Dear Light Beam,

This is a hard post for me to share. The hardest I have written.

This morning I woke from a dream, with some very specific details.

The Angels will occasionally come to me in my sleep, when they do, I know its VERY important.

For the rest of this morning I have been receiving a download from them.

I will share that with you now.

The Great Awakening is upon us.

This has several characteristics. To summarise:

  • The Earth’s frequency is raising rapidly now, at a rate faster than anything we have experienced since Atlantis.
  • This is a frequency shift from 3D, to 4D, to 5D.
  • As the Earth frequency raises, we also experience a frequency shift, as we are in energetic connection with the Earth (and with all living beings).
  • The 5D frequency shift is a collective raising in vibration to frequencies that are based in LOVE and LIGHT. The 5D frequencies of LOVE and LIGHT are those of God, of Creation, and of Universal Consciousness.
  • This is our true state. This is how we are able to live on Earth. This is abundance, love, and equality.
  • This frequency shift has been foretold by many, for thousands of years. It was predicted to begin in 2020. I wrote about this in 2015, but please know that I was not the first, and that MANY have been asked to foretell this event as forerunners to awaken the first wave.

One of the central themes of the Great Awakening, is the ability to see that which was right before our eyes, but hidden. 2020 vision is now upon us. I spoke about this in my January forecast for 2020. We are able to have the vision of 2020 hindsight NOW. We are able to see that which was always there. We are seeing truths being revealed on a DAILY basis.

This will continue for the whole of 2020.

It is deeply painful to awaken to the truth.

There is a mass grief coming as the collective is revealed the GREAT truth, which is coming later this year.

This is a message for all lightworkers, all light bringers, all light leaders to prepare for the great reveal.

Today I have been guided by the Angels to prepare for this great reveal, and to share one of the important deceptions to the world.

This has been before our eyes for thousands of years.

Having this truth revealed to me this morning was deeply painful, my heart is still hurting, and I have spent the morning crying, with shock and pain.

In order for me to share this truth, the Angels have guided me to ask you some questions. As a preface to this truth being revealed, I ask you to know two key points:

1. I have repeatedly shared one key message from the Angels through all of my work over the years:


2. I have never read the bible, and none of my Angel training has included ANY biblical references, ANY religious symbolism or terminology, ANY religious definitions, or Angel stories. All of my Angel training has come directly from mentors, but mostly, from the Angels themselves. I am a clear channel to the Angels and have not allowed a filter of religion to come through any of my work at any time. I have repeatedly refused to use Angel images that come from religious backgrounds in my work. I have repeatedly refused to read the bible or include bible Angel stories in my work. Whilst I have tried to reconcile religion within my heart, I have always struggled.

I never understood why this was so important, until today.

Here are the questions the Angels have guided me to ask today:

  • Why is it that the largest religions in the world are built on a system that takes away our sovereign right to commune directly with God? Why are we told that we need a priest to do this for us?
  • Why is it, that the largest religions in the world, are also the richest? Why do they pay no tax?
  • Why does the Vatican store the books that contain details of our history, our origin? Why are these secret?
  • Why is the Vatican a country with its own laws?
  • Why is there a ritual in church service that includes symbolism of drinking the blood of Christ, and eating the body of Christ? Why is cannibalism an accepted part of our worship of God? Why are our children indoctrinated in this ritual from a young age?
  • Why do our children dress in clothes that resemble wedding dresses as part of their religious initiation?
  • Why has virginity long been upheld as a virtue in the largest regions in the world?
  • Why is domination, control, and even ownership of women been historically a fundamental part of the largest religions?
  • Why do we think its ok for the largest churches in the world to hold untold wealth, while millions are starving?
  • Why do we accept a history of widespread paedophilia within the church? The place we go to as a place of worship?
  • How can we not see that rituals that have roots in Luciferian and Satanic worship, have long been the FOUNDATION for traditional Catholicism, and many of its variants?
  • Is it because, from thousands of years ago, the Catholic Church has been in fact run by a secret cult of Luciferian families, also known as the cabal, also known as the Illuminati, also known as the thirteen (plus one) families? *see below.

I understand that this post may trigger you. I’m sorry. Truly. This truth has been hard for me to see as well. If it does not feel like truth to you, I respect that.

I understand that this may be something that you reject entirely, and I don’t blame you. How can we possibly admit that there are beings SO dark and evil, that they could orchestrate and action a plan that has manipulated humanity so malevolently, for thousands of years?

However, please understand that these beings are not human, they are not light beings like you and I. They do not have a heart chakra, they do not feel love, they do not understand compassion, and they literally operate from an opposing polarity of fear, darkness, rage, and violence (n the darkest most vile ways that you can comprehend). These beings are behind EVERY human atrocity, war, and act of unimaginable violence that has occurred since history began. There is a reason we cannot understand how someone could rape a child, how someone could commit mass murder. It is because the human spirit is incapable of such acts (unless it has been controlled, systematically abused, or violently tortured). These beings however, have a different reptilian soul blueprint, and ARE NOT human in the way that we understand ourselves to be.

Please understand that these dark beings, control not only the Catholic Church, but also most high level positions of government, and are also the wealthiest families in the world (see the links below for more information).

Please know that this truth will be revealed to the general public, and to the whole world, first slowly, and then en mass. This process HAS begun. There is no going back.

Please know that there are literally thousands of humans working to fight this darkness, all around the world. In many different capacities.

Please know that there are also thousands of beings of light helping humanity now.

My work is to bring the messages of the Angels.

Please know that this truth, this darkness, has always been there. Right before our very eyes.

There will be a time of great darkness, of great pain, as the collective sees the truth. However, change will then come.

Please know that as hard as it is for me to speak this truth now, that I will continue to share the light, to share the messages of the Angels, and to anchor the new light frequencies to the Earth through my own energy body.

Please know that you will be ok. We will all be ok.

Thank you.

I love you.


These links is not for the faint hearted. If you would like to understand this in more detail, please feel into this from your heart, asking whether it is in your highest good to receive this information. They are very dark, however, they also explain this side of our history, and there IS light at the end of the tunnel.

For more information about how the light is supporting us now: The Great Awakening

Link: Lucifer and Luciferians, Masters of Deception by Chuck Swindoll

Link: Who Rules the World? Draconians and the Deep State, Cabal, Illuminati


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