How do you manifest change into your life? Which angels or light beings should you work with to develop your manifesting abilities?

There is a wealth of great information, books, tools, and rituals out there that has some wonderful information about manifesting. The books that have had the most profound impact in my own life are The Secret, and The Power, both by Rhonda Byrne, and also the work of Esther & Jerry Hicks (Abraham Hicks).

Today, however,  I’d like you to think about this from a different perspective.

Manifesting is only truly successful when we believe ourselves WORTHY of the dream that we are working towards.

When we really believe ourselves worthy of our dreams, we are able to manifest them more quickly- even instantly.

A deep seated sense of worthiness, a core sense of truly being deserving of the joy that a situation might bring to our lives, can only really come from a practice of self-love.

The more loving you are to yourself, the more compassionate, nurturing, caring, and giving you are to your SELF, the more confident you feel, and the more your radiate and ooze worth from every fibre of your being.

If you really want to manifest change into your life, you need to begin with a radical practice of self love.

You can work with both Archangel Ariel, and Archangel Nathaniel when it comes to manifesting. However, let’s look at this from a self love perspective.

To shift your core beliefs around worth, I’d like to encourage you to work with Lady Gaia and Mother Mary.

Mother Mary can help you find forgiveness, and be compassionate towards yourself. She can help you heal your mother wound, and nurture yourself with the same love that you would your child. She can support you to move past and heal whatever is blocking you from really engaging in self-love to the degree that you can, and deserve to be.

Lady Gaia can help you find a deep belief that all your worldly goods will be provided for while you are experiencing life as a human here on earth. Lady Gaia can help you find a deep faith that you will always be supplied with everything that you need by way of food, shelter, and income. She can help heal any self-limiting beliefs around abundance, and let go of any family beliefs that you may have absorbed in your childhood.

If you were to look beyond your dreams, and implement just one new action step to support you to have a stronger sense of your true worth, what would that be? What can you do today to practice loving yourself more?

As a simple exercise after reading this, I encourage you to write a list of all the things that are on your own list of special, self care experiences. We all know what fills up our own energy, what restores us, rejuvenates us, makes our heart expand and shakes off the stress of everyday life. Your list is unique to you. Write the list, and pick something to do every day, for the next three weeks. Ask Mother Mary to sit with you as you complete this exercise, and visualise yourself surrounded by a soft pink, and baby blue glow of light. Feel your heart open and expand, and feel your own love and compassion for yourself wash over you, as Mother Mary supports you to remember your love for you self.

Much love,




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