With every channeled Angel message that I receive, there are always secondary messages encoded within the main message.
Over the last few days leading up to July, the Angels have been speaking with me constantly bringing through an important message which I will share today.
Below is the channeled Angel message which I shared on 29 June 2021.
The Angels have asked me to break down each part of this message and bring through the secondary messages that will will further assist us not just through the coming month, but also through the next stage of the Great Awakening, which begins now.
The main message is in bold. The secondary messages are in italics.
Channeled Angel Message : 29 June
All efforts by the dark control grid of service to self beings (made up of human, AI and other entities not aligned with unconditional love) are accelerating and compounding the collective awakening process.
The current experience has been orchestrated intentionally by a group of service to self beings. This plan has been in place for centuries. These beings are different from organic heart centred humans. They have no heart connection to God. They do not operate with a 7 or 12 chakra energy system, and as such do not feel empathy or love. They are inverted beings motivated by control, power, and wealth. They see humanity as “less than”, and themselves as elite. Whilst there are subtle differences amongst this group, essentially their mind body spirit structures operate differently. They do not have heart chakra connection to source, they do not and can not ever fully understand the human consciousness, specifically the infinite human capacity to love. This is their weakness and will be their downfall. All actions taken by this group now are having the opposite effect to that which they intended. As more control is applied, more will awaken. The harder they push, the more they show their hand, and the more the collective will question the narrative. There is a desperation and scrambling to their actions now, for they know that they are very close to a mass awakening occurring which will see the the beginning of their downfall. Remember this during the coming months. Every action taken by the dark control forces now accelerates the awakening and anchor the timeline of their downfall, and the birth of the next golden age.
Despite intentional spell-craft, amplification of fear, confusion, and control mechanisms, the awakening continues to draw closer to the required collective % mass which will signal a breakthrough point and trigger the beginning of the TRUE awakening.
The controllers use hypnotic dark magic spell-craft, mind control, and subliminal messaging to keep humanity in a state of fear and compliance. These methods permeate your society, including but not limited to news media, entertainment/music, politics and government, education, medicine, advertising, and social media.  And yet despite this, humanity continues to awaken. The true awakening has not yet occurred. There is a critical mass awakening % point that has yet to be reached. This time draws near. There are many timelines still in play for the exact manifestation of this critical mass % being reached, however we can say that it is closer than you realise, despite all efforts to convince you otherwise. We remind you that the louder they shout, and the more they assert control, the closer this event draws, for they are reaching desperation point. As things seem to be getting worse, we assure you that the very opposite is in fact true. We remind you that it is sometimes difficult to rise above the dark mist of fear and illusion that encircles your earth, and that many humans are still experiencing some degree of clouding from this dark veil. We remind you to amplify your light practice now so that you do not get sidetracked by the intensifying fear mist in the collective, as well as to assist those awakening.
The true awakening signalled by the collective roar has not yet occurred.
When the critical mass % is reached, the many will awaken, and there will be a collective roar of horror as they realise the full depths of the deception. The Great Awakening occurs in stages and waves, with many front runners already having experienced this realisation moment. Many of you reading this are the way showers who will assist the next wave of awakening. The mass awakening event is beginning to seed now. This time begins a period of both darkness and light, for this mass awakening will not occur until the full depths of the darkness in the world are realised and brought to light. This will at times be a painful process. Some of you already sense that the time of darkness has begun. We remind you that the darkness is not new. It is just being revealed. In your heart you already know that this is a necessary shift. Like all healing, that which is hidden or denied will eventually fester. As the darkness is fully revealed now, so the time of healing may begin.
All that you require to navigate this time of confusion already exists.
The controllers have created a hypnotic mist of fear, confusion, and compliance. However: as the frequency of earth rises rapidly now, aided by a multitude of light beings, Light Workers, Starseeds, and the full divine Angelic realms, the spell weakens. As the dark veil shifts, the sovereignty, radiance, fortitude, resilience, generosity, kindness, and compassion of the human spirit awakens spontaneously like a flame. Once lit, this light shines like a beacon for all around to see. The Starseeds are the pillars of light anchoring the new light codes for the collective, and they radiate with divine love/light now. You who read this are awakening to the truth of your infinite power now. There is nothing you need that you cannot access. The full wealth of earth will gradually return to the many. This process has begun, and seeds in your heart, mind, and physical body now. As you first reclaim sovereignty of your mind, body and spirit, so will the external slowly then quickly shift. All that you need now exists within.
Your physical body provides you with the inner fortitude, protection, vitality and strength required to navigate this shift.
Your physical health and vitality is a high priority now. You reclaim and remember your full capacity to heal, to thrive, and to experience physical vitality now. Your full understanding of your physical power is only just awakening, and will continue to grow as the veil thins and the crystalline DNA structure slowly activates within all humans now. Your physical abilities are far greater than you realise, and this truth is gradually awakening within the collective now, as the many begin to question and seek alternative answers. Very soon a time of mass healing will occur. Many healers walk among you now, awakening to their healing mission to assist the many through this shift.
Your light body connects you to Angelic guidance, to the divine, to all Starseeds, light workers, and your human soul family.
You are not alone.
The dark mist of fear at times makes it hard for you to access your energetic, and intuitive pathways. Fear is a tool used to dull and shut down your intuition. This is also done via the use of chemicals, systemic trauma, news and entertainment, as well energy frequency broadcasts in the airwaves. However, despite your inability to sometimes rise above this veil of fear, we assure you that you are not alone, and that as you continue on your awakening journey, you will find it easier and easier to rise above the mist and feel the connection of the divine. You are not blocked. It is hard at times to break through this mist. It will not always be so. You chose to incarnate now to assist this process. Have faith in your soul memory of your mission returning to you now.
The earth and all plants and animals support you unconditionally with all that you require to thrive in physical form. There are no conditions to this support other than your own realisation.
Mother Gaia and all plants and animals have a soul contract with you, and with all humans, to provide for all your earthly physical needs without conditions.  Do not forget that the bounty of the earth is yours to claim. Do not forget that earth is infinitely abundant. Allow yourself to open and receive this abundance and support on all levels now.
All external information that you require exists at your fingertips to access as you are guided.
The Great Awakening is within, and requires you to reclaim your sovereign power in all ways. The time of the external expert and authority ends now, as you remember and awaken to this truth. All information that you need will flow to you in perfect divine timing. 
The truth of the situation is not even close to the stories and spells being broadcast in the mainstream channels. Be mindful of your exposure to these channels now as they are distributing clouds of fear and confusion and an amplified dark fear spell of hypnosis.
We urge discernment and care now. Please prioritise time away from the now intensifying fear spell, and all the ways that this is broadcast. Please become clear in mind, body and spirit, by actioning choices as you are guided that create a strong and radiant physical, mental and energy body. You will see the pathway forwards more easily as you shut out the noise of the spell. Above all else go to nature to receive the support from mother Gaia now, as well as to hear our guidance without interference.
You are your channel. You are your guide. You are your strength. You are your source of truth. You are source.
All truth must be found within now. Be discerning with all external sources. Become your own source. You are the source of truth as it appears in your own heart, consciousness and physical reality. You are an expression of the one infinite creator. Awaken to the infinite power of your mind, heart and body now.
All higher guidance that you require to navigate this time of change will be provided to you exactly when you need it, and no sooner, so as to allow higher timelines to anchor.
This is a time of testing, and it might feel at times as if your faith is being tested now. The laws of divine timing apply always, even when you wish it weren’t so. Trust that all will be revealed to you, and to the world, in divine perfect frequency alignment with the highest timeline of all beings. You WILL be guided. Your intuition will speak to you with clarity and certainty to let you know any preparations or actions required to navigate this time of change. If you are uncertain or unclear, then wait. Clarity always comes. Guidance always comes. Action that which appears as your highest priority in any given moment. Allow the path to appear easily before you, without focusing your attention on fear based future decisions which are not yet anchored into your reality.
This begins the overlap time of two earth’s, two timelines and two realities, from which a third timeline will anchor holding a unified expression of unconditional love.
We understand that this shift might feel surreal and confusing at times. Be mindful to maintain connection to those you love, even if you do not understand their choices now. Be mindful to express compassion, acceptance and love for the decisions of all beings now. The third timeline births from unity founded in acceptance and unconditional love. Embody these principals as best you can in all relationships, most importantly in your relationship with your self.
We urge discernment now so that you can maintain energetic integrity with your own highest timeline.
Curiosity is needed now to rise above the mists of fear and confusion. Remember that all is not as it seems. Remember that laughter cuts the spell in an instant. Become curious, and explore all that you feel drawn to, all that feels heart guided, passion driven and truthful. Break the spell now. Allow your highest timeline to anchor and present before you now.
Seek truth only as it appears to you. Seek truth within.
No other is your source of truth. You are your source, and your pathway is known only to you.
Awaken now sovereign being of unconditional love!
We love you,

Angels & Shunanda

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