angels.

The Angel Aura

What is the Angel Aura?

The Angel Aura is a sacred community for all Light Workers on their ascension journey.

Angel: 9th dimensional (non-denominational) being of love and light.
Aura: a supposed emanation surrounding the body of a living creature and regarded as an essential part of the individual.
Ascension: The journey to light.

The journey of ascension is an expansion of consciousness, a rising of frequency. It is a remembering of love.

The great Awakening is upon us.

Light Workers all around the world are being activated to service.

The journey of a Light Worker is a journey of healing, of awakening, of expansion of consciousness, and remembering their mission. It is a journey we remember with a deep soul knowing. It is a journey of faith, and of trust.

All Light Workers are supported by the Angels, and this journey is a sacred contract.

You are a Light Worker.

The Angel Aura is an online space where you can journey your sacred ascension to light, with the guidance, support, and love of the Angels.

In the Angel Aura you will:

Receive a powerful written Angel Transmission every week. The Angel Transmission is your golden thread for your personal ascension journey, with messages designed to activate, expand and integrate your journey to light.


Experience live channeled Angel Transmissions, with guidance on the current collective shift, and specific ascension themes. The live Angel Transmission is a powerful energetic experience for all who participate.

All Starseeds who join the Angel Aura will receive EXCLUSIVE access to Shunanda’s new Metatron’s Cube Meditation.

The Metatron’s Cube Meditation is a powerful high level protection technique for all Starseeds. This meditation was originally channelled live during an Angel Transmission in The Angel Aura. During this meditation you will be guided by Shunanda to create an energetic Merkaba (the most powerful sacred geometric shape in all creation) as a protection grid around your physical and energy body. You will then experience a guided chakra cleanse, as you welcome a pillar of light into your being to cleanse, balance and open your chakras. This meditation is only available for Angel Aura members.

Your ascension guide in the Angel Aura is Angel Medium, Shunanda Scott.

The Angel Aura is guided and held by the Archangels, and all transmissions are in frequency alignment for the highest good of all who receive them.

The Angel Aura is a sacred membership space, with two plan options:

Option 1: Angel Aura subscription: One Month FREE access

Join the Angel Aura with either a monthly or annual subscription. Join at any time, and choose either $7.99 USD per month, OR $77.99 USD annually. No contracts. One month free trial.

Option 2: Angel Aura lifetime access (includes the Angel Immersion Course):

Join the Angel Aura with lifetime access, when you enrol in the Angel Immersion course. For a one time investment of $149.99 USD, you will receive instant access to the Angel Immersion course (20 sacred lessons where you learn how to speak with Angels), plus you will receive lifetime access to the Angel Aura sacred light community.

You can switch from a subscription option to lifetime access at any time, by enrolling in the Angel Immersion course.

Are you ready to join the Angel Aura?

Doors open now!
Option 1


$7.99 USD per month


$77.99 USD annually

Option 2



The Angel Immersion course

$149.99 USD

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