Welcome to 2019!! I hope you are enjoying the fresh new energy, and anchoring into all that you wish to experience and feel this year.

January has felt slow, relaxed, and fresh for me so far. I’ve spent lots of time at the beach, reading books, hanging with my three kids, and catching up with family and friends. I’ve also been doing a full cleanse (energetic, emotional and physical) with my essential oils community. I’m doing a physical cleanse this month, but as I move through the phases of that, I find I’ve also been letting go of 2018, and have had a major bug to spring clean my whole home! Its a great time of year to reset and let go of everything that you don’t want to carry through this year.

I’ve been working with my own intuitive oil blend, a combination of Marjoram, Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Peppermint, Oregano, Balance blend, Geranium, Spikenard, Lemongrass and Ginger. I’ve added a few drops of each to a spritzer bottle and topped it with water, and the combination is delicious. It has been intentionally chosen to support my goals for January, and I use it daily as an energetic anchor, and circuit breaker when I feel doubt creep in.

2019 Energy Forecast:

My energy forecast for this year is below. I have also intuitively chosen an essential oil blend for each month of the year, and the message and guidance with each blend will be expanded further with my monthly forecasts.

Your 2019 energy summary:

The key energy for 2019 is detachment. The more open you are, the more you are able to be present, mindful, non-attached and in faith, the more you will be able to experience miracles and abundance in ALL areas of your life.

The Archangel to work with this year is Archangel Michael.

Intuitive Essential Oil blend for 2019: Lime, Black Pepper, Oregano, Rose, Forgive blend, Green Mandarin

For the full session, find a quiet space and watch the 2019 Energy Forecast below.

2019 Intuitive Monthly blends:

January: Lemon, InTune Focus blend, Petitgrain
February: Yarrow Pom, Peace blend, Aroma Touch blend
March: Clove, Magnolia, Birch, DDR Prime
April: Juniper Berry, Ice Blue, Smart & Sassy
May: Copaiba, Digest Zen, Lime
June: Ginger, Cassia, Oregano
July: Geranium, Spearmint, Marjoram
August: Purify, Tangerine, Eucalytpus
September: Tumeric, Siberian Fir, Tea Tree
October: Frankincense, Grapefruit, Motivate
November: Cheer, Roman Chamomile, Cypress
December: Zendocrine, Green Mandarin, Black Pepper

You can use these blends aromatically in the diffuser, or in a spritzer or roller bottle. Use them to work with your energy field, to raise your vibration, and as a circuit breaker when you need to shift your thoughts, or your energy. If you don’t yet have some of the oils, and already have a doTERRA wholesale account, consider ordering them with the monthly ordering system (the Loyalty rewards Program), however you can substitute with anything that you feel drawn to in your own collection. If you want to begin working with these oils, you can find the details on how to set up your own wholesale account in my team below. Or hit reply for a free phone consult (non-doterra account holders only).

January Energy Forecast:

My energy forecast for January is below. It includes my reading on the oils for January, and how they can support you.

Your January energy summary:

The key energy for January is focus, mental mastery, and mindfulness. You are asked to pay attention to both your thoughts, and your space, as you identify clutter, and detox and let go of all that is no longer in alignment, and will not serve you in 2019. You are asked to have fun, and not take life so seriously!

The Archangel to work with in January is Archangel Michael: focus your thoughts, clear your mind, and your space, of worry, overthinking, and outdated thoughts.

Intuitive Essential Oil blend for January: Lemon, InTune Focus blend, Petitgrain. These oils combine to help you shift your thoughts and raise your vibration. Focus on the present moment, let go of the past, and allow yourself to feel joyful and connected. Let go of habits, beliefs, or thoughts that you have inherited from your family lineage, and trust that now is the perfect time to release untrue aspects of yourself that are not needed in 2019.

For the full session, find a quiet space and watch the January Energy Forecast below.

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Until next month!

x Shunanda


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