The Archangel to work with in March is Archangel Raphael:

Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, and is here to support you to release all that no longer serves you. Be ready for healing on a very deep level this month, and allow compassion and love to be your guide. You can work with Archangel Raphael this month for both physical AND spiritual healing. To work with Archangel Raphael, simply imagine yourself surrounded by a green healing light, and in your mind, ask him for help with any healing that you need.

Intuitive Essential Oil blend for March: Clove, Magnolia, Birch, DDR Prime

This combination of oils is incredible powerful to support healing on all levels. You can work with these oils individually or together, and they can be used both topically and aromatically (please follow dilution rations for topical application). Follow your intuition for ratios for aromatic use.

Clove will strongly step in to prepare you to make changes for your highest good. Clove asks you to let go of self limiting beliefs, and let go of blame for your current circumstances. Clove lets you feel empowered, have clear boundaries, and feel courageous and protect.

Magnolia will soften your heart, and ask you to be forgiving and compassionate towards yourself and others. You will feel connections deeply, and there will be a softness and gentle loving aspect to your communication with Magnolia guiding you.

Birch reminds you that you need not do this alone. Even though you may feel alone, you truly are always connected, not just to family and friends who love you, but to our divine support team of angelic guides.

DDR Prime will usher in healing and transformation from a complete cellular AND energetic level. It is a blend that supports incredible emotional and physical healing, and can support individuals through transitions. To let go of family patterns or experiences or beliefs or traumas that are locked deeply within, work with DDR prime to rise and expand to a higher vibration and birth a new understanding of yourself.

March Energy Forecast:

The key energy for March is healing and transformation. You are asked to allow yourself to experience a rapid up-levelling, with compassion and forgiveness prompting powerful perspective shifts and new awareness. You will be asked to see trauma, self limiting beliefs, and unhealthy patterns and habits, and release them quickly, without the normal “processing” time. This is not a month for letting your fears and doubts hold you back, rather you are asked to step into decisive action, and move towards the new possibilities that present themselves in your path. Trust your intuition, even when things don’t seem to fit with your old way of making decisions, as truly you are now being guided towards a much lighter way of living. Your intuition will be clear and loud during this time, however don’t let the messages slip past you, as these will become opportunities missed. This is a month for courage, new decisions, faith, and trust. It will feel uncomfortable,  however, you will sense the higher support of your angels, and the love and joy that is calling you towards stepping toward your “discomfort zone”.

Spiritual Practice tips:

+ use your essential oils as a circuit breaker when self doubt, big emotions, or fear based thoughts slip in
+ let water guide you through March. It is a soft, and flowing month. Up your fluid intake, and spend time near the ocean to deepen your intuition, and feel in sync with the current energy.
+ take things slowly. Sleep, have quiet, choose gentle self care activities to balance the rapid healing and transformation you are moving through.

with love,



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