You identify with being an empath or lightworker, you consider yourself to be energetically sensitive, you can feel the energy of others, and social media can have such an instant and dramatic impact on your energy that sometimes you will be brought to tears just from seeing a distressing post in your feed.

How do you navigate social media and the online world when you are so energetically open, sensitive, and gentle? Here are my ten steps to healthy social media for empaths:

1. Do a newsfeed spring clean. Unfollow news pages any other pages or people who post toxic, fear based, or low vibrationial information. You don’t need to see that shit in your feet. Energetically, its like inviting them all into your home, to sit on your sofa with you and spew their fear all over you. You wouldn’t do that in your home, so why do it in your feed?

2. Unfollow or hide people from your newsfeed who drain your energy, complain, post fear based news, or low vibrational posts. Same as above. You can still be technically friends with them, but you don’t need to expose your sensitive soul to their posts every day. Hide and unfollow! It feels great.

3. Do a subscription audit- unsubscribe from EVERY person who’s emails you receive that you don’t actually open. Just think about it, every day when you open your inbox, you have an energetic reaction of feeling overwhelmed or drained by all those emails.You spend time deleting them, or you leave your inbox with hundreds even thousands of unopened emails. This is energetic clutter, and is not necessary. Unsubscribe.

4. Be mindful of what you post, and who sees it. Do a friends list audit, and check your privacy settings. Energy is energy regardless of being in person or on social media, and we can attach and attract energetic cords very easily when we share images of ourselves (and more importantly of our children). It is very easy to go through your friends list and individually allocate them as a close friend, family member or acquaintance. You can then post private family photos to only the people that you feel comfortable seeing images of your children. This protects the energy of your children from others, and also yours.

5. Rethink your privacy settings: Do you need to have a visible public account? If you are a lightworker and use social media as part of your business, you don’t need to merge both into the one account. Energetically, it is much more efficient to have one business “page”, and one personal page, so that you don’t have a crossover of energy. Keep clear energetic boundaries.

6. Cut cords daily. Regardless of whether you use social media for your business or just for personal use, I make it a daily practice to cut cords from EVERYONE in my social media feeds at the end of each day. Energy is energy. Think about it like this: omeone you know posts an image or story in your feed that you have a strong reaction to. It upsets you so much, that you begin thinking about this person. As this happens, without you realising it, you are sending out an energy cord, and attaching yourself to that person. You have just made this feeling even stronger, and now you cant stop thinking about them, and their post.  And this whole process happens in reverse too. If you are using social media regularly, and posting regularly, you might have no idea of just how many hundreds, or even thousands of people are sending out energy cords and attaching in to you when you post. Cut cords. Daily.

7. Shield yourself, and shield your posts. If you are a lightworker who uses social media on a daily basis to post articles, blogs, or share your  business, you will have experienced that feeling of being energetically exposed when you post. When I began my online spiritual business, Archangel Michael showed me that I can energetically shield each post in a bubble of protective light, to deflect unwanted negative or low vibrational energy, comments, and trolls. It works. Shield your posts, and the haters just bounce back to their own world. This works instantly, and trolls just somehow disappear into some other place in the internet.

8. Cut your own cords with your post. So you write a really personal blog post, and you know that Auntie Betty follows your page, and isn’t going to understand your post about Archangels? Or your best friend from primary school? Or that one friend who always seems to comment “I just don’t understand what this even means, can you explain?” here is a simple practice to use every time you post:

-As you are ready to hit publish/or post, close your eyes, and call in Archangel Michael. Ask Archangel Michael to put a beautiful protective bubble of energy around your post. Imagine it surrounded by a bubble of brilliant shimmering golden light. Ask Archangel Michael to protect the post from any low vibrational or negative energy, and to also send the post to every person who needs to see it, now, or at any time in the future. As you hit “publish”, allow yourself to cut your own energetic cord that is connected to the post, and hand it over to the angels, trusting that it will be seen by whoever needs to see it, and that you do not need to hold on to any expectation or fear. Hand it over to the angelic internet universe, and let it go, knowing that it is safe, in the hands of the angels, and will reach every soul who is meant to see it. There, doesn’t that feel better already???

9. Rinse and repeat. Please make sure that these practices are something that you include on a daily basis, and that you do a regular check-in of your settings and privacy, to keep your inbox and your feed energetically clear, uncluttered, and aligned with your energy.

10. Take time out. Make sure you have time away from your devices every day. Switch your device to flight mode overnight. Leave your phone in the car when you go for a walk outdoors. Don’t feel you have to answer every email or message instantly. And, last but not least, do a detox every now and then. Set yourself a time once a month where you allow yourself a 3 day complete social media break, to switch off and disconnect (and watch how much more present, mindful, and connected you are in your in person life as a result). Try it. You wont look back!

Love and light,


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