Space Clearing Sessions


Energy, space, spirit clearing, blessing + ghost removal

People just know if there is something off about a space, it can feel cold, or unbearable to be in. Sensitive people may see movements out of the corner of their eye, or feel or hear spirit around them.

Energy disturbances and ghosts can make a place feel uncomfortable to be in, as well as cause sleep disruptions and nightmares, particularly for energy-sensitive people, empaths, and children.

An Angelic Space Clearing can diagnose problems within a house or work environment that can be the cause of great discomfort for people living or working there. This process is not just for problem energy, it is also an incredible energetic ritual to perform when you first move into a home, as it will help you connect in to your intentions for your experiences there, or as an annual energy re-set for your existing home.

I can help you easily and conveniently refresh your space so it feels calm and happy, abundant and safe. I specialise in clearing spaces using Angelic Space Clearing techniques to help remove earth-bound spirits, or ghosts, and other low vibrational energy. I will also see the chakras of you home, and connect into the contract of the land beneath you.

Angelic Space Clearings can be successfully conducted remotely, anywhere in the world.

I will first ask you to fill out a short questionnaire so that I can get a thorough understanding of your needs. I will then meditate to connect to any ghosts or entities in your space, and call on the Archangels and Ascended Masters to assist me to clear these, and lovingly return them to the light. I work through each room of your house or space to clear it of earth-bound spirits, and send white light to cleanse each room. Each room will be intensively bathed in while light to clear it of old stagnant energy. This process brings your home to alignment with light, source energy, love, and your intentions for your experience in the home.

After your clearing has been completed, we will speak on the phone to discuss the process in detail, and you will receive an email report giving details and specific recommendations channeled directly from the angels to help lift the vibration of the space (which can include crystals, essential oils, chakra locations of the house, specific spiritual practices that will support you in the home, and other suggestions).

Investment: $360



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