Hi, my name is Shunanda and I’m an Angel Medium.

When I first began my work, telling friends and family, and then sharing my my work publicly felt like I was coming out of the closet.

I went through a process of feeling petrified with fear of judgement each time I told a close friend or posted online, and equally compelled by something bigger than me to share anyway.

Someone I respect deeply recently described “psychic” work as the last illegitimate profession. And for me, even nine years down the road, it still has an edge of judgement or polarity.

They say don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table, well this work come after that.

However recently I’ve been exploring how this may be holding me back from doing work that I love.

-Where am I softening my voice so that people don’t feel uncomfortable?

-Where am I holding back for fear of judgement?

-What messages do I feel passionate about sharing with the world but hold within me?

I now notice where I censor or filter when I share publicly on social media. Or if I choose to soften my work title when I meet someone new “I do coaching, and sell essential oils” is very easy for people to digest. “I am an Angel Medium” can test a relationship, as it immediately triggers a self check on a belief level. I watch people go through a split second process where a thousand questions come into their mind:

– Is she reading me?
– I don’t believe in that, what does that mean for our relationship?
– I DO believe in that, what does that mean for our relationship?
– Is she reading me?
– What’s does this mean for our relationship?

For what its worth:

1. I, and any good intuitive or healer, would NEVER read someone without their permission, and an exchange of payment or equal energy. And on a deep energetic level, I would caution you to never give much credit to any message you receive from someone unsolicited. An unsolicited reading is not only unethical, it is also often inaccurate.

2. I don’t need validation from you. I don’t need your approval, and I don’t feel any need to convince you of the legitimacy of my work. I don’t feel a deep need to wake you up, heal you, or show you the light. I am not better than you, more spiritual than you, or more evolved than you. And if you are a lightworker or intuitive who holds any of these beliefs, I respectfully ask you to check your own judgement, and leave it at the door. We are ALL intuitive. I choose to do this as my work.

3. I can still hold a deep connection and love for you, even if our beliefs are different in this area. It may trigger me, as it triggers you. I’m human, and I crave acceptance and love like all of us, but as I accept your difference of belief, I also know that there will be times where I may also judge you. Life is funny like that.

4. Being intuitive doesn’t give me the ability to suddenly “know all and see all”. In fact, for most who choose to work in this field, one of the first lessons is “how to switch it off” (or selectively switch it on). It’s hard to go to shopping malls otherwise. So no, I don’t read you. And please, don’t ask me to. If you have a friend who is new to this work, please resist the urge to ask for free readings. As much as they probably WANT to practice on you, keep your friendship sacred and clean.

Being an Angel Medium isn’t a gift. We all have the ability to develop our intuition to a professional level.

I am no different to you. In fact someone recently told me when they found out that I am an an professional intuitive, that I am the least like the stereotype that they could imagine.

Which is true, and something I’m passionate about. I’m really normal. I’m a mum. I’m divorced. I have three kids. On the outside you wouldn’t pick me as “hippy”, or “woo-woo”. I don’t own any crushed velvet, in fact I like diamonds and five star! I drive a nice car. I have a pretty normal life. Its hard some days, and amazing on others.

What I do isn’t exceptional. Other than the fact that I’ve spent years mastering my craft and do it exceptionally well.

What is exceptional, is the rewards I get from doing my work. And THIS is what I want to share.

 Since I opened up to my intuitive side, and began working with Angels, Archangels, energy and intuition, my whole life has changed for the better:

  • I feel love more deeply that I ever had before.
  • I don’t feel as afraid of death.
  • I don’t feel as afraid for my children and their future.
  • I feel deeper levels of joy and connection that I ever remember experiencing (except when I was under the influence of illegal substances: I now get to experience levels of joy, elation and euphoria everyday without stimulants. Although, disclaimer, I don’t actually get down and deep “euphoria level spiritual” every day, as I’m human and life often gets in the way).
  • I feel hope in a world that could otherwise feel hopeless.
  • I believe in something bigger than myself. This is really helpful when things don’t happen the way Id like. I’m regularly able to move through difficult life experiences knowing that I’m ok, that things are happening for a reason, and that I’m safe, loved, and guided as I move through my own life challenges.
  • I feel deep joy, fulfilment, and satisfaction from knowing that I am doing work that is important to me. I feel like I know who I am, what my “life purpose is” (again, disclaimer, it changes a lot, but for the most part I know why I’m here, even if that journey is constantly evolving).
  • I’ve made real peace with “not knowing”. Irony right? I’m psychic, but I can’t see my future. Guess what?? We aren’t always meant to know how things are going to turn out! In fact, most of the time, the messages, predictions and visions we are given, are only a teeny tiny fraction of the full picture, and are *just* enough to keep us moving forward in the right direction.
  • I rarely have regrets. I have a deep belief from my work that there are no coincidences, and no mistakes. This is indeed a polarising topic. But I believe deeply. Everything. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Life isn’t how we think it is. It isn’t about success, money, good, bad, evil, punishment. We are here to experience the full spectrum of human experiences, and we CHOOSE every single thing we experience. This is one of the hardest pills for most people to swallow. But for me, it has also been the most liberating.
  • God is real. Heaven is real. And hell doesn’t exist as we know it. Lets go there, shall we?
  • God is neither a man nor a woman. God is a force of love, and creation that is so big and so huge that I do not have words to even describe it.
  • Angels exist.
  • Heaven exists. But it is not for the select few. Heaven is for everyone. Yes, everyone.
  • Hell does not exist the way we think it does. There is no “punishment for your sins”, only forgiveness. Yes, can you even imagine a love so big that it forgives every action and every deed? That is the true energy of God.

Ok, for now, Ill let that sit.

This is me. I love what I do, and I believe that open conversation about this is not only important, but necessary right now. Because I know how much embracing and exploring this side of myself has transformed my life for the better, and I know how disconnected, lonely, and hopeless SO many people in the world feel right now.

I love you,


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