I saw an old family friend a few days ago. He asked me how my business was going, and we had a little catch up chat on all the changes I have experienced over the last year or two.

I told him about how I am now renting a room, and that Ive been booked solid with clients.

His comment: “Wow, that’s a pretty brave thing to do”.

I said yes. It was.

This has had me reflecting over the changes and growth I have experienced since my awakening 6 years ago.

It took all of my courage to tell my husband that I was a psychic.

It took even more courage to then step out publicly, and tell my friends and family. And each step on my journey has required another deep breath, another leap of faith, another public outing of myself. Ive felt like each time Ive had to say “Hi, my name is Shunanda, and I’m a psychic.”

Each time I did this, I felt fear. I worried about that particular friend in high school who I knew didn’t believe in this stuff, and what they might publicly say to me. I worried about how my children might be impacted, my husband, or our family unit.

Of course, everyone has been amazing, and most people have said that they were not in fact surprised (so interesting because I was surprised!!! I certainly had NO idea that I would do this work).

But this really got me thinking about how stepping out to work as a psychic, is often a really big step for people to take. And this applies to all lightworkers, who feel that their gift is something that is still on the edges of what is considered a “real job”.

Lets think about this for a second. Psychic work (which is very broad, and covers a whole range of things), is one of the few occupations that is still very much not accepted by a majority of society. Sure, this is probably the best it has EVER been to work as a psychic (I don’t have to worry about being burned at the stake, for example), and there have been lots of amazing leaps forward in public acceptance and openness. But. There are still some countries in the world where you can be tried as a witch….it wasn’t that long ago that people WERE risking their life by openly participating in anything paranormal, occult, or supernatural.

Ive written this post for all of you lightworkers out there who feel different. And here is my message to you:

Its OK out here. Its safe. And you know what else? I’m more ME than Ive ever been. I get to openly express every part of myself, and get paid to do something that I LOVE. And it feels really good!

So if you are taking steps to move away from a “real job”, to something that might be a little bit left of center, I encourage you to be brave. Be brave, dear lightworker, because now is the time that the world needs your special gifts, now more than ever. Come and play in the light. Its fun, and you wont EVER look back!

x Shunanda


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