As we move towards the end of the year, and Christmas, I am reminded that its not always a special time of year for many people.

I adore working with my many amazing clients, and for the most part my sessions tend to be very positive, as we dive into soul expansion, life purpose, growth and re-alignment.

However, I also support many clients through significant traumatic life events, grief, loss, relationship breakdowns, and the loss of loved ones.

While these sessions are ones I cherish equally, I feel very drawn to reach out to those of you who might have had a challenging experience in their life in 2017, with some of the methods that I use to support my clients through such significant life challenges.

The techniques I use with my clients, are techniques I use in my own life, and are a combination of guidance that I have received from my own angels, plus other spiritual practice techniques that I have learned over the years as a spiritual teacher, and angelic life coach.

Over the last 18 months, I have also moved through a very difficult grief experience in my own life, that I will share more about in the future.

My own journey of grief:

While outwardly, my career was blossoming and expanding in wonderful ways that I could only dream about, on the inside I was experiencing a situation that was a significant grief and loss experience for me.

Throughout this journey, I was guided by my Guardian Angels and the Archangels, who lovingly supported me every step of the way, through a deep heart healing.

I am pleased to say that the techniques I used not only supported me through my darkest moments of pain, but they have also resulted in me coming out the other side with a stronger sense of soul alignment, more joy, more happiness, and more sense of fulfillment and purpose than I have ever experienced in my life.

Id like to share some of these techniques with you today, as these are also the same practices that I guide my clients to implement when they are navigating a similar challenging life experience, grief, loss, or significant shock and change.

Heart Healing with the Angels: your spiritual practice to heal your heart through grief, loss or heartbreak

Each of these steps are ones that were fundamental in my journey. Each step was guided to me by my Angelic Support Team Each step was implemented, and repeated until I experienced a shift, or healing.

  • Seek support: Ask your angels to guide you to the right therapist, or professional support person. Regardless of what you are moving through, an extreme life event like a death, divorce, or significant relationship breakup requires professional support. Leaning on friends is important, but please also be mindful that they cant take on the burden of responsibility for helping you through your grief. A heavy experience requires the skill of a professional. In my case, I chose to support myself with both a trained counselor, and a kinesiologist. I found that this combination an incredibly powerful support for both the practical/everyday aspects of my situation, and the spiritual, energetic and emotional aspects. Your angels will guide you to the perfect practitioner, if you ask them to step in and help. I have always been incredibly fortunate in finding amazing professional support in my life. But, there are two important aspects here to remember. Firstly, I committed both financially and emotionally to show up week after week, to walk headlong into the shadow side of my healing. Secondly, I asked for help. Your angels cannot intervene or support you without your permission. In my case, I was referred to a counselor, who ended up being one of the most amazing people Ive ever had walk into my life, and I know that my angels intervened to bring this person into my healing journey.


  • Keep showing up: Walking through grief or loss isn’t an overnight experience. It takes every ounce of your strength, and will test you more than you realise. However, after all my own healing, and after hundreds of sessions with clients walking a similar journey, I can say with certainty, that if you keep showing up, things will get easier. First it may feel as if 10% of your life is in joy, and light. The darkness may feel so overwhelming, that you don’t even know were to begin. But, if you keep walking, keep implementing your spiritual practice techniques, keep believing, keep hoping, and keep communicating with your angels, change WILL come. And be warned, this change might be so overwhelmingly positive, that you may walk out the other side feeling as if you have experienced a miracle.


  • Exercise & Nature: It may seem obvious, but of course when we face challenges in our lives, often one of the first things to go is our self care. When the darkness was overwhelming for me, I asked my Angels what I could do to help shift the feeling of blackness that sometimes felt like it would swallow me (yes, even those within the spiritual community have to face their shadow). My Angels told me that the two most powerful ways to shift and raise your vibration, are to exercise, and spend time in nature. For me, I was guided to move away from gentle exercise like yoga and walking, and to take up high impact exercise, strength training, weights, running, and boxing. And I was also guided to spend as much times as I was able to in nature: specifically by the ocean. I am lucky that I live only a short walk from the ocean, and I have made it a part of my daily spiritual practice for over 12 months now. Yes, EVERY day, I visit the ocean, even if its raining, even if its dark outside. On some days, when I’m really lucky, I get to go down at sunrise…..the ocean healed my heart this year. And the exercise, specifically the boxing, was an incredible outlet for low vibrational energy that i was processing. In fact, my angels said that when we are moving through intense energy, we need to shift our spiritual practice accordingly.


  • Music: everything is energy. We interact with everything that we come into contact with. Every person, place, plant and animal.  We are energetic beings living a physical life. When we are moving through a heart healing, often we are processing huge amounts of intense emotions, and often these are of the darker variety (grief, sadness, anger, rage, hurt, etc). To counter balance this energy, my angels suggested I immerse myself in everything high vibrational. MUSIC has a vibration. Music has a vibration that can heal, uplift shift your energy, shift your mood, and even clear your aura. In fact, I use my Tibetan singing bowl to clear the energy of my crystals, and also my home when I’m doing a space clearing, as the sound cuts through and shakes up dense energy like nothing else. Immersing yourself in positive, uplifting music, that you LOVE, on a daily basis can be one of the most incredible supports to your heart healing journey.


  • Laughter: even though you may not feel like it, laughter really is the best medicine. Make time to see a comedy show, watch a Romantic Movie that makes you laugh, spend time with friends who uplift you, and bring out the best in you. As you heal and open your heart, you will find that the more you bring joy into your life, the more you recall your true vibrational state, and see the way forwards.


  • Essential Oils: As many of you know, I harp on about essential oils A LOT. That’s because the experience I have had with them this year, has been life changing for me. Just over 12 months ago, my angels came to me and told me that Rose Essential oil (the Queen of oils), was the highest vibration essential oil. They guided me to use Rose Essential oil on my heart chakra daily, and explained that this was the closest thing to a full chakra meditation. As I apply Rose essential oil to my heart chakra, I experience an energetic shift, I feel my heart open, soften, and I feel it expand to receive more love. Conveniently, I also ADORE the scent of Rose oil, and now use it as my perfume, along with it being part of my daily spiritual practice. Some other essential oils that I would recommend for anyone moving through a heart healing, or grief journey:


  1. Console Blend: The oil of consolation. Include a blend of Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, and other essential oils.Console blend supports grieving, loss, feeling traumatized, anxious, restless, unsettled, emotional pain, & feeling burdened. It increases feelings of being comforted, content, restful, whole, serene, & feeling healed. For me, Console blend was one that I turned to when my sadness crept in, and the feelings were overwhelming. Applying Console blend to my wrists, and taking a deep breath, would instantly calm me, and help me shake off intense feelings of grief.
  2. Geranium: the oil of love and trust. Geranium helps support feelings of being abandoned, loss, distrust, being unforgiving, unloving, disheartened, heavyhearted, and grieving. It increases emotional healing, feeling empathetic, trusting, forgiving, gentle, loving, tolerant & open. Geranium has a powerful floral scent, and blends beautifully with lower scents like Frankincense. I liked to use it on my heart chakra, and in a diffuser to bring the energy of love into my home.
  3. Balance Blend: this is one of my all time favourite blends. It is grounding, comforting, reassuring and relaxing all at once. Its a blend of primarily tree oils (including Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy & others). It supports you when you feel scattered, ungrounded, disconnected, unstable. It brings in feelings of being grounded, stable, connected, committed, self-contained, having inner strength, and persevering. For me, Balance blend is my go to when Im in overwhelm. If Ive had a day full of calls, computer work, and conversations. When Im stuck in my head. When I feel anxiety creeping in, and really could do with a cup of tea in my back yard (but its raining or Im working still). Applying Balance blend to my wrists, and inhaling deeply, is the energetic equivalent of taking my shoes off, and sitting on the grass under a beautiful big tree.
  4. Elevation Blend: The oil of Joy. Elevation blend contains a mix of Lavandin, Lavender, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Elemi, Ylang Ylang, and one of my all time favourite oils, Melissa. Elevation Blend supports you when you feel despairing, discouraged, heavyhearted, trapped, and in low energy (OMG, it is literally like a white light bath all over you). It brings in feelings of being joyful, bright, optimistic, carefree, elevated, cheerful, and abundant! Elevation blend lifts my whole energy and mood. I love to use it in the morning to brighten the energy in my home, and its my go-to on days when I feel low vibrational energy surrounding me, or toxic emotions getting the better of me. It lifts me up, and showers me in white light (this is mostly from Melissa essential oil, OMG, if you can afford it, get on it).
  5. Frankincense & Rose oil: The KING & QUEEN of essential oils. Frankincense, the oil of truth, will help support you if you feel abandoned, spiritually disconnected, distant from father, or in spiritual darkness. It will help you feel enlightened, loved, protected, connected to wisdom, discerning, spiritually open, and connected to father. For me Frankincense oil has been like a beautiful comforting hug from my father this year. Rose oil, is of course, the vibration of love. In fact, it is the oil of divine love, and from someone who works with energy and angels all day, let me tell you, that Rose oil is literally THE closest thing I have experienced to the vibration of God, Source, creation energy, or the universal energy (whichever you feel comfortable identifying with). Rose oil is for my heart chakra. Rose oil is for my third eye chakra. Rose oil reminds me that I am supported, held and loved by my angels, ALWAYS. it reminds me that I am safe to open my heart to receive love and support. It brings the energy and vibration of love into my heart and into my aura, instantly.

If you, like me, and many of my clients, have moved through a heart healing in 2017, let me send you my love, and know that you are not alone, and that the light WILL come.


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May your heart healing journey be filled with love and light, and the vibrational support of the magic of doTERRA essential oils.

x Shunanda




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