One of the most significant ways that my life has been transformed since I began working with the Angels, is as a parent. For those of you who don’t know, I have three children. My spiritual re-awakening happened after the birth of my second child, and was very abrupt. You can read a little bit about my journey here.

That was nearly 6 years ago. Even though the experience was incredibly challenging at the time, it has changed my life SO much, that I now feel a deep gratitude for the journey, and I am very aware of the blessings it has given me.

I parent differently now. I have so many new tools as part of my mother tool-kit. Tools that give me peace of mind when things are really challenging. Tools that I am now teaching to my children.

Once you form a relationship with the Archangels and your own guardian angels, your confidence as a parent increases, your intuition kicks in to a much higher gear, and you are able to parent with less fear. This might not sound like much, but boy has it made a big difference in my own life.

Today, on Mother’s Day, Id like to share with you a story about how it has made a huge impact in my own life.

Id like to tell you the story of my third child.

I was in the midst of my spiritual training and awakening when we found out we were pregnant with our third child. After struggling for four years of infertility to fall pregnant with our second child, we weren’t at all confident that we could have another baby. On this particular day, I had my first encounter with earth bound spirits, which opened me up to my work as a Medium. During this experience, I was lead through a  guided meditation to help cross over several earth bound spirits to the light. I participated in the meditation, spoke with each of the spirits, and felt deeply their pain, loss, and love and joy. As they each crossed to the light, the tremendous love that they felt as they crossed back to the light, was also felt by me. It was incredible. The last spirit to cross, was a woman named Josie. As she turned to go, she reached out to touch my stomach, and said “This is my gift to you”. I didn’t really know what she meant at the time, but the next day, I found out that I was pregnant!

Silhouette of happy beautiful mother smiling to joyful baby boy on sea beach on background of sunset sky with clouds. Motherhood family lifestyle and summer vacation with child on tropical resort

My pregnancy with my third child was very different in some ways. Not so much physically, as spiritually. Within the first three months, I had a very clear dream about the child I was carrying (my messages often come to me in dreams). In this dream, my daughter showed me aspects of her personality, showed me her name (even down to the particular spelling that she wanted), and gave me a sense of who she was. All of which are all VERY much a part of who she is now!

As my due date grew closer, I started getting a very strong sense that she was going to come early! I didn’t pay much heed to the messages, but kept feeling like she could come as early as three weeks before she was due. At 36 weeks, I was chatting in my online mothers group, and laughed saying that I had a feeling that the first babies in the group would be born in the next 7-10 days, and even suggested that I had a feeling that I would be one of the first. I even predicted the day I would give birth.

Of course, my waters broke at 36+4, and I found myself in hospital without a bag packed (just because we get the messages doesn’t always mean we listen to them lol).

I found myself in a situation where I was being told by my doctors that I would need to be induced chemically, as my labour hadn’t started, and my waters had broken three days earlier. This was something I had really wanted to avoid, as I had a tough experience with my first labour with chemical induction, which resulted in an CS delivery that was very traumatic for me. I began to get very anxious as the doctors deadline neared. To ease my mind, I went back to my hospital room and meditated.

During that meditation, my guardian angels, and Archangel Michael both came to me and communicated loving supportive messages to me. They showed me how surrounded and supported I was by my divine support team, and showed me that both my baby, and myself were going to be OK. I was given such overwhelming messages of my safety and felt such tremendous love and support, that after my meditation I no longer felt afraid, and was able to accept with peace in my heart that my labour would be fine, even if it was happening in a way that wasn’t my choosing.

Shortly after this, my labour was in fact induced, but it went very smoothly with no complications, and my darling girl was born a few hours later.

My parenting has changed dramatically since getting to know my guardian angels, and its something I’m passionate about sharing! Over coming blog posts I’ll share with you more stories about how Parenting with the Angels can transform your life, including how to meet your own divine support team of guardian angels, and which Archangels and ascended masters to call on for specific parenting situations, including pregnancy and fertility/conception.

For now, Id like to share a lovely message I got from Archangel Michael over a year ago. As mothers we often give endlessly to those that we love, sometimes to the point that we aren’t also giving to ourselves. Archangel Michael reminds us to love ourselves as much as we love our children.

With love,




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