A few years ago, in meditation, Princess Diana came through to me.

I, like many had loved her while she was here. The night that she died, I awoke from a nightmare, dreaming that she had been killed. It was a very distressing, and real dream, and I woke sobbing. I turned on my radio to hear that she had just died. This was the first time I remember “seeing” something (in dream state) before I knew it had actually happened.

When Lady Diana came through to me in meditation a few years later, she asked me to contact her son, William. She gave me some messages, some names, details about their children, and specific information about their future which she asked me to pass on to him.

This was the first time I had ever had anything like this happen, and it was very challenging for me to decide to contact them. But, she was insistent, and the love in her heart was so big, that I knew I had to do it.

I hand wrote a message to the Prince and his new wife, and congratulated them on the birth of their child. I passed on all the details, not expecting a reply, or any confirmation that they received my message.

A few weeks later, I did receive a lovely thank you note from them (something formal, which would have been sent to everyone). But, I felt my message had been received.

In August 2015 I was doing a clearing for a client. I was helping to remove a ghost, which was causing some minor incidents in a workplace that involved children. It turned out that the spirit was a child, and simply wanted to play. As I was doing the clearing (helping the lost soul back to the light), Mother Mary came through to assist me (which she often does). But then, I also saw Lady Diana again. The first thing she did was thank me for sending the letter to her son, and she assured me that the message had been received. During that session I was also told that Diana (she wants to be called Diana now, with no formal title), had been training with Mother Mary to assist all humanity as an Ascended Master.

Recently, Ive felt that I would be guided to write about this, when I felt her let me know that she was ready to begin her work as an Ascended Master.

Today I received that message. I received it through several sources, loud and clear, repeated, until I sat down to write this out.

Diana is now an Ascended Master. She has committed to help humanity regain balance, and to support the healing of the divine feminine. She will assist all who call on her, but her particular area of care is those who have no voice. She is here to help all children, particularly those who are disadvantaged. She wants to let all women know, and all mothers know, that if you need to find your voice, if you feel dis-empowered, she can help you heal yourself, and find your alignment. Her mission is broad, but underlying every aspect is balance, peace, love, and the return of the divine feminine.

She will help you if you work with children in any way. She will help you if you are a mother. She will help you if you are a light worker who wishes to help balance the divine feminine energy on earth. She will help you if you work with spirit children, and assist you to help them cross back to the light. She will help you if you work for a charity or organisation who assists anyone who is disadvantaged, in poverty, in war, in crisis of any kind.

Her heart is huge, her love is SO strong, and she is ready to work with all lightworkers who call on her.

Her aura is soft pink and yellow. Her crystal is Citrine, and her flower is a soft, yellow rose, with pale pink hues.

Here is a simple prayer to work with Diana:

“Diana, I call on you to help me with my situation {name it}. Thank you for empowering me to peacefully speak my truth in this situation. Thank you for helping me, and all others connected with this situation to find healing, and balance. Thank you for bringing love to all those involved, and letting that love spread throughout the whole world, to all those that need to be reconnected to their heart center, and their divine feminine power. Thank you Diana.”

I would love to hear your stories about working with the Ascended Master, Diana. Much love,


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