I have a past life memory from Atlantis.

In this memory, I see myself as an adult woman, with long blond hair, wearing a long pink flowing gown, singing and skipping through majestic hallways, leading groups of children of all ages. My role or job in that lifetime was to guide, support and love the children of Atlantis as they journeyed on a sacred discovery within, to find their life purpose.

Education was different in Atlantis. We have no model in our current society that looks anything like it.

Children were trusted, and treated as whole beings, who knew their boundaries. Children were given a voice, listened to and respected. Of course they were also guided, protected and kept safe. However they were spoken to as if they knew the answer, and when they were unsure, they were empowered and reminded that the answers would come to them eventually.

Children were not forced to learn a curriculum. Children were encouraged to explore things that excited them, that were joyful, fun and intriguing. Children were encouraged to challenge boundaries, to examine, question, and explore.

I recall that during this lifetime, my heart was full to the brim for love for my role as priestess of the children.

I would cry tears of joy as a child would find their purpose, which would happen exactly when it was meant to, not at a particular age, and not with a decision. It would be felt, and known, and once it was known, it would be celebrated by the whole Atlantean community. Each child would then be free to explore and examine their chosen speciality or passion area without limits (and this was how Atlantis became a people of innovation, creativity, brilliance and invention).

Joy was what guided us.


As of June 1 2019, we are now collectively holding more 5D energy than ever before. We are past the tipping point, in fact 5D now holds a stronger energy than 3D.

And now more than ever, we are being asked to transform from the inside out, from fear to love.

The world as we know it is crumbling, dying.

I find myself rebelling and despairing one day, then feeling passionate and hopeful beyond imagining the next.

In order for the new world to birth, we need to let go of the old one, and this requires such a complete systemic dismantling that it is easy to want to disconnect and give up. Which battle to we fight? There are so many problems, that it is no wonder that most of the world is completely disconnected.

The inevitability of the destruction of the environment and our precious ecology seems hopeless.

The world is awash with extremes, hatred, fear, and mass disconnection.

However, as in nature, death comes before rebirth.

And the new world will not look like the old, it is something that we have not even conceived of yet. Something that will emerge and birth after the destruction. At a time that is is destined to.

And when I speak of destruction, I’m talking about a spiritual process. I’m talking about spiritual death of ego, of walls, of boundaries, of limiting beliefs. I’m talking about mass trauma healing. I’m talking about a rebellion of spirit, of creativity, of vulnerability and passion. I’m talking about a mass awakening and reconnection to our soul, our joy, and our individual purpose.

The way forward, to create the new world, is to remember our individual connection to source, to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty, to remember that we need no intermediary to the divine, and to allow ourselves as individuals to unlearn all that has been impressed upon us for centuries as truth.

The way forward is inward, blind, into our individual hearts.

The way forward requires every individual to reject the beliefs, rules, structures and systems that we have collectively created over centuries to keep us safe, and to explore the unknown, and journey within.

The way forward is to discover and become yourself, just as we once did in Atlantis. To let yourself be guided every day, in every decision by your intuition, by that which you love, and by all that brings you joy.

The way forward is to rebel so hard against all the voices that tell you who you should be, and to JUST BE YOU.

The way forward has no shame, no blame, and no regret. It is forgiving, compassionate, loving, and joyful. It is accepting of the darkness and the shadow that exists, and is heart open and raw. It is clunky, messy, vulnerable, and hard. It is also joy filled, connected, and filled with and intensity of love that we barely remember except for fleeting ecstatic moments.

Love will save us. Joy will save us. And that, is perhaps the most terrifying reality of all. This journey is deep shadow work, and for you, dear lightworker reading this post, as you feel the goosebumps all over your body as you recognise the truth that you have always known:

It is time for you to rise up and claim your purpose.

You chose to incarnate now, to help heal the broken-hearted, the disconnected, the traumatised and the grieving. You know this to be true, and your angels are asking you to recall your purpose now.

Begin your work. Trust your intuition to guide you to the teachers. Trust your angels to support you financially as you walk away from your soul destroying day job into your risky healing work.

Trust that feeling that you can no longer ignore. That is raging within you to be expressed right now, because dear lightworker, you are needed now more than ever.

There is an urgent need for you to share your unique and innate healing abilities, and there is someone RIGHT NOW who is ready to learn from you.

This path may feel risky. But darling lightworker, this is what you signed up for, and the rewards will be extraordinary.

I love you,


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