Lets talk about the difference between working hard, and working smart. Over the last 18 months, I’ve found myself working harder than I ever have before. Like many working mums, I have a lot to juggle:

  • I’m a single mumma with three kids who are with me 60% of the time.
  • I run a large doTERRA team, with over 750 customers, and 40 amazing women who I mentor to do the business.
  • I am a psychic, and teach spiritual development.

I love being multi-passionate. I LOVE my work (both sides of it), and often have multiple projects running at once. I love working from home and the freedom and flexibility that comes with this, and I know I could never work for someone ever again.

Life can get very busy! I’m driven, competitive, I have big goals, and a big purpose in the world (which I’m super grateful for knowing). My work is both financially rewarding, and soul fulfilling.

However, finding my way to balance all my commitments over the last two years has been a journey in itself.

In early 2017, with a small spiritual business that was more a hobby, I decided to end my marriage, and a month later I started my doTERRA business. Knowing that I was going to be a single mumma changed things for me. Even though our separation is amicable, I now had the extra financial responsibility and drive to create a sustainable income from my spiritual work and my brand new doTERRA business (whilst also navigating a divorce and adjusting to being a single mumma of three kids). It was a busy time.

I’ve achieved a lot that I’m proud since then, but it hasn’t been easy, and its always a juggle.

My spiritual business is thriving, I love working with my clients, and in the background have created an oracle card deck, and I’m also launching a certified Intuition course (both coming soon, subscribe here for release dates).

I’ve built my doTERRA business to Platinum level, and I’m incredibly grateful for the beautiful essential oils I get to work with, they have changed my life, and the lives of SO many incredible customers, as well as the amazing women I mentor to also do this business. I’ve been lucky enough to do lots of travel with my doTERRA business, and meet so many incredible families in Australia and New Zealand! Its work I love.

But some days its hard. Lets talk about what people don’t see….

  • There is always an overflowing laundry basket.
  • One of my kids has Sensory Processing Disorder, and needs LOTS of extra love, attention, and parenting.
  • I’ve been so exhausted from balancing all my passions, that I’ve burst into tears in the business class lounge waiting for an international flight home.
  • Most nights, two of my kids hop in and sleep in my bed, and I let them.
  • By the time my kids are due to go to their dads house, I’m almost ready to collapse, or go crazy (or both).

What I’m learning as I navigate and create this new life, is the importance of balance. I’m also learning that I cant do it all, and that trying to model the masculine model of business DOES NOT WORK for a mum, and intuitive, and a sensitive person like me. Plus, isn’t the whole point of doing this (work from home, work in your passion areas, live your purpose)  to be able to do it differently??

So here is what I’m practising right now:

  • Strong boundaries: less is more. Less work commitments, MORE time spent doing the work that really is going to make a difference.
  • Self care: I go horse riding once a week. I go to the gym regularly. I’m allowing myself to make time to nourish myself, so that I have the energy to be there for my kids, AND for my clients.
  • Mindful connection: Rather than over-scheduling, working hard, and tipping into that disconnected “busy” energy, I’m slowing it down, and really enjoying my connections. Both work and personal.

This is a work in progress, but I’m passionate about finding a more feminine and softer way of doing this (“this” being a broad term for being self-employed).

So far, it feels really good, and guess what? My productivity/income hasn’t dropped…in fact, in some areas its grown….

Watch this space…..




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