Hello dear Light Beam. I am an Angel Medium.

Everything I share here today I have received from the Angels over the past ten years of working with them.

Some of this I have never shared publicly.

A few words for you to consider before you read this:

1. Some of what you read you may not believe. That is ok. Take what feels right to you, what you are ready to hear and receive. Choose to come back to the rest when you are ready. My job is not to convince you. I respect that our beliefs may be very different, and that is ok.

2. Some of this will potentially be deeply triggering, and even frightening. It is very rare for me to share the full spectrum of darkness and light. Choose what you take in. You only need to take in what you are ready for.

3. This is the truth as I understand it. I receive this information via intuitive channels from the Angels. I do not understand everything. Like you, I receive the information when I am ready. We are all at different levels and stages, and that is also ok.

4. I am a Light Leader. My purpose is to be a light activator and guide. Specifically, to teach as many humans as possible how to connect with the Angels. Everything I share here comes from that intention.

The Great Awakening: From Darkness to Light

Below are some key background points. I have kept this simple, as the Angels prefer we do not dwell too much on the dark aspects of our history and journey, however, a basic understanding is helpful to fully navigate our current situation. All of this is available via multiple online sources, who have also received this information via intuitive channels, and also through past life recall. Please do your own research if you want more information.

  • Over the last ten years (I’m keeping this short and current), the frequency of Earth has been changing from a 3D vibration to a 5D vibration.
  • On 1 June 2019 we reached a significant tipping point, when the frequency shifted to a greater percentage of 5D frequency than 3D frequency.
  • As the Earth frequency rises, we as energetic beings experience our own frequency shift, as we attune to the new energy. This is commonly referred to as ascension, or an awakening (more on this below).
  • This frequency shift is the most significant event since the fall of Atlantis, and prior to that, the fall of Lemuria.
  • The vibration of Earth is rising so rapidly now, that the 3D constructs are crumbling before us. This unfortunately also means that the darkness is rising. In truth, the darkness has always been present, its just that we are able to see it in its true form now.

The Darkness is Rising. But so is the Light.

  • There are light beings and dark beings present on Earth.
  • We all chose to incarnate to experience life in human form at the Earth vibration/frequency, which is much lower than other planets where many of us have previously incarnated.
  • This is known as the great experiment, and is part of the reason we have felt “separation” from the light of source, and each other.
  • As the frequency of Earth rises, our own frequency rises, and we recall our “oneness” and our light. At times this is deeply blissful, and also deeply painful.
  • Most beings who incarnate on Earth are “light beings”, with light based energy systems and chakras that are attuned to source, and to love frequencies.
  • Light beings are deeply loving, empathic, compassionate, forgiving, and have vast untapped creative and healing abilities that are awakening now.
  • Light beings have a soul history that originates with incarnations in places like the Pleiades and Lyrae.
  • Dark beings however, have a completely different soul energy. They have no heart chakra. They Are not connected to the light, or to source. They do not understand love, or one-ness. They are connected to an alternate polarity that would closely resemble what we understand as hell.
  • Dark beings in some cases have chosen to incarnate in human form, or are hidden in their true form on Earth. Dark beings come from Draconian, Nordic, Grey, Annunaki or Reptilian origin, and have an incarnation history that includes Alpha Draconis and Orion among others.
  • Dark beings are predatory, and feed of the energy, life force, fear, and flesh of other beings.
  • Dark beings are highly manipulative, controlling and ordered.
  • Dark beings are hierarchical, power driven, and violent in a way that light beings simply cannot comprehend. They are behind every human atrocity you can imagine including war, rape, sex slavery, paedophilia, cannibalism, mind control, satanic rituals, torture, energetic and parasitic  psychic attack, and more. This is the force behind the cabal, the Illuminati, and the forces trying to create a new world order now.

I have had multiple personal experiences with dark beings over the last ten years, as have many of my peers. This work is the hardest work I have ever done.

  • When I began channelling the late Princess Diana ten years ago, I came under psychic attack from Nordic and Draconian entities on multiple occasions. Diana was a light being who was killed before she could expose the Draconian truth of the British Royal Family (this fact is now widely accepted as truth by those in the know, and is also coming out in mainstream outlets through whistle-blowers).
  • I have worked with multiple clients who have experienced attempted possession, parasitic entity attachments, energetic illness, spiritual and psychic attack from multiple dark being life forms or energies, and more.
  • I have experienced multiple similar experiences against myself and my family.

More information about dark beings: The full history of humanity and the Draconian world order is beautifully explained by Natascha Leimbigler in her YouTube video here. Please use discretion and caution before choosing to watch this, as it may trigger you. It is a light based with a positive ending, however it also goes into GREAT detail about the current dark being Draconian world order on Earth, and some information covered is deeply disturbing. Her video fits with the information I have received from the Angels over the years.

The Rise of the Light!

  • The light frequencies on Earth are higher than ever, and rising rapidly. The Great Awakening, that has been foretold, is now under way.
  • 2020 is a key transition year during this frequency shift. As you can see around you now!
  • The mass awakening is now visible on a global level, not just within “spiritual communities”.
  • Between 2020-2035 we will experience change on Earth to a degree that we cannot fully comprehend. The 3D world is crumbling. This means that everything that has been built from a 3D thought process, is no longer in alignment with the vibration of Earth and its inhabitants. This also means that the dark beings, Draconians and dark structures that are in powerful positions now, will be exposed, and eventually crumble.
  • We are already witnessing the beginnings of this great transformation!
  • There will be great darkness revealed, great perspective shifts, incredible miracles and great change over 2020, and this will continue at least until 2030-2035. There is a long journey ahead.
  • The veils are thinning. Light is flooding Earth. We are remembering our universal consciousness.

We have vast support through this process from multiple sources

  • Firstly there are the 144,000 Light Workers who are supporting us through this frequency shift. I am one of them. You may be too.
  • We have support from the other planets of light origin.
  • We have the support of our ancestors, the support of the animal kingdom, and of the etheric realms.
  • We have the support of the divine. The Angels are with us, and assisting us all in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine right now (more on this below too).

The Stages of Awakening: Remember, this is just the path. We all come to it when we are ready.

  • Unconscious: An unconscious soul is tapped into the collective matrix, disconnected, has a heart chakra that is mostly closed, experiences separation and victim based thoughts.  Lack mentality, eternal suffering, and fear based thinking guides life and decisions. All souls have Guardian Angels, who support us even before we realise.
  • Awakening: Awakening is sometimes triggered by an illness or life event. An awakened soul begins to question their reality, researches and questions, becomes curious about beliefs, begins healing, and may experience grief, anxiety, depression as part of the journey. Physical ascension symptoms are experienced, intuition increases rapidly, and individuals are often guided to make significant life changes. An awakened soul is a Light Beam. Archangels Michael, Haniel, and Metatron assist Light Beams with the awakening & ascension process.

The next stages are not in order: and many light beings will cross over into different expressions of light purpose at different times in their life.

  • Light Worker: Someone who has chosen to incarnate with a purpose to serve the light, serve humanity, and be a helper. This is not always a conscious act of service. Many nurses, teachers, parents, carers, and some medical professionals are Light Workers without being spiritually conscious. Archangels Michael, Haniel and Metatron specifically assist Light Workers, but you can call on any Archangel along the way to finding your light purpose.
  • Light Healer: A Light Healer is someone who uses light as healing energy for humans and animals. Some light healers do this subconsciously by filtering lower vibrations from people around them and their surroundings. Many star children are powerful light healers (including those children on the spectrum, or with special needs). Light Healers are supported by Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Azrael, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Metatron.
  • Light Bringer: Light Bringers are the brave spiritual warriors who’s purpose is to shed light on the darkness and bring truth to the world. Light bringers are the whistle-blowers, the Indigos, the peaceful warriors of light who feel a deep and urgent calling to rid the world of darkness and expose the truth. Light Bringers are supported by Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Archangel Butyalil, Archangel Nathaniel, and Archangel Azrael.
  • Light Leader: Light Leaders are activators, who assist and guide Light Beams, Light Workers, Light Healers, and Light Bringers. They are often a mix of all aspects of Light Work. They have a huge purpose to support many souls through the awakening, as well as anchor the new light frequencies by attuning them through their own energetic body. Light Leaders are part of the 144,000, have vast recall of multiple past lives in service to the light, and have varied healing and intuitive abilities. Light Leaders are supported by all Archangels, multiple Ascended Masters, ancestor energy, light beings from other dimensions, and the etheric and elemental realms.

How do you know which Light Frequency is flowing through you or activating? You just know. It changes. And then you know again.

What next? How do we navigate this experience? How can the Angels help?

We have a long road ahead. But we are not alone. There are many thousands of Light Workers all around the world assisting this journey, who are ready to support you.

And, the Angels are here to assist you now.

How I can support you:

  • I channel new messages from the Angels every day on my Facebook and Instagram. You can also join my private Facebook community where I do monthly live channelled events with the Angels. These are free services. I cant wait to connect with you!
  • For all Light Workers on the path, I offer 1:1 mentoring sessions via zoom. You can book your session here, and add your request for Light Worker mentoring in the comments. Its my honour to support you now.
  • For all Light Workers who are ready to work directly with the Angels, I have created a sacred online course that teaches you everything you need to know to learn how to speak with the Angels. The Angel Immersion is for everyone, from beginners to seasoned Angel workers. Its instant access, self paced, and will also support you through your ascension journey (whatever stage you are at). The Immersion is lifetime access, and also includes access to my sacred online community, The Angel Aura. Join the Immersion here.
  • I am currently creating a certified Angel practitioner Program for graduates of the Angel Immersion, who are ready to step into service to a greater capacity.

Where to from here?

Truthfully, I don’t know. The Angels only show me as much as I need to know, which I have just shared with you.

Except for one last message, which is the most important one…

The light will prevail. We have reached a tipping point in our light frequencies, and the Angels assure me that the outcome is now in favour of the light. However, there is MUCH work to do.

The way through this journey is via the light, and love. For every single light being on Earth, who chose to incarnate now and assist this incredible transformation, the Angels urge you to action now!


It is time to step into your light, and assist the Great Awakening NOW.

Every single human is needed. And we need LOVE like never before.

The more we step into our own light, our own healing, our own magnificent radiance, the more light radiates on Earth, and the more the new light frequencies anchor.

If we are successful? When we are successful? Heaven on Earth is restored.  Universal consciousness is reached.

Thank you for reading this far.


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