2020…..The year of The Great Awakening.

The year that began the journey to New Earth, and a shift in consciousness so great, that it will be evolutionary.

As we see out the year, and anchor in 2021, I want to share my most important Angel Forecast to date.

Please watch, and share with all light workers, way showers and Starseeds who need this message now.

My loves, this coming year is going to continue with the dismantling of 3D.

That means, the intensity that we have experienced in 2020 is going to continue.

We are not going back to normal. Normal was broken.

We cant birth New Earth, without great change occurring. This is what is playing out now. We have two paradigms, the old and the new, and they are playing out concurrently (gosh that’s weird: it literally feels like two different realities operating at once).

I’m not going to beat around the bush and spiritually bypass. Its going to be another challenging year for the collective.


For those who are ready to anchor in the journey to 5D and New Earth, its only going to get softer and easier and calmer. Our spiritual gifts are coming online as our energy system calibrates to the new frequency, and activates dormant abilities.

Its up to you now. Its your choice. Which timeline will you choose?

Choose now, and action it with integrity to your truth and mission, like your life depends upon it.

2021 Angel Guidance to Anchor 5D

+ Now more than ever it it vital that you align with your own sovereign truth, and follow your heart guidance.

+ 2021 will require rebellion, every day. Small steps, made with love, and hope, will create a new pathway, and become the birth of New Earth.

+ New Earth is birthing now, through you. Your actions have never been more important. Your choices now, have a far greater impact on the timelines playing out that you can ever imagine. One small act of love is more powerful than a thousand acts of fear.

+ 2021 is going to ask you to unpeel and let go of all of your remaining 3D programs, stories, and veils. This is the deepest shadow work. This is the most important commitment you can make to serve the light, and the highest possible timeline of humanity now.

+ In order for the 5D timeline to anchor, every light worker, light leader, way shower and Starseed must embody their mission now. Even if you think you are not ready. EVERY day is vital now.

+ On a practical level, this is going to require dedication like never before. So seek support from a mentor, therapist, or sacred guide.

+ Deep down you know what you need to do (and its different for us all). And every day all you need do is use your Light Practice & Angel Practice (from the Angel Immersion course).

Your focus for 2021

+ Everything that lowers your vibration now, is something to flag and remove/reduce gradually.

+ Everything that raises your vibration now is to be actioned as if your life depends on it.

+ Everything that heals your mind/body/spirit now is your highest priority.

And remember, ALL the guidance you need will be available to you from your Angels. Always. You are not alone.

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