Today I received the following channel regarding the September collective experience, which I shared over three posts on my social media (links below).

Channelled Q & A with the Angels


Q: What are light codes?
A: Light codes are a frequency transmission that carry information and love, from the source of all creation.
Q: What is the purpose of light codes now?
A: Light codes expand your consciousness. Light codes both transmit and activate information. Light codes upgrade your frequency. Light codes transmit new information. Light codes awaken your memory of old information from past lives. Light codes remind you of your mission. Light codes attune you to the frequency of love. Light codes only ever expand you to a level that is in your highest good. Light codes are more actively felt by Light workers, Starseeds, and wanderers.
Q: What does a light code transmission feel like?
A: Light code transmissions feel like love. You may feel energy moving through your chakras. You might feel energised, alive, electrified, open, connected, buzzy, and tingly. You might feel pulses and waves of energy moving through you. You might feel sensitive and empathic. You might feel tired and reclusive. You might feel drawn to spend time in nature or alone to process and receive. All are common experiences.
Q: Do I need to do anything when receiving a light code transmission?
A: No. it is an automatic process. You might feel guided to you your personal light practice to make space for your integration and receiving. Time in nature is a wonderful start. As is time alone.
Q: Do I need to know what the purpose of the light code is?
A: No. Some of you will be conscious of the themes of the light code transmission. And sometimes you will know that the information will be revealed to you, or activated within your energy body at a future time/space. There is no need to force this process. It is an allowing process.
Q: Are the light code transmissions increasing in power and frequency?
A: Yes. As Gaia and the collective consciousness expands, so to the light code transmissions will increase in power and frequency. The two are related.
Q: How can I move through a process of receiving a new light code transmission?
A: Use your light practice to move through the stages of activation, expansion and integration.


Q: What is happening in September?
A: September is a Power point for 2020. There will be a major collective frequency upgrade and shift. Many new souls will awaken. Many on the journey will expand into clarity of purpose and mission. The veils will lift further and clarity will come for many who are ready. Expect significant events that show evidence of the tide turning
Expect to feel more hopeful and alive to there being a light at the end of the tunnel. Be mindful that with great change comes turmoil, dismantling, unveiling, and healing. Be mindful that there is a great deal of work to do, and so, as we guide you now for a great reveal coming, we say that this is both individual and collective
What will you now see with clarity about yourself? What will you now see with clarity in your world? Everything is turning upside down and inside out. This is the rebirth month for the collective. Watch your own awareness and understanding burst into a frequency of liberation and truth.
Q: How will this present for the world?
A: The collective pathway is anchoring to the rebirth timeline. Many changes will occur at a rapid speed. Expect miraculous change, upheaval, dismantling and crumbling. Structures that were once foundations of truth will be revealed as toxic and diseased.


Q: What structures are at risk of crumbling/dismantling?
A: Firstly we shall answer this from a one perspective. For this process begins within. Throughout September your own ascension process will accelerate. You will have the opportunity to let go of beliefs, wounds, trauma patterns, labels, ideologies, and all toxic identification grids that are now outdated. Please focus on your healing and light practice as a priority in order to expand through a rapid frequency upgrade in September.
On an individual level this is about integrity, sovereignty and truth. All that is out of alignment for you will he peeled back and revealed. All that shows you where you have given your power away will come to light. All that is a shadow to your own authentic truth will dissolve. And so within as without. From a collective standpoint, all structures, institutions or organisations that are not in integrity will begin to crumble under the weight of a distorted expression, for they cannot continue in 5d at that frequency. Some will dissolve completely at a rapid pace. Others will heal and transform and be reborn.
Look at all institutions, structures, identities, organisations and collective forms that are no longer in alignment or integrity. We include: churches, religious institutions, governments, class ideologies, the medical profession, political ideologies, the scientific community, and many more foundations of your society.
This is a quantum leap. All that you understand to be true is being inverted now.
New earth will birth as old earth dies.
With love,




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