Let me tell you about how a typical home energy clearing works.

Most of the time when someone contacts me for a home clearing, its because they have a deep intuitive sense that something isn’t quite right in their space. Sometimes they cant quite put their finger on what is wrong. Sometimes it seems like a long list of things going wrong, coincidences that started when they first moved into a new home. Sometimes clients feel uncomfortable, unwanted, even afraid in their home. Some report that their are particular rooms in their home where their children refuse to spend time alone. Occasionally there are more obvious signs, like unexplained noises, breakages, unusual electrical activity or apparitions.

Without taking this post down the path of a b-grade horror movie, I want to stop there and say that all of these are actually VERY normal, and very, very common.

I work with energy, and with spirit every day as part of my work. I speak with loved ones who have crossed over, and bring messages of comfort and support to their family left behind. Spirit is everywhere, and sometimes, spirit gets stuck.

What does this mean? It means that when someone has died, rather than complete the transition process and return to the light (or heaven for want of a better word), they get stuck here on the earth plain. Often they get stuck because they are afraid, and choose not to go to the light. Sometimes they get stuck because they don’t realise or understand what has happened. Sometimes they choose not to go to the light because they want to be near a loved one. Sometimes they genuinely don’t realise that they have died, and it comes as a rather rude shock to them when I explain the situation.

The thing is, we are all sensitive to energy, whether we realise it or not. Can you imagine living in a home, with an uninvited, and unwanted extra occupant? We all feel each-others moods and emotions, why would this be any different for a spirit or ghost? In fact, it isn’t, and most of the time when there is a home clearing required, it is because the occupants of the house are all sensing the emotions and feelings of the resident spirit, who is more often than not stuck in a place of deep pain, grief, or loss.

When I do a home energy clearing, I don’t need to be in the physical location of the property, in fact all of my space clearings are done remotely, via a deep meditation. I connect in to the energy of the home, I see any past trauma that has occurred in the home, or on the land before the home was built. I work with the angels and ascended masters, and am shown the chakras of the home, and where the energy of the home has fallen out of alignment with source energy. Sometimes these clearings are far more than just the energy of the home, and often a clearing goes back through centuries of trauma, to clear and heal the land beneath the home.

If I come across a spirit who is stuck in a holding pattern within the home, I call on the support of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, and Lady Isis and other Ascended Masters, to support and transition the spirit back to the light.

I then spend a considerable amount of time bathing the home and all of its foundations in white light, to cleanse, and realign the home with source energy, and to bring it back into a state of energetic balance.

Energetic space clearings are a powerful part of my work that is often misunderstood. Assisting spirit back to the light is an honour, and most of the time they are deeply grateful for the release from a deep state of pain.

After an energy clearing, a home can feel completely different within hours, and this only gets better as the days and weeks pass. Children can sleep again, anxiety can lessen (and even go away completely in some cases), and homes that have been on the market indefinitely, suddenly sell.

For some clients a home clearing is an annual occurrence, to help them keep their home light, bright, and energetically clear. For others its something they do when they move into a new home, to ensure that it is clear of energy from previous occupants. For others its done in a time of crisis, when they are at a point where they feel they have no choice but to try everything, or move. In all cases, the change after the clearing is the most important thing, and the most common things that people notice is that the home feels more peaceful, happier, clearer, and lighter.


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