Your ability to discern false light messages is far greater than you think. True Angelic messages, messages that hold love/light as their core, are unmistakable.

They hold a clear, neutral tone, that respects your energetic sovereignty.

They resonate with unconditional love as a frequency that can easily be felt.

They do not hold egoic desire or intent.

They do not shame you or another.

They do not ask anything of you that is not in alignment with your free will, your highest good, your energetic and bodily sovereignty, and your full magnificence.

They do not advocate for any actions that control, that restrict, or violate your free will, or might cause harm to you in any way.

They do not have an agenda.

We are now in the stage of the awakening where false light spiritual/religious teachers, channels, and gurus are now being exposed as distorted, hijacked, and controlled.

There is no guru. There is no gift. There is no spiritual authority higher than your own. You have the ability to discern truth within. You have the ability to learn communicate with true Angelic beings.

This is a time of realisation of the agenda of energetic and spiritual warfare. Starseed and light workers are being targeted from all sides with orchestrated psychic and energetic attack.

It is vital that you increase your energetic protection and raise your frequency now to heighten your own ability to discern false light messages/ teachings. You can protect your energy using Metatrons cube/ Merkaba morning and night, simply by visualising yourself surrounded by the Merkaba and invoking Angelic light protection. For those familiar with this technique, you may also like to include a light pillar to clear and cleanse your now protected auric field. For those who are unfamiliar, I’m working on a free medi that shows you how to do this.

You can raise your vibration by spending time in nature, healing yourself, opening your heart, moving your body, consuming pure foods and water, switching off the television, limiting time on social media, and practising self love.

It is vital that you practice strong energetic boundaries and discernment now.

Seek all answers within.

Learn how to discern false light messages and distortions from true Angelic messages.

Reject any message that holds a vibration of fear, control, submission, enmeshment, or asserts spiritual authority over you.

Some simple invocations to use now:

+ Angels, I invite you to work with me now.

+ Angels, please surround my energy field with a Merkaba of protective Angelic energy (Metatrons cube).

+ Angels, please show me if this message/teacher aligns with love/light and unconditional love?

+ Angels, please help me see what is hidden from me? Please show me what I can’t see?

+ Angels, please shield and protect me from all false light distortions and messages?

Find your spiritual and energetic integrity now dear Starseed.

I love you,


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