As part of my job, I am lucky enough to work with a team of incredible female lightworkers. Some are healers, some are teachers, some are psychics, some are all of the above. I feel blessed to have these amazing women as part of my life, and today Ive been guided to share a some powerful messages that have come through when Ive been reading for these women over the past few weeks.

Something very interesting happens when two lightworkers come together. Today during a session with a powerful female healer,  I was shown an image of two bright lights surrounding each of us, joining together to form a huge ball of white light.

Some of the messages that came through today were messages that I have received in other sessions over the past few weeks, and all of these messages are relevant for the current energies on earth, and for the journey of all lightworkers.

  • The energy that we experienced in the lead up to equinox, was a powerful new stage of the veil lifting. Since equinox, there has been a major shift in the global energy. The energy has raised in vibration to a new level, that has never been experienced on earth before. Ever.
  • As this energetic shift was taking place, many lightworkers found themselves both anchoring in the new energy, and also filtering energy from around them. As the frequency shifted, many humans were triggered into new stages of healing, and this resulted in a wash of fear and ego energy all around the earth. It was the job of lightworkers not only to lead the way, by stepping fully into their own healing process, but also to filter the fear that arose around them.
  • This job of anchoring and filtering was very draining, and many lightworkers may be feeling fatigue, and burn out.
  • Many lightworkers will be currently experiencing a deep inner shift, in which they assimilate and recall on a subconscious level EVERY past lifetime as a lightworker. You may already be aware that this process is happening, but it has accelerated, and over the next few months many will step fully into a new embodiment of expressing our full spiritual potential, for the first time since the last golden age. This is a very big spiritual and energetic process, and may feel uncomfortable at times.
  • Even though the current level of inner transformation and healing seems incredibly fast, and at times non-stop, rest assured that you signed up for this, to be here at this time, and that you have the spiritual resources within you to navigate this time of rapid change.
  • I was shown three dates, 2025, 2032, and 2057. These three dates are significant turning points in the energy and vibration of earth. By 2057, we will be living in a completely different world from what we know today. It is your job to be a part of this change, and to lead the way by expressing all parts of your true, limitless, powerful self.
  • You are not alone. And when it feels like you are, it is important that you reach out to your own tribe, your own team of soul-sisters and brothers, as when two or more lightworkers come together, the energy around you doesn’t just double, it expands ten-fold.
  • Part of the current theme of healing for many lightworkers is empowerment. You need not give your power away to others as part of your healing journey. Ask your guardian angels to help you remember that a good teacher is one that activates the learning and healing that is already within you. Trust your gut, and choose to walk away from anyone who dis-empowers you.
  • If the path forward does not seem clear, remember your spiritual tool-box, and implement a circuit breaker to shift the fog of energy, and break out of the sometimes stagnant and heavy energies that are rising up as the collective shifts in response to these new frequencies. Your spiritual tool-box is unique to you. What has worked in the past to help you move through persistent blocks?
  • Remember to connect to source. Regularly. Daily. Hourly if you need it.

Does this resonate? Share it with your sisters and brothers, as they may also be feeling alone in this new energy.

Much love,




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