I am not your teacher.

I do not hold the answers or the wisdom you seek. I am not your prophet, your crystal ball, or your fortune teller. I cannot give you all the answers or take away your problems. I cannot tell you when something will happen, or when you will meet your soulmate, for truly, it does not matter, and that is not the question you should be asking.

The answers and the wisdom that you seek lie within you, if you are ready to discover them. You hold the power. It is simply my job to honour and guide you back to yourself, as you recall the power that exists within you already, as is it the role of any healer, psychic, or lightworker.

The angels are not your teacher. They are not to be worshipped as above you, bowed down to, or revered. The angels simply show you back to your true self. The way that only you know. They show you your own magnificence, your own divinity, your own true powerful being.

You are your teacher. You will learn and heal, when you are ready. Everything that happens will come along exactly when it is meant to. We are not meant to know the answers. We are meant to let go, and enjoy the journey of experiencing the not-knowing. Blind faith is exquisite in its discomfort, and the miracles that come from embracing detachment.

As you remember your power, you will begin to see healers, teachers and prophets in a new light. You will begin to realise that you can choose who you work with, and what you take on as truth. You will begin to trust the voice that whispers “walk away, this is not for you”, and equally, the voice that guides you to your next healer or teacher. The way you work with these lightworkers will change too. You will not give your power away, you will know when their role in supporting you is done, and you will never see a healer, psychic or lightworker as above you again.

You will find your truth yourself, when you are ready.  Every human you interact with will activate your learning, and healing in some way, at the exact right moment.

You are your teacher.

x Shunanda

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