One theme that is a constant during my one on one sessions at the moment, is the intense energy that we are experiencing here on earth.

We are moving through uncharted times. The vibration of the planet is rapidly raising and changing, and we are experiencing energy that has never been felt before. We incarnate with stored energetic memories encoded in our DNA from our many previous lifetimes, but this current vibration is NEW, so we hold no memory of how to navigate this energetic paradigm.

You are an energetic being, in a physical body. We all have some innate “sense” of energy. We can feel when something is off, we can pick up on the collective mood, or emotions of our surrounding family/city/planet. The more we recognise our energetic vibration, nurture it, listen to it, and protect it, the better equipped we are to move through intense energy, and our own human life experiences.

So how do you manage your own energy? Lets talk about some tools that you can put into practice, right now.

Here are my top tips for developing a good practice of managing your own energy:

  • Meditate. Meditation is the core foundation for any energy practice. In meditation you can clear your aura, clear your chakras,  reconnect to your higher self, and realign your energy.
  • Nature. Nature is the MOST powerful tool that we have to support us energetically. Spending time in nature does so much for us! It feels great for a reason! By spending time in nature, you allow the low vibrational energy to clear, and you also allow yourself to RECEIVE a hefty does of high vibrational energy! Think of this as refeulling. If you feel off, overwhelmed, sad, or angry, nature will restore you to balance.
  • Music. High vibe, positive and uplifting music has a vibration of its own, and can literally shift your energy, or the energy of a space instantly! One of the MOST powerful ways to change your mood, by changing your vibration, is to listen to uplifting, and joyous music! Add this to your daily routine, and notice the instant change!
  • Crystals. I am a crystal intuitive. Crystals store and transmit energy. Everyone can benefit from using crystals. If you like it, if it feels good, if its beautiful and makes you *feel* better by holding it or looking at it, its the right one for you.
  • Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can shift our energy on a cellular level! Yes, that’s right, by using pure, high grade, high vibrational aromatherapy products, we can experience all sorts of positive energetic shifts, and even profound healing.
  • Energy products. There are lots of powerful energy products, sprays, tonics and essences that are attuned to high vibrational energies that can support deep and tremendous energetic shifts.

All of these are a part of my daily spiritual practice. All of these have had PROFOUND positive effects on my own life, and on the lives of my family members, and clients. At a later date, I will write about how food, drink, people and places also effect our energy.

If you feel out of sorts, overwhelmed, sad, angry, or like things just aren’t flowing for you in your life, I urge you to align your energy first. Meditate, clear your energy, and then come at the problem, and you will find that things feel completely different, solutions appear. Even miracles.

Do you need some support with managing your energy? Take a look at my energy healing services here.

Would you like to see one the energetic products that I use in my daily life? Please check out the incredible Resonate Essences.

With love,



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