What happens during an Angel Reading?

All readings begin with me connecting to your Guardian Angels and the Archangels, plus any family members in spirit who want to speak with you. All of the messages during your reading will be guided by the Angels. These messages are powerful, positive and always loving. Everything that I am told is clear, accurate and helpful to you in many ways.

Are the messages set in stone? Does everything come true?

Your Angels will give you the message that you most need to hear. I regularly receive feedback from clients saying that many specific details have come to pass that came through in the reading. However, the Angels want you to know that what you choose to do with the information that comes through in your reading is up to you. You have free will, nothing is set in stone. You have the power to change your direction based on the information you receive, and quite often messages from our Angels can prompt us to make the opposite decision!

I have never had an Angel reading before, and I’m afraid of what messages might come through. Will I hear negative information or predictions?

No. I only connect to Angelic energy (the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and your personal Guardian Angels), which is always from a place of pure love, so messages will be completely supportive and loving. If there is an area in your life that you do not wish to receive information about, you can request this prior to the reading. I have very strong ethical practices around messages about serious illness, trauma and death, and never give predictions based on any of these topics. This is a personal ethical belief, and also aligns with the way Angels give their messages: the Angels will never give fear based messages or predictions, as this is never in our highest good to receive. Put simply: some things we are not meant to know.

How often should I have an Angel reading?

Trust your own guidance on this. I work with many clients on a monthly basis, some quarterly, and others like to get once yearly sessions. There is no right or wrong option. Go with what feels right for you.

Are the Zoom video readings and pre-recorded readings as accurate as in person?

Yes, in fact, most of my work is carried out via distance with clients all around the world. There is no difference in the quality of your reading. I do not need to be with you to deliver a powerful Angel reading.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my Angel reading?

No. Once you book your reading, you will be sent an email requesting your questions. If my schedule allows, and we are able to do a Zoom reading, please have your software, and speakers set up before the allotted time so that we do not cut into your reading time.

How do I book an Angel Reading?

All sessions can be booked on my Work With Me page. I can’t wait to connect with you and your Angels soon!

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