One of the most common reasons that people ask to see a psychic, possibly THE most common reason, is to receive certainty about something that feels overwhelming in their life. Often this can be something that is causing them SO much worry and stress, that they feel crippled by the need to find a solution, so they reach out to me in order to feel some sense of control in a situation that they have no control over. In this situation, there is often an overwhelming NEED to know the future.

  • When will my illness go away?
  • When will I fall pregnant?
  • When will I meet my soul-mate?
  • Is he the ONE? Can you guarantee it?

What if I told you, that a good psychic, shouldn’t be answering these questions for you?

What if I told you that you are asking the wrong questions?

If you walk into a psychic’s room expecting them to be able to give you a time frame for when your situation will end, or a description of your future husband, or the certainty that everything will turn out OK in your relationship, then I’m sorry to say, but you can only be disappointed.

Because the thing is, us humans have got it all wrong.

It was never about the end goal, and it was ALWAYS about the journey.

Recently I was having a conversation with a 13 year old, who is a deeply gifted psychic, learning how to understand her gifts. She asked me some incredible questions:

– Is there a hell?

– What happens to us when we die?

– Does God forgive everyone?

One of the things that really fascinated her, was the idea that in the end, we are all going to be OK. No matter what happens to us, no matter what challenges, illnesses, emotional strains, or traumatic life events we experience, we also experience, love, hope, joy, compassion, peace, and happiness. And in the end, we are ALWAYS OK. If there was ONE thing, that I could share with you all today, it is this message.

No matter what you are experiencing, no matter how hard it is right now, in the end, you will be OK. It always passes. The sun ALWAYS rises. And even at the very end of our lives, we are still OK. There is no hell, we all go to heaven, we are ALL forgiven, and we are all met with a love that is so overpowering, that I am barely able to describe it to you in words.

Somewhere along the line we have lost touch with our connection with the divine, and as a result, our ability to hold faith in dark times has been impacted to a level that of course has a direct correlation with the huge rate of depression and anxiety that we currently experience.

I myself experienced severe post natal anxiety after the birth of my second child (you can read more about this journey here). The panic attacks that I suffered were crippling, and would last for hours. Now, 8 years later, after years of working with the angels, I rarely, if ever, suffer from anxiety. And the biggest gift that this work has given me, is the deep knowing, that everything happens for a reason, and that I am always OK. I know that I am loved beyond measure by my own team of angels and ascended masters, and I am able to move through the feelings of overwhelm, and let go of the need to know the outcome. When I face a life situation that triggers this old sense of fear, and I find myself in that old place of desperation, of NEEDING to know that the risk I am taking will pay off, or that the vulnerability I am feeling in a relationship wont hurt me, I now have tools that I can use to walk away from this fear, and back into faith.

There are two really important messages I want to share about this with you today:

  • The first, is that a good psychic should NOT be giving you a guarantee of what will happen in your future. A good intuitive (I hate the word psychic because it is incredibly disempowering- we are ALL intuitive, and can all harness out psychic gifts) should be showing you that you are ok right now, and helping you see your next steps forwards. The steps that are outside of your comfort zone, that you cant see for the fear that is getting in your way.
  • The second, is how to move through these situations in your own life, so that you don’t actually need to reach out in desperation to a psychic for the answers. Wouldn’t that be nice? To have that deep sense of knowing within yourself, and to have tools that you can use to walk yourself back into faith, and trusting that it will all be ok?

Over the last 8 years of working with the angels, as part of my own spiritual practice, I have been guided through a process that anyone can use. My angels walked me through these steps myself. I have implemented this practice in my own life, on a daily basis, and I now teach these steps to my spiritual mentoring students.

Developing your own spiritual toolbox: YOUR map to alchemise anxiety, and walk yourself back to faith

The premise for this is incredibly simple, so pure that it is almost common sense.

Your task, as guided by your angels, is to spend ten minutes with a notepad and pen, and write a list of EVERYTHING that changes your energy. Everything that makes you happy. Every activity, action, or tool that exists in your life, that shifts your vibration from fear to love, from sadness to joy, to anxiety to calm. Your list is unique to you. Your list can, and should include things that you think you don’t have time to do. It should include things that you think you cant afford to do. It need not be limited to spiritual activities, in fact my spiritual toolbox does NOT include things like kundalini yoga or transcendental meditation (although, if yours DOES, more power to you!).

Now that you have your list, your task is to begin to implement this as your own spiritual practice, on a daily basis, whenever you are feeling out of alignment. When  you feel afraid, upset, tired, angry, overwhelmed, or any other low vibrational emotion, and you require a shift, go to your list, and choose the item that will bring you the most powerful shift.

Want to know what is on my list? This list developed over time, guided by my own angels, and is ever expanding. I use it daily, and when I feel stuck, blocked, overwhelmed or afraid, when I feel I am over-thinking, needing to control a situation, or feeling anxious about a situation in my life, I turn to this list to bring me back to my centre.

  • Being in Nature
  • Exercise
  • Watching the sun rise
  • Journaling/ writing
  • Music
  • Creative expression
  • Laughter
  • Cooking
  • Meditation
  • Essential Oils
  • Catching up with friends
  • Drinking margaritas
  • Massage
  • Sex
  • Oracle Cards
  • Reading/podcasts
  • Watching a movie or TV series
  • Enjoying a good meal

Every single item on this list is something that shifts my energy. Every single item is something that lifts me from a place of feeling low, to a place of feeling good, happy, connected, joy-filled, and in my heart centre. In essence, every single item on this list, is something that raises my vibration (and YES, I include drinking margaritas on this list, even though alcohol tends to lower my vibration, as the full activity of mindfully enjoying a drink that I love, with good company and good food, is a very positive, love filled experience for me, that I enjoy in moderation).

After years of practising this process in my own life, I realised that each of these items is an act of self love, of self compassion- something that as a general rule our society still doesn’t value. We are still taught that these things are frivolous, not worthwhile, and that we should martyr ourselves to our jobs or our family in order to be “successful”.

The process of giving more time to my spiritual practice has changed my life for the better in a myriad of ways that I was not expecting:

  • My fitness levels have increased dramatically as I now work out three times a week at least.
  • I am happier than I ever remember being in my life!
  • I love my life, more than I ever have.
  • My abundance has increased, and I see the connection between my self-worth and my net-worth (Worthy, by Nancy Levin)
  • My intuition has increased dramatically (a direct correlation and result of raising your vibration)
  • I feel at peace. I KNOW that I am loved and held by my angels.
  • My friendships and relationships have all deepened.
  • I am more ME than I have ever felt, and continue to find stronger alignment with my purpose, in all the ways it is expressed in my life.

This process is so simple, and that anyone can do it. It requires dedication. But I can assure you, that by committing to this process, every day, you can also experience the same powerful internal shifts.

In deep love and light,



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