Knowing that Shunanda worked very closely with Spirit Guides, I approached her with the hope of getting guidance with a direction my business was going in. My session with Shunanda was truly beautiful, a one of a kind experience which I have never encountered before. Shunanda helped me immensely by providing the most amazing guidance for my business and also for my daily family life too. Not only did I see the results immediately but she also provided wonderful heartfelt, individualised and practical steps for me to use at that time and into the future – something I have taken great comfort in and which helps ground me in times off stress.

I found my experience with Shunanda to be literally out of this world – it was heartfelt, deeply powerful and gave me a great sense of safety. I walked away feeling deeply connected to myself and to something greater. The ease at which Shunanda can deliver such Divine messages can only come from a place of immense love and is an absolute joy to be in the presence of. I wholeheartedly believe that whichever phase of your life you are in, Shunanda will certainly offer the guidance you are seeking and so much more. Tracey Pattinson - Sydney

Whilst I am a really open minded individual I always struggle with the concept of energy clearings as they are always so elusive. You can’t really know something is happening until you start to feel different and wow did I feel different. I walked into Shunanda’s office literally feeling as though I was half-dead, hanging on by a thread and completely energetically depleted. I was literally crying on the way to see her from how exhausted I was. Let me just say I am converted for life. Half way through the session I started feeling clearer and more alive. By the end I was buzzing and brimming with creativity it was like someone found the re-boot button in my aura and gave it a good hard whack! Shunanda you are a miracle worker – I have NEVER experienced anything quite like what you do and I simply can not thank you enough. You may work with the angels but to me you are one them. Thank you xx Kris Cook - Sydney

Shunanda’s reading really helped me work through some tough life decisions I had been wrestling with, and helped me connect with my emotion and intuition. I have used it as a touchstone through what has been a challenging time and it has helped me stay true to myself, and I think given me the courage to stand up for what is best for my family, and to do it from a place of love. C.N- Melbourne

My reading with Shunanda was truly a gift. She connected with and validated my passions, and provided me with a reading that combined detailed sensory imagery, emotion, and helpful guidance. Shunanda’s reading left me feeling hopeful, excited, and prepared to take the next step on my path. M.M- Massachusetts

Shunanda was so warm and comfortable to be present with for my reading. I felt relaxed and unhurried. She allowed me to provide whatever information or questions I wanted. My reading brought me a real sense of peace, guidance and hope as well as tears of contentment at hearing something that Shunanda knew nothing about but which meant so much to me personally. I also valued the insights Shunanda gave me into the Archangels and angels which I have been implementing in my daily life. Thank you Shunanda! T.W- Sydney

After a severe traumatic experience I had a reading with Shunanda. She was able to help me find some inner peace, and teach me how to ask the Angels for help and support. I often read back over that conversation and it helps to remind me of the place I was and where I am now. I would recommend Shunanda to anyone looking for a reading. N.D -Sydney

My introduction into the spiritual world through Shunanda has been amazing. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a couple of email readings and these have highlighted the areas in my life I need to channel my energy and focus on. They have also given me guidance on how to do this through the Archangels. The things that have come up during these readings have been incredible; things only I know and concerns I’ve never spoken of. At the conclusion of each reading I’ve been left more energized and self-focused ready to face my challenges and be proud of achievements. Shunanda has been professional yet personal each time. She is warm and caring in her delivery of information making it a truly positive experience which I can highly recommend. Sarah -WA

My first ever reading was with Shunanda and I can honestly say it’s changed my outlook and my understanding of things. She has helped me connect with a part of myself I wasn’t even aware existed and I’m very grateful. Making these connections and understanding why things happen makes life a lot simpler and a lot easier to understand. R. -Sydney

My reading with Shunanda was a really positive experience. The guidance she gave me came from a place of deep understanding, and allowed me to consider things from different perspectives. She was warm and welcoming, and took time to clarify anything I was unsure of. I highly recommend Shunanda to anyone looking for a reading. C.S. Sydney


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