How to Break Through The Fear Agenda:

One of the students of the Angel Immersion asked an important question recently, that I knew instantly I needed to ask the Angels to speak on.

I’m paraphrasing, but in essence, her question was, “Am I safe to witness the darkness”.

As we awaken and break through the veil, we each experience a perspective shift and begin to “see” that which was before our eyes all along.

This is a hallmark of a spiritual awakening, and at times can feel scary.

As we understand and see things differently, we sometimes begin to wonder if we are safe?

At the same time as we awaken, our intuition begins to opens up quickly, especially our feeling center, our empathy or clairsentience, which means we become energetically more sensitive to everything we come into contact with.

Some of us begin to feel the emotions and energies of all that we interact with. This is nothing to fear. We are energetic beings, and our empathic nature is a result of our ability to love deeply. So deeply, that we have no idea yet of the full capacity of our loving nature, and how we can manifest, create, and experience miracles, just by loving ourselves and all other living beings.

But I digress. Lets get back to the hard bit.


How do we navigate fear as a part of our spiritual awakening? How can the Angels help?

The Angels messages on this topic are consistent, and I have summarised them in point form below:

You are always safe to explore ideas that you are interested in. There is nothing dangerous in exploration of ideas. You were born to be you, a free thinker, and to explore everything that you feel guided to.The darkness is not unsafe. There has always been darkness in the world. Its just that you are ready to see it now.
The fear that you feel is not always an indicator of danger. It could be a trigger of an old traumatic experience from your past (please explore this with a professional), or it could be a collective emotion that you are responding to. There is a lot of stress in the world right now.
In some cases the fear that you feel is a dark broadcast, that has intentionally been created to keep the collective in a fear state. You can read more about this in my blog here.

How do you disconnect from the collective fear? How do you keep your energy protected from dark broadcasts? What is a dark broadcast anyway??

A dark broadcast, is an intentional fear agenda that has been created by those in power to induce a fear response. This is broadcast by many means, including energetic (like a form of psychic attack), electronic (think social media, news media), and even via subliminal programming in our music, and entertainment. Yep. Crap hey?

The dark broadcasts that I have felt and seen in 2020 are at an extreme level that I have not witnessed in this lifetime.
The dark broadcasts are so strong, that there is a palpable energy that I am being shown when new intentional broadcasts are being released (think before the riots in the US).
The dark broadcasts are increasing in both frequency and energy.
The dark broadcasts make us feel despairing, hopeless, afraid, and sad.
The dark broadcasts are a form of hypnosis. A form of dark magic. Yes, it exists.

What???? This is an Angel blog, this isn’t love and light!

Yes. Darkness exists. It always has.

Its hard for me to break my silence on the dark controllers, however, now more than ever I feel an urgency to shed light on what is unfolding, and to offer the guidance from the Angels as a support to those experiencing this aspect of their spiritual awakening now.

I would be spiritually bypassing if I pretended “love and light” was the only pathway. I believe it is the responsibility of every “Light Leader” to acknowledge and support humanity through the Great Awakening. And this means acknowledging our individual and collective shadow.

I wont delve into all the details here, you can read about that in my blog post above. This message is to give you guidance on how to break free from this dark web of energy, fear, and deception. SO lets get to it!

How to break through the fear agenda:

First, identify that you are feeling it. We all are. You are not alone, and it is no reflection of your not being “spiritual enough”. The fear is palpable. Give yourself a break and be compassionate to yourself if you are having a day where you feel unusually afraid, emotional, angry, or sad.

Ask yourself “is this mine?”. Are you being triggered to heal a shadow/old wound? Or are you picking up on the collective energy/the dark broadcast? You will know. Go gently as you allow this truth to come to you. Remember, you are a sensitive, loving, empathic being. We are MEANT to feel. Your empathy is what makes you human.

If you identify that you are having an energetic response to the collective/ to the dark broadcast, then you can use any of the following techniques to help you reclaim your energetic sovereignty ans shake it off.

  • Nature. Nature holds more light than anything else on the planet. Get to nature, put your body on the ground, and ask for the assistance of the Angelic Light of Gaia to help clear your energy field, and restore you to equilibrium and sovereignty.
  • Ocean. The ocean is a powerful energetic cleanser. it is also a conductor or energy,and of information. Many of my students and peers swear by regular ocean swimming as the most powerful way to shake off even the darkest energies.
  • Angel Meditation. You can use my Archangel Michael mediation daily to help clear your energy field, and to expand your vibration and feel safe and protected from dark energies.
  • Laughter, love, joy, and fun! Guys, the dark controllers are pretty 3 dimensional. Kinda dull sometimes. They really don’t have any idea of the vast incredibleness of us humans. They don’t get that our light instantly disintegrates fear. they don’t get that just by recalling our light in a moment of laughter, we can shift even the darkest energies.

Remember, that the vibration of Gaia and of all of us is rising rapidly this year.
Remember that the fastest way to raise your vibration is to do your shadow work, to heal, and to love.
Remember that love trumps all, always.
Remember that the way through this is through compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, and kindness.

And, remember that I am here to support you, now and ongoing.

How I will serve you now and ongoing:

1. I will continue to share the new messages from the Angels every day in 2020, for free (facebook and Instagram).

2. You can join me free Facebook group (soon to move off Facebook to the Angel Aura) to experience TWO free live channelled events with the Angels each month…the next one is Friday 31st July at 10am AEST.

3. You can book a 1:1 Angel reading, or mentoring session.

4. You can join the Angel Immersion, to begin your own sacred Angel journey, and learn how to create your own Light Practice and Angel Practice.

I love you. We’ve got this. There is more light rising now than ever before.


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